WARNING: Reviews and  recaps on BigBrotherAccess.com from the Big Brother live feeds may inherently contain SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

The CBS Big Brother 13 premiere is over and the obsessive Big Brother live feed fan watching has begun! We’ve already found out via the live feeds who appears to be up for elimination for Sunday’s CBS episode. We’re also very intrigued by the dissappearance from the live feeds of one of the Big Brother 13houseguests…

Yes, that’s right, one of the houseguests vanished and the rest of the cast is pretty freaked out about it. So it may only be the first night of the Big Brother live feeds, but already there is some crazy crap going on you don’t want to miss!

We are now moving into backstage action direct from the live feeds, so we’re going to throw up a spoiler alert as some of what we are sharing may have a direct effect on the Big Brother game you may not want to know. If you don’t care and want the dish anyway, then just click underneat the SPOILER ALERT below!

[spoiler name=”Evening Review July 7″]Adam found a name card underneath one of the nomination cards in the living room with Evel Dick‘s name on it. Adam swears he did not put the card there and everyone wondered what the heck is up with that. Now, for some reason, Evel Dick has gone missing for at least three hours and it is all very strange…

The other houseguests are curious as to why Evel Dick seems to have dissappeared. Still, they are all mostly being happy-go-lucky and friendly at this point. The houseguests play a variety of games in various and mostly hang around chatting.

Jeffsays he put Evel Dick’s name under the pillow of the nomination chair as a joke on Adam. Evel Dick is still MIA, however, and no one can get in the Diary Room. All his stuff is still in the house though, including his smokes.

Kalia notes that she doesn’t “think I like Lawon as much as everyone else and he’s my partner.” Poor Lawon, I really don’t think he’s going to be very well liked in the BB house.

Rachel has some sort of strange cow costume, apparently from the Have/Have Not competition.

Kalia is confirmed as a have not and already complaining about not being able to eat what she wants to. We get our first glimpse of the Have Not room and boy, is it ugly. Actually, it looks like either the locker room at a swimming pool or a padded room at a mental institution. Neither seems like a good place to try to get any sleep.

From what we can determine, the other Have-Nots are Lawon, Cassi, Keith and Dominic. Cassi and Lawon appear to have agreed to vote in favor of Keith if nominations don’t change after the Power of Veto competition tomorrow.

Cassi has weirdly shaved something into Adam’s chest, after helping him with his eyebrows. Now that is the kind of odd happenings we love in the BB house. We have no idea what Calli shaved into Adam’s chest though, she’s not talking. No fair!

Evel Dick is STILL missing and Porsche tells Adam she thinks this has altered the whole game. We wonder what the hell is going on there because she is talking almost like Evel Dick is not coming back. The houseguests are now saying he has been gone for six hours.

We find out from Jeff and Jordan that Dominic apparently snores and talks in his sleep. So last night Jordan whacked Dominic to get him to stop snoring and apparently scared the poor boy half to death and made him start yelling: “Who’s that? Who’s there?”

Daniele has been asking Big Brother about where her father is, but she says they won’t tell her anything. She tells everyone she is “starting to get pissed” that no one will tell her what’s going on.

Eventually, Dani is apparently told by the powers-that-be not to get upset about and she will find out about her Dad in time. Everyone who is still awake is still hashing over what it means that Evel Dick is MIA. Cassi just wants everyone to shut up about it and move on because he’ll probably just “be back in the morning.”


Everyone seems to be pretty much winding down at this point despite still having a missing member of the household, so we’ll be heading off to bed ourselves. Can’t wait to see what happens at the Power of Veto competition tomorrow!


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