WARNING! Big Brother Live Feed recaps inherently contain some SPOILERS of what is going on in the Big Brother 12 house that you might otherwise not know about until the CBS Big Brother shows air. So if you don’t want spoilers, beware!

So far we haven’t been all that impressed with the whole Saboteur nonsense this season, but we admit we are quite thrilled with the newest bit of sabotage stirring things up in the house! We can’t possibly detail all the fabulous craziness going on 24/7 in the Big Brother house, but here are a few fun Live Feeds highlights to enjoy.

Big Brother 12 Houseguests

The Houseguests ponder the Saboteur message (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Tuesday night, Saboteur Ragan left a cryptic note under Enzo‘s pillow saying “I know your secret.” Love it! Enzo is totally paranoid and this got him all kinds of worked up. The whole house is in a riot over the message, with the Houseguests still up at 5:00 AM BBT (Big Brother Time) on Wednesday discussing it. Many of them now seem convinced that Kathy is the Saboteur because she made the beds. As the Houseguests finally head off to bed, Ragan has to be pleased with himself over this prank.

Just as a side note, we have to feel a bit sorry for Lane – who apparently got caught on video making himself happy in the shower. Not being a porn site, we aren’t going to post that. If you have the Big Brother Live Feeds, well, you can rewind back to Monday night if you feel you must.

The Houseguests are roused out of bed around 10:00 AM BBT and everyone seems just a bit cranky. As they should, considering how late most of them stayed up. Brendon examines the Saboteur note to Enzo. A little while later, he discusses the note with Kathy. They both agree they don’t think the other person is the Saboteur. Kathy says she will swear by it on every cancer patient in the world. Real classy there Kathy.

Brendon talks about his broken engagement and how nasty his ex-fiancé and her family were. Little does he know she has already bashed him back on Big Brother during one of the eviction episodes!

Just after 11:00 AM BBT, Brendon asks Britney if they are still good for the next Head of Household competition. In other words, do they still have a deal to watch each other’s backs? She says yes, but when he walks away says she can’t wait to nominate him.

Not long after, Britney and Lane flirt some more and talk about the Saboteur. Then the Live Feeds go down for nearly an hour. When the feeds resume just after 1:00 PM BBT, Big Brother has apparently given the Houseguests messages involving group hugs, hot showers, howling and jumping jacks they are trying to remember for a possible competition. Total weirdness.

Britney says her birthday is on Monday and she’ll be pissed if anything happens to her for some reason on Thursday – like if someone has the Coup d’état Power. A bit later, around 5:30 PM BBT, Matt and Lane discuss a fight between Lane and Britney that we didn’t see on the Live Feeds. Lane apparently said something about Britney’s boyfriend “Nick” putting up with her and she ran off crying.

Around 7:45 PM BBT, Matt and Hayden are talking about the Saboteur again and how all the evidence seems to point to Kathy. No one even seems to suspect Ragan. He does seem to be rather good at this whole Saboteur thing!

Hayden suspects Enzo may have the Coup d’état and discusses it with Lane. Hayden says he would want Britney out if he could have it his way. A little later, Enzo, Hayden and Lane discuss what to tell Matt about their decision to vote him out of the Brigade alliance.

Closing out the evening, Ragan tells Matt he thinks he has a good chance to stay in the house but needs to campaign for votes. Matt says he has been, but of course he doesn’t have to because he has the Diamond Power of Veto. Ragan questions why Enzo and Hayden are shacked up in the Head of Household room with Brendon. Matt thinks it is for information gathering purposes and still doesn’t get that the Brigade has turned against him.

The live eviction episode is tonight and we can’t wait to see who Matt will put up on the block when he uses his Diamond Power of Veto. Meanwhile, catch up on any Big Brother drama you may have missed with the Big Brother Live Feeds. Sign up now for a 3-Day Free Trial and see all the live and uncensored action you’ve been missing!

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