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Big Brother Rankings: Who’s on Top In Week 12? 9/15/2015

By: on September 15, 2015 |

There are no Big Brother spoilers out there yet about who got evicted on Big Brother 17 this week. Someone has already been booted out of the house in a special eviction on Monday, but we’ll have to wait until Tuesday night to find out who it was – unless we get a Live Feeds […]

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Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 11? 9/10/2015

By: on September 10, 2015 |

We are down to just two weeks before the Big Brother 17 finale and anything could happen between now and when the next Big Brother winner is named. Our rankings have more difficult every week as we try to determine who is most likely to survive the next round, and who is in the most […]

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Big Brother Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 9? 8/27/2015

By: on August 27, 2015 |

Who is on top  in our Big Brother rankings this week and who is most likely going home in Thursday night’s eviction? One major alliance continues to dominate the house for week after week, and they’ll be taking out another one of the opposition this week. Can anything shake the death grip that the Austwins […]

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Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 8? 8/20/2015

By: on August 20, 2015 |

This week on Big Brother 17 has been quite a roller coaster ride. The possible target for eviction has been talked about endlessly, with three different Houseguests in the bullseye at one point or another. Now that we’ve finally arrived at eviction day, it’s finally clear who is going to be evicted on Big Brother […]

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Big Brother Spoilers: Week 7 Power Rankings – 8/13/2015

By: on August 13, 2015 |

We are headed into a Double Eviction night on Big Brother 17 tonight, so this is not the time to be lowest in the pecking order among the Houseguests. Unfortunately for a few of our Big Brother 2015 players, they will find out at the end of the night that they made all the wrong moves […]

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Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 6?

By: on August 6, 2015 |

Oh how our Big Brother rankings can change so swiftly from one week to the next! Those pesky Head of Household Competitions can certainly work a number on who has the power in the house, especially now the Battle of the Block is gone. Who is riding high this week after the demise of Clelli and […]

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Big Brother 2015 Rankings: Who’s on Top in Week 5?

By: on July 29, 2015 |

What a wild, wacky week it has been in the Big Brother 17 house! Just a few days ago, we were almost 100 percent certain that we knew exactly who would be going home in the next eviction. Then, suddenly, everything turned on a dime and a whole different target is very likely headed out the […]

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 4 Power Rankings

By: on July 23, 2015 |

Without question, the person on the bottom of our Big Brother 17 rankings this week was an obvious choice. After weeks of terrible game play, capped by several days of refusing to even interact with the other Houseguests (or attend the Veto Meeting), Audrey Middleton is smack dab in last place. There is no doubt she’ll […]

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Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 3?

By: on July 16, 2015 |

Our Big Brother 17 rankings are in for week three, and you might be surprised who we’ve put on top this time around. We don’t tend to rank by who we think is most powerful in the house. Instead, we’re all about long-term survivability. So who do we think has the best chance right now […]

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Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top? (Week 2)

By: on July 9, 2015 |

After a wild week on Big Brother 17, our rankings have bounced all over the place as the Houseguests kept shifting alliances, making new deals, and doing crazy stuff of all sorts. With this week’s eviction only hours away now, things have finally settled down long enough for us to finalize our list for the week. With how […]

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