Big Brother Jeff and Jordan

Jeff and Jordan (CBS)

Former Houseguests Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd came back to the Big Brother house last night to host this week’s Veto Competition. Meanwhile, the battle between Rachel, Brendon and the rest of the Houseguests continues to escalate.

On the last episode of Big Brother 12, Matt won Head of Household after another endurance competition. He also opened Pandora’s Box, winning the Diamond Power of Veto and setting loose a new Saboteur in the house, Ragan. With the Diamond Power of Veto, Matt can take anyone he wants off the block the next two weeks and replace them with whoever he likes.

On Big Brother last night, we drop into the house just after Matt nominates Rachel and Brendon for elimination. Rachel complains in the Diary Room that she can’t believe she has become the bad guy in the house. Brendon thinks everyone will go after Matt next week because he nominated them. Brendon and Rachel demonstrate once again that they don’t seem to have an entire brain between the two of them.

Brendon promises Rachel he will use the Power of Veto to save her if he wins it in the Veto Competition and would rather have her than the money he’d get winning Big Brother. Once again, we can’t help but wonder if Brendon has been hit in the head too hard or something. Rachel whines that she can’t stay in the house by herself.

Rachel and Brendon Big Brother 12

Rachel and Brendon (CBS)

This week’s Veto Competition is called “Lover’s Lane” and features a giant bowling lane. The Houseguests are tasked with knocking down bowling pins to win the Power of Veto. Big Brother sets the lane up early for the Houseguests to practice on. Rachel, however, decides she’d rather have a dramatic crying fit. Brendon chases her into the house to ‘comfort’ her and urges her to keep fighting. They later return to the bowling lane to practice.

The players for the Power of Veto Competition are selected the next day. Matt plays as HOH, with Brendon and Rachel also playing as the nominated Houseguests. In the random draw, Matt picks Kathy, Rachel picks Britney and Bendon chooses Enzo after drawing the Houseguest’s Choice coin. Ragan also joins in the competition with his Veto Ticket from last week’s contest.

The Houseguests have a couple of surprise visitors for the Veto Competition, former Big Brother 11 showmance couple Jeff and Jordan. Jordan and Jeff are decked out in pink bowling shirts and will be hosting this week’s Veto Competition.

Unfortunately for Brendon, he ends up sucking at this contest and gets totally pissy about it. Britney later says in the Diary Room that “Brendon has the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen, and I played fifth grade basketball.” At one point, Rachel tells Brendon to stay “classy,” which is quite ironic and hilarious, especially considering what happens later between Rachel and Kathy.

The Veto Competition finally comes down to Matt and Britney. In the last round, Britney smokes Matt by knocking down ten pins to his seven. This is Britney’s third Power of Veto win. We think the other Houseguests really need to start considering her more of a threat…

Jeff and Jordan leave after Jordan does a brief ‘commerical’ to the Houseguests about his new webseries, Around the World for Free. We think it’s nice to see one Big Brother showmance that actually didn’t end up badly.

Rachel and Kathy Big Brother 12

Rachel and Kathy (CBS)

Rachel bitches at Kathy for celebrating after she won a round in the Veto Competition. Kathy tells her she isn’t interested in listening to her whining. Kathy attempts to exit the conversation, but Rachel goes into full catfight mode and demands an apology. An apology because Kathy was happy she won a round of bowling?

Hayden sticks his nose in, noting (correctly) that Rachel always celebrates hugely any time she wins anything. Britney, meanwhile, is up in the HOH room having her own rant against Rachel’s behavior, calling it “disgusting.” Kathy eventually comes up and Britney tells her “if you apologize to Rachel I will slap you across the face.”

There is oh so much MORE drama about all this that never made it to the CBS Big Brother show. If you have the Big Brother Live Feeds, we urge you to rewind back and watch the aftermath of the Veto Competition in full glory. If you don’t have the feeds, you are really missing out!

Ragan Big Brother 12

Ragan is sneaky (CBS)

Ragan is called to the Diary Room as part of his Saboteur duties and to get suggestions on pranks to pull on the other Houseguests. He decides not to hide Rachel’s hair extentions and isn’t interested in hiding stinky cheese in a bedroom. Ragan decides he wants to see if he can turn Rachel and Bendon against each other.

Ragan’s new Saboteur message calls out Brendon, saying he has been throwing competitions. Rachel doesn’t believe the message, but the video has a fun side effect on the rest of the house. Many of them are now thinking Rachel is the Saboteur and is trying to throw people off her trail. Ragan thinks this is awesome and a total win.

Rachel goes after Britney later and tries to bribe her with $5,000 she won last week to use the Power of Veto to take her off the block. Britney is having none of it and says point blank she will not be using the Power of Veto on either Brendon or Rachel.

When Brendon and Rachel get together afterward, he tells her once again he will sacrifice himself to keep her in the house. “This is what I’ve always watned to do,” he says. We continue to be astounded by Brendon’s ridiculuos dedication to a woman who treats him like a giant blow-up doll.

Brendon and Britney Big Brother

Brendon and Britney (CBS)

At the Veto meeting, Rachel tries to bribe Britney with the $5,000 again, whining and making everyone roll their eyes. Brendon, trying to draw the fire of the Houseguests on himself, attacks Britney – calling her a selfish, spoiled brat. He also accuses her of being an ally of Matt and Ragan. He ends his speech by asking for the Veto, like Andrew did before his elimination.

Brendon is obviously going to do his best to get the Houseguests to vote him off. We’re pretty sure it is not going to work. Everyone just hates Rachel way too much and she’s the stronger player. The other Houseguests would be crazy to keep her instead of Brendon.

We’re pretty sure it will be Rachel heading off to the Jury House tomorrow, unless something totally crazy happens.

Meanwhile, the drama is getting crazy in the Big Brother house as Brendon and Rachel do their best to drive the rest of the Houseguests insance. Ragan is working hard to keep his Saboteur identity a secret. The Brigade is still secretly holding on to the reins of power. Britney and Kathy are still trying to skate under the radar. It’s all one big mess of wacky and we love it!

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