Wow! The Big Brother 14 House photos were not supposed to be released until Monday at midnight, but apparently some people have no qualms about violating CBS’ rules or the ‘exclusive’ media deals the network has made with anyone. So, way ahead of the official release, we have the first slew of Big Brother 2012 house photos now spreading like wildfire all over the Internet via Twitter, Facebook and Big Brother 14 fan sites from coast to coast.

This Big Brother 14 house photos leak is HUGE. Not only do these photos contain tons of information about the house, and might just have a few hints about the cast in them as well.

The photo set contains 25 photos from Big Brother 14 Media Day and show the media reps enjoying a tour and playing with the Big Brother 14 House toys. The interesting thing to me is the Big Brother 14 HouseGuest board contains only 14 slots, even though we are supposed to have the ‘largest cast ever’ this season. Could that lend truth to the rumor there will be 4 veteran ‘mentors’ this season who will be in the house, but not ‘regular’ players?

Or is that board just for Big Brother Media Day? Or is it just to screw with us to make us THINK something totally wrong from looking at the Big Brother 14 house photos so CBS can surprise us later? You just never know. It’s a little late at night for me to speculate too much about all the details in the photos. I’ll have to start picking them apart frame by frame in the morning. Meanwhile, however, you can take a look at the photos for yourself below.

Leaked Big Brother 14 House photos on

What do you think about the new Big Brother 14 house photos? On first glance, I’m actually pretty happy about the look so far and I’m very, very interested in seeing the Big Brother live feed Superpass exclusive house tour video on July 2. Do you think CBS was teasing us with the ‘HouseGuest’ board that only had 14 spots? Or do you think it is foreshadowing about the cast arrangement this season? Oh I just can’t wait for more info!

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