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Monday morning in the Big Brother 13 house started with question that continues to plague everyone in the house through the rest of the day. Who exactly will end up being the final two on the elimination block this week?

Brendon and Rachel kick off the game play talk on Monday morning with yet another discussion about their strategy for using the Power of Veto. Brendon tells Rachel she’s the one who doesn’t have anything waiting for her outside, so she can stay and play the game. But he tells her she has to keep her anger in check and play the ‘social’ game. When Jordan comes outside, they chastise her for not eating.

Jeff and Jordan are just trying to make it through until one of them can hopefully win Head of Household and put up Daniele, Brendon says. Rachel is unhappy because she thinks Jeff doesn’t respect her. Brendon promises he will have a talk with Jeff about working with Rachel if he is going to be the one going home this week. He also tells her she shouldn’t trust people in the game too much, including her butt buddy Porsche, because she should assume everyone is constantly lying.

A bit later, Brendon asks Daniele to put up Lawon for the replacement nominee after he uses the Power of Veto. She says she can’t do that.

Around 11AM, the live feeds went to Trivia and fans were left wondering what the houseguests were up to in the Big Brother 13 house. Could it be the Veto Ceremony already? Yep, looks like it.

The feeds come back around 11:45 AM BBT and the Veto Ceremony is over. Brendon has decided to be gallant and take Rachel off the block, despite all the waffling back and forth about who he would really save from eviction. Head of Household Daniele puts Jordan up as the replacement nominee, which is pretty much expected. Rachel cries, boo hoo. Brendon and Porsche try to comfort her. Brendon says not to count him out just yet, but also says she will be fine and can win without him.

Up in the Head of Household room, Daniele and her butt buddy Kalia talk about Rachel’s strength in the house after Brendon leaves and how Jeff and Jordan won’t be so strong without Brendon. Daniele wants to talk to Porsche to make sure she isn’t coming after her, but says she is not afraid of Rachel. Jeff and Jordan, meanwhile, are kind of surprised at Brendon deciding to save Rachel.

Porsche and Rachel talk about how hard the road is ahead of them because it is basically them against the rest of the house when Brendon is gone. Of course, Rachel turns right around and tells Brendon later that she can’t trust Porsche because she was whispering wiht Lawon.

Later on, Daniele tells Lawon that Rachel & Brendon tried to make a deal with her to get Lawon put up on the block. Lawon says he’s good and wants them out. Daniele tells him he needs to try hard to win Head of Household so he doesn’t end up on the block. She is totally playing for his support, obviously.

Not only is Kalia cozying up with Daniele, she’s also cozying up to Jordan. Kalia promises Jordan she has her vote and tells her Lawon will vote for her to stay as well. Kalia says the only person she doesn’t trust is Shelly. Jordan says she is scared Rachel will put her up next week if she wins HOH, but Kalia thinks she would be the one on the block with Daniele. Kalia seems pretty damn confident she can win HOH next week, but says she kind of wishes Shelly, Jordan, Adam or Lawon would win.

Talking to Jordan around 2PM BBT, Shelly assures her that there is no way she would vote her out and told Brendon that straight up. Shelly assures Jordan that Kalia will not vote for her to go.

Porsche and Rachel talk about how hard the road is ahead of them because it is basically them against the rest of the house when Brendon is gone. Of course, Rachel turns right around and tells Brendon later that she can’t trust Porsche because she was whispering with Lawon. Porsche had said the whispering was just about the fake ‘trash wedding’ bachelor party for Brendon. But Rachel tells Brendon it was weird.

Rachel tells Jeff she doesn’t trust anyone except him and Jordan. Jeff says if they don’t stick together, they are f**ked. Rachel tells him she will f**king fight her ass off to win and if Daniele wants to bring a f**king war, then she’s going to get a f**king war. Jeff then goes and tells Jordan what Rachel said. Jordan feels better because it seems like Rachel won’t be buddying up with Daniele after the elimination.

Brenchel is still trying to game play their way out of Brendon going home. Porsche says if she is one of the only ones to vote Jordan out, she would get targetted. They tell Porsche that Jeff and Jordan will not come after her if she votes to keep Brendon. Rachel swears she isn’t even going to talk to Daniele for the rest of the summer.

Rachel and Brendon try to coerce Adam to vote for Jordan to leave as well. But he’s just not having any of it. Brendon calls Daniele the biggest liar in the house. Adam then tells Daniele about them trying to sway him to vote against Jordan. Daniele tells him that would be stupid.

Kalia tells Daniele that Jordan is scared she is going to go home because she thinks Brenchel are making vote deals in the house. Daniele calls Brenchel liars and says they shouldn’t be making Jordan scared.

Around 7PM, Brendon talks with Rachel and says he thinks she might be able to make a deal with Daniele if he gets evicted because they will both have lost their partners. Rachel says it would be making a “deal with the devil.” Brendon says Rachel shouldn’t trust Porsche because she talks too much.

Meanwhile, Daniele tells Kalia that she wants it to be Rachel who goes home next week. They agree that if Adam should win Head of Household, he would put up Rachel. Of course, Adam has failed to even do marginally well at any competition, so that doesn’t seem like a promising plan.

Brendon and Rachel continue to bash Daniele and talk about her possible deal with Jeff and Jordan. And repeat, rinse, repeat. Blah. So done.

Around 8:45PM BBT in the Tarot lounge, Adam, Lawon and Porsche engage in their own pre-bachelor party silliness. Definately worth a rewind!

Around 11PM BBT, Adam and Porsche show off for the bachelor/bachelorette party for  Brendon and Rachel’s fake trash wedding tomorrow. This is some serious Big Brother fun going on! If you have the Big Brother live feeds, you gotta rewind on the Flashback and check it out.

In a last bit of game play for the night, Brendon tells Jordan that she and Jeff need to stick with Rachel if he goes home this week. Jordan says of course they will.

After that, Big Brother consents to give the houseguests more wine and the talk turns to boobs — again. What’s funny is that it’s always the girls who end up talking endlessly about their boobs! A good time to wrap it up for the night!

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