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On Sunday in the Big Brother 13, the Power of Veto was the center of the universe. How would it be used? Would it totally shake up the Head of Household’s plans or leave them still sitting pretty with their goals for eviction intact?

The talk on the Big Brother live feeds was all about who is going to end up on the block and who will end up getting the boot. We can’t wait to see what happens!

Brendon, Rachel and Shelly dive into game talk first thing in the morning. Rachel wonders if there is any chance Daniele will nominate Kalia as a replacement if Brendon takes himself off the block. Brendon says there is no chance at all. Brendon says Daniele wants him and Rachel split up because she blames them for Dominic getting evicted. The three of them hash over Daniele’s betrayels and then slide into Kalia bashing for a good long while. This includes talking about how Kalia peed in the hot tub. Ewww! Adam, meanwhile, looks oddly adorable in his elf costume.

Rachel and Brendon discuss how they are going to have a fake wedding this week and exchange keys instead of rings. Lawon is going to play the preacher. They also talk about how Lawon is basically useless and is just skating along through the game.

Later in the kitchen, Brendon and Rachel discuss trying to make a deal with Daniele and who the Power of Veto should be used on. Rachel still somehow thinks she might be able to get Daniele to put up Kalia if Brendon takes himself off. She thinks Kalia would definitely get voted out over her.

Shelly and Rachel are talking again later on and Shelly says Adam is afraid he is going to get fired from his job. She asks Rachel what Brendon will do about the nominations. Rachel says he will take himself off the block and then she thinks Daniele will put Jordan up — because Rachel won’t stand a chance against Jordan. Rachel says she doesn’t even have a home to go to because she and Brendon don’t even have money to get an apartment. Rachel says she will probably just go to Brendon’s parents house.

Brendon, Rachel and Shelly just endlessly continue to bash Daniele and Kalia on and off throughout the morning/day. Enough already!

Up in the Head of Household room, Daniele tells Jeff and Jordan she will do what she can to keep them both in the house. She says she is scared to put Jordan up on the block against Rachel. She definitely wouldn’t feel safe putting Jeff up. Daniele says if there is any doubt, she will put up Porsche up instead of Jordan. Jordan says if she is sure she has the votes, she will be willing to go up on the block as a pawn. They don’t understand why Brendon would use the POV on himself instead of Rachel.

A bit later in the HOH room, Daniele talks to Adam and says she wants to split up Brendon and Rachel. She asks Adam what he thinks about her putting up Rachel as a replacement nominee. Adam says if it is Jordan versus Rachel, Jordan would definitely stay. However, he says he is worried about Brendon being pissed at him. Adam says he will totally fight for Head of Household next time and if he won, he’d love to get Brendon out if he is still in the house.

Jordan tells Shelly she thinks Daniele is going to put her up. Shelly assures her she will be safe if that happens.

Porsche and Adam talk while Adam takes a shower, which is frankly just a little odd. Porsche thinks she could end up going home if she goes up against Rachel because she thinks Rachel will have Jeff, Jordan, Brendan and Shelly’s votes. Adam says if Porsche goes up against Rachel she will probably be safe because that means Daniele likely has Jeff and Jordan on her side.

Porsche then goes and tells Brendon and Rachel not to make any deals that have anything to do with her going up because she had heard she was going to be the replacement nominee. She tells them Adam basically told her it would be either her or Jordan. Porsche still believes if put up against Rachel she will go home, she even says she will make enough “noise” that she will definately go home. Brendon tells wearing a bra with her nipple hanging out is not like a bathing suit. Oh, and she isn’t to go talking to Daniele right now. Because he’s the boss, right?

Jeff and Jordon tell Brendon they don’t know who Daniele is going to put up as the replacement nominee because she isn’t sure yet what Brendon is going to do with the Power of Veto.

Brendon and Rachel go up to the Head of Household room to talk to Daniele. Brendon tells Daniele that he will be using the Power of Veto on himself. He asks if she would consider making a deal with them and who she is thinking about putting up. Daniele says she has two people in mind but she still hasn’t decided. Brendon suggests putting up a floater like Lawon. He says that if Rachel goes home that he will absolutely be coming after her and everyone else will want Daniele out too because she’s a threat. Daniele says she still has to think about stuff.

Though, of course, we know she is never going to make any kind of deal with Brenchel at this point. A pissed off Daniele is mean Daniele and she wants that redheaded wench she blames for everything going wrong with her plans to get cranked!

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