Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Kathy Hillis

Kathy Hillis - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Kathy Hillis, 40, was the oldest Houseguest this season. She’s a deputy sheriff sergeant from Texarkana, AR and describes herself as “tenacious, passionate and fun-loving (silly).”

The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Kathy was missing her family and being a “TV and telephone addict so no contact with friends will be hard too.”

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More Tidbits About Kathy Hillis:

Kathy Hillis may look like a girly-girl in her CBS official Big Brother photo, but looks can be deceiving! Although this blond babe may enjoy “shopping, shopping and shopping,” she also likes to get down and dirty riding 4-wheelers, mudding, street racing (in her patrol car no less) and target shooting.

Kathy is an ovarian cancer survivor and believes in never giving up, never giving in and never using the word “defeat.” BTW, she also chain smokes like it is going out of style, which we think is just so not cool for a cancer survivor.

Hillis, who vowed to her grandmother she would apply to Big Brother while undergoing chemotherapy, lied to her 23-year-old son about being accepted to be on the show. Kathy told them she was going on an undercover assignment in another city, not that she was about to become a reality TV star, according to MSNBC. “I wanted it to be a surprise,” said Hillis. “He knows I’ve applied in the past, and he thinks it’s funny.”

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Sleuthing Kathy:

Kathy is trained in criminal profiling and investigative skills, which she believed would make her “awesome at this game,” according to She works for the Miller County Police Department, which acknowledged in a press statement that she left the department to begin filming two weeks before the show started.

There is a Kathy Hillis Facebook fan page here that claims to be run by her “best friend Natasha Buck.” This fan page says Hillis has been a deputy sheriff for 8 years and she loves “my job, the county I work in and the people I work with.” She also loves her God, her family, her cat Shamu, and her best friend Natasha, according to the fan page.

According to the Facebook status update of a woman named Jill Weir, Kathy Hillis is her sister-in-law. Weir claims Kathy is the sister of her husband, Doug.

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Our Thoughts on Kathy:

We thought Kathy Hillis was an interesting mix to watch out for. She was an obviously bleached blond who wears way too much makeup. This kind of screamed “possible silly biatch” to us. Yes, we stereotyped. For the most part though, she stayed under the radar and played a subtle game. Sneaky.

This is a woman who works in law enforcement and likes to get rough right along with the guys, so she’s probably a lot tougher than she looks. As a survivor of cancer, she’s been through worse than anything BB could possibly throw at her. We thought maybe she might be a dark horse for the win. Until she refused to actually really compete in any of the contests and persisted in being a floater when it was obvious it wasn’t getting her anywhere.

Chances of Winning:

We saw Kathy making it through at least mid-season. We predicted her as being a floater that would likely make it further in the game than she should – which is exactly what happened. In the end, Kathy ended up as an easy pawn for Matt to throw on the block, just like we thought might happen.

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