No matter which one of them goes home tonight, the showmance that is Brenchel is about to be over! At least it will be on the show, we can hope it will also be ‘poof’ in real life too. Rachel will probably use her brief fame to land some older man with expendable income. Brendon will hopefully grow brains and balls and find a girl with more intelligence than boobs.

Warning to all! If you have not seen Thursday night’s eviction and Head of Household competition episode, STOP READING NOW! This is an official SPOILER ALERT for those of you on the west coast or anyone waiting to catch it later on your DVR.

Previously on Big Brother 12: Matt won Head of Household last time and put Brendon and Rachel on the block to be eliminated. Britney won the Power of Veto competition and refused to save either of them, despite an attempted $5,000 by Rachel to take her off the block. Ragan, meanwhile, is enjoying his position in the house as the new Saboteur.

Brendon goes all “crazy” after the Power of Veto Ceremony when Britney refuses to take him or Rachel off the block. He calls her a spoiled brat and gets nasty. It’s all a ploy, however, to try to get everyone to vote him off instead of Rachel. No one is buying it.

The Brigade alliance of Matt, Lane, Hayden and Enzo, meanwhile, is laughing their butts off over everyone being against Brendon and Rachel while they are secretly the biggest power in the house. We are kind of impressed no one has pegged the Brigade alliance down yet. We think Ragan kind of suspects some things are going on with the other boys though from some stuff he has said on the Live Feeds.

Ragan is given his next Saboteur assignment. Actually, he was given several choices but decided to go with the idea of trying to drive a wedge between Rachel and Brendon and making people wonder if the evicted Houseguest will actually be leaving.

Host Julie Chen just has to get in there and bring up the big blow-up between Kathy and Rahel. Julie also asks the other Houseguests who the most underestimated player is. Most of them say Ragan – including Raga, of course. By damn, they may be a smarter bunch than they look!

Before the eviction is announced, we get our background spiel on Brendon. Big Brother visits his ex-fiancé and her family. That is just screwed up. His ex talks about how she broke up with him because he kept trying to change who she was. They really don’t seem to be fond of little Brendon. That’s just kind of rude of BB, ouch!

During the live vote, Rachel is unanimously evicted from the house and sent off to the Jury House. So not shocked on that one! Annoyingly, however, host Julie hints that Rachel “may have not seen the last of the Big Brother house.” Ugh!

The Head of Household Competition this week is a rope maze web thing the Houseguests have to crawl through while untangling themselves. The first person who finishes wins. Even more fun, the ground is covered in mud and the Houseguests have chicken feathers blown all over them. The show ends before the contest is over, but if you MUST know who won – click next to the SPOILER button below.

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 6 Head of Household winner”]

Brendon is the winner of the HOH competition this week! Then again, it isn’t that shocking because the Brigade kind of wanted him to win so they could buddy up with him to put Britney and Ragan on the block. There are all kinds of crazy dealings and plans going on if you watch the Live Feeds. We don’t really think any of the Brigade members really tried that hard in the HOH competition simply for game play reasons. 

The sad, sad thing about that is Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto from opening Pandora’s Box. So no matter who Brendon puts up on the block, it doesn’t matter. Matt can choose to take anyone off the block and replace them with anyone else he wants. So Brendon may be Head of Household, but it is Matt who holds all the real power! The only real power Brendon wins is to pick the three people who will become Have-Nots for the week (and those choices appear to be Ragan, Britney and Matt).

There is no mathmatical possibility of a Brigade member going home next week unless something totally crazy happens in the house. The only possibilities for eviction at all are Ragan, Britney or Kathy. Even if Brendon puts up two Brigade members, Matt can use his special power to take one off and replace them with one of those three – and the Brigade would still have enough votes to guarantee their member stayed in the house.


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