On Big Brother 14 Thursday night, the first live eviction will determine which new Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest will be going home next. We’ve already had one player ousted in the pre-taped premiere last week, but this will be the first Big Brother 14 eviction to air live. We have our Big Brother 14 eviction predictions for the evening for you… and we’d love to hear yours!

This week in the Big Brother 14 house, it has been a very close race between the two players nominated for eviction by head of Household Willie Hantz. Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests Frank Eudy and Kara Monaco have been scheming and dealing like mad to scrounge up the votes to stay in the Big Brother 14 house.


This post contains minor Big Brother 14 spoilers ahead about some of the possible votes for the Big Brother 14 eviction results show for week one. Please do not continue reading if you do not want to know anything about any possible votes for the episode!

Who has the votes not to go home in the Big Brother 14 eviction results Thursday night? Well, even right now with the live eviction just hours away, it’s honestly hard to tell. Our Big Brother 14 predictions for the elimination results show tonight could easily be wrong. However, we do think one of the players might just have the slightest edge over the other.

The craziest thing is that the Big Brother 14 eviction results tonight might just rest on whether or not lesbian rocker Jenn Arroyo was really upset enough by Frank Eudy farting in her bed to throw her support behind Kara. Really, I’m not making this up. Jenn was entirely offended when Frank farted in the bed they were sharing. She actually told Chef Joe Arvin she will not vote to keep Frank after that kind of disrespect.

Honestly though, I really can’t take that kind of threat seriously and have to wonder if Jenn is secretly laughing at the whole idea of voting against her own teammate just because he farted in bed with her. Still, stranger things have happened.

The other questionable vote, for the most part, is Ashley Iocco. Ashley has gone back and forth on who she is going to vote against so many times I cannot even keep track. The latest ‘decision’ may have been early this morning when Kara directly begged Ashley not to vote her out. Ashley seemingly, sort of nodded at her. Previously though, she’d been very firm on voting Kara out… for five minutes or so anyway.

So what are our Big Brother 14 eviction predictions for week one? Well, I’m going to guess that Jenn will not actually vote against Frank despite her outrage over the farting incident. Ashley, to me, is still the question mark.

If both Jenn and Ashley vote to keep Frank, then he will be safe from eviction this week. However, if either one of them votes to keep Kara instead, then Frank’s fate will be in the hands of Willie — who will almost certainly vote him out. Because of this, and the fact that there are still a few other slightly shaky votes out there, I’m going to call my Big Brother 14 eviction prediction for this week to be:

Frank Eudy.

*Note: This afternoon, our Big Brother Access guru Josh, who chose Frank to go home tonight in our BB pool, declared quite suddenly: “My eviction prediction was premature… I WANT TO CHANGE TO KARA!!!!!”

So, well, there you go, LOL!

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