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On last night’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS, we saw a big shakeup in the house as the veterans alliance went all to hell and the new Head of Household went for blood.

The Head of Household competition this time around was an endurance challenge, so we didn’t see the results on the last episode. Fans with the Big Brother live feeds watched the whole thing play out live, but the rest had to wait until last night to find out the winner.

For the HOH competition, the houseguests were all perched on tiny skis hung from a wall and the last one to fall won Head of Household. Adam, who has seriously sucked at challenges so far, was the first to take a dive and punished by having to wear an elf costume for the week.

One by one the houseguests fell, leaving Kalia and Daniele as the last two standing. Kalia finally stepped down and let Daniele take HOH, which leaves the whole house facing a chaotic week of nasty drama.

Why? Because Daniele was a member of the powerful veterans alliance, before it got mangled when she tried to backstab Jeff and Jordan to get her boy toy Dominic off the eviction block. Now the rest of the veterans are teamed up against her. As for Daniele, she wants vengeance against Brendon and Rachel for not following her plan to backdoor Jeff and Jordan.

Jeff and Jordan get with Daniele and make a ‘deal’ with her, even though it’s obvious Daniele is far more interested in attacking Brenchel. Brendon and Rachel try to make a deal with Daniele too, but she just tells them she isn’t making any deals. Liar!

So, when nomination time rolls around, it isn’t too shocking when Daniele decides to go for the throat and put up Brendon and Rachel. Frankly, I am not feeling too terrible about this as I am sick of watching Brenchel drama and PDA all the damn time for a second damn season.

The Power of Veto competition has already taken place on the Big Brother live feeds. If you want to know the results, check them out here.

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