On CBS Big Brother 14 Thursday night, the big twist was that the veteran coaches were suddenly dropped back into the regular game. To make the past week of game play even more of a waste, CBS announced a total “reset” and cancelled the Big Brother 14 live eviction this week. Instead, all of the houseguests (old and new) were put into a grueling Head of Household Competition. As the CBS Big Brother 14 show ended, the veterans and the newbies were all clinging precariously to the side of a pirate ship in the back yard hoping to be the one that lasts the longest and wins HoH.

Although the CBS Big Brother 14 show is over for the night, fans can keep watching the full Head of Household endurance competition on the Big Brother live feeds until we finally have a winner. CBS will show a tiny portion of the competition and the winner on Sunday, but why wait and miss out on all the disgusting, painful, ridiculous fun?

Grab a three-day free trial of the Big Brother live feeds right now and join us as we watch the competition live.

This sort of endurance competition is really geared to give the smallest players in the house an advantage with the height of the hold bars and the tiny size of the platforms the players are standing on.

So it probably won’t be much of a shock if one of the ladies wins Head of Household this week… or maybe Wil Heuser or Ian Terry. Chef Joe Arvin is probably the least likely to win and big guy Frank Eudy is at a serious disadvantage even though he may be the physically strongest player in the house.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest from the Big Brother 14 endurance competition for the Head of Household spot this week as it continues live on the Big Brother 14 live feeds.

The pirate ship is tilting forward at crazy angles. The bars the houseguests are holding on to are going up and down. They are being hit with slams of water, which looks like it is freezing because some of them are shivering hard. (Especially veteran Dan Gheesling.) Now they are being “pooped” on by fake seagulls (that’s the white stuff in the photo above). After that there is a “hurricane” of wind and rain. Still, they all continue to hold on.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is trying to be all Zen by wearing a bandana blindfold. Does help with motion sickness if you’re one of those that suffer it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be helping him that much because he is looking worse by the minute.

Janelle Pierzina stretches to keep herself limber during calm moments on the high seas. Dan Gheesling just looks like the most uncomfortable human on the planet… and also like he has to pee.

And finally we have the first players to fall! The first ones out, in quick succession are: Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin and his former team player (and still possible ally), Jenn Arroyo. (8:00 PM BBT)

Next up to go down is the guy who has been struggling probably the most since the beginning of the endurance comp: Chef Joe Arvin. Of course, the fact that those who drop off get pizza could have a lot to do with him losing… since he’s been naughty and nipping tastes of his own cooking already while he’s supposed to be on Have-Not slop. (8:04 PM BBT)

Britney Haynes is looking pretty cool and collected as the competition continues, and she has an advantage because of her small size. However, I think she’s wasting too much energy bouncing and jogging in place on her little stand.

Ashley Iocco is looking pretty good too so far… and my goodness is she bendy. Yoga much? Pilates? Circus contortionist?

Looks like Frank’s strength is so far overcoming the disadvantage of his big size in the competition. He’s even able to crack a smile.

Wil Heuser still looking pretty good as well, but Danielle Murphree is starting to look a little frantic…

Mike Boogie, Chef Joe and rocker Jenn scheme in their heads (and out loud too) about what’s going to happen now in the BB14 house with the coaches in the game…

Shaney Meaney is shaking badly from the cold now too. I’m sure all the ladies (and man loving men) would like this challenge a lot better if he were shirtless… Maybe not so good for him though…

More players finally going out! This time it is Dan Gheesling followed shortly after and Ashley Iocco! (8:42 PM BBT) Meanwhile, Frank Eudy digs a candy bar out of his pocket for a snack during a calm moment. Wil Heuser almost slips off and takes a header into the gross water moat, but manages to save himself. Here’s Dan Gheesling flying like batman into the water, where he lays, exhausted, for quite some time before finally climbing out.

Britney Haynes mocks Teen Mom and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Showing how much the competition isn’t bothering her to intimidate the others? Dan Does not feel like socializing with the other failed castaways.

The bitches in black (a compliment in this case): Janelle and Britney. One of them may very well have this.

And finally it happens… after struggling and struggling… he looses his grip while trying to stretch and turn around… and Frank Eudy is out of the competition. (9:07 PM BBT) Hell though, if things had gone down differently, he would have been out of the whole game. So this is an improvement.

We’re down to six players now: Wil, Shane, Janelle, Danielle, Ian, and Britney. Shane is looking worse all the time, he’s shaking, he can’t stop moving and be still. He could ditch or lose his grip at any time. Wil is also stretching in crazy ways to try to relieve the pain. He isn’t looking so great.

Britney still looks calm and good. Ian seems to be doing okay. Danielle is wiggly and uncomfortable, but holding on. Janelle is starting to move too much and putting herself in danger of slipping. She’s not looking as good as she was.

Complaints from the peanut gallery that Janelle is using her elbows to hang on instead of her hands at some points; say it’s cheating. Personally I think I’ve seen more than just her doing that here and there… like Danielle. Shane is moaning and swearing. Boogie tells Ian (still his ally and bosum buddy) that he can lock elbows on the hold bar too if everyone else is going to do it. Now Britney is doing it. Hell, everyone is doing it. Joe says it is not against the rules, just a safety thing they shouldn’t be doing. And wait… yes… we have two more players down!

After much writhing in pain, Shane Meaney finally cannot take it anymore and ditches! Wil Heuser is right there with him in giving up the ghost. (9:36 PM BBT) Oh, and now another one has jumped off! Wow, it’s Janelle Pierzina giving it up! (9:40 PM BBT)

Ian Terry is still holding on, battling it out with Britney and Danielle to the bitter end! Finally the eliminated houseguests are allowed to go inside and clean off and warm up while the final three keep hanging on. Ian is starting to crack though, not able to keep still, constantly moving, grimacing in pain, almost falling… Ian is telling Britney and Danielle they are safe… but they know he’s in trouble… Fans are calling on Twitter for Ian to be disqualified because his foot touched another platform. I think it was not helpful to him, so why does it matter if he accidentally touched it while stretching?

What’s this? Now Britney wants to work out a deal with Ian? Is she feeling the pressure?

And now the last players are falling!!! Ian has finally given up and made his deals; he is out!

And wait, yes, it looks like… Britney is out!!! She’s already solid with Danielle and she’s got her deal. She leaves happy and smiling.

Danielle Murphree is the new Head of Household! Dan Gheesling may not be her coach anymore, but he’s still her proud poppa ally.

And wouldn’t you know it, Shane Meaney immediately leaps on her and starts giving her all the gooey intimacy she’s been craving this whole time! (Suck up much Shane?) He even gives her full on liplock. He keeps doing it too, putting his hands all over her every minute he can as they go back into the house… even though he’s been kind of squirming away from her repeatedly the whole time HE was HoH. Too funny!

And that’s a wrap for us. Off to bed!

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