The Big Brother 14 live eviction results show this week is a prime example of why we keep watching this show season after season. The tension in the Big Brother 14 house has been rising steadily for days as the houseguests schemed and plotted to backdoor and blindside one of the strongest players in the house. On tonight’s show, we finally learn whether or not the plan holds true, or a sudden twist will throw the house into chaos. Who was evicted on Big Brother 14 this week? Read on in our Big Brother 14 eviction results show recap to find out with us!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Monday, August 6. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

All of the Big Brother 14 predictions for tonight’s live eviction results show pointed in one, very clear, direction about who would be going home this week. However, Big Brother does love those last minute twists, so until the votes are actually announced and the evicted houseguest walks out the door, we can never know for sure! Thankfully we can finally stop biting our nails waiting to find out what is going to happen in the (probably) most dramatic Big Brother 14 live eviction results show episode of the season so far. Now it’s time to watch the action go down live!

Day 34 in the Big Brother 14 house and the live eviction tonight is going to be a big one. Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is gloating tonight over the master plan he implemented to get out fellow veteran houseguest Janelle Pierzina with the help of his ‘silent 6’ alliance (Britney Haynes, Shane Meaney, Danielle Murphree, Dan Gheesling, Frank Eudy, and Mike Boogie).

Danielle Murphree may be the current Head of Household and the Power of Veto winner, but it is really Mike Boogie who has made this whole backdoor and blindside Janelle plan reach critical mass.

After poor Janelle is shocked over being put up on the eviction block by Danielle in the Power of Veto Ceremony, she immediately starts campaigning hard to get votes on her side. Sadly, all the votes she thinks she has are all lies. Everyone tells her (or implies) they are on her side, but the truth is that only Chef Joe Arvin is actually still planning to vote to keep her.

Fellow veteran and former coach Britney Haynes is the weakest link in the evict Janelle collective. She hates lying to Janelle to her face (although she keeps doing it endlessly on the Big Brother live feeds). She actually cries. Poor baby. You made a big game move and now it scares you.

Host Julie Chen lets us have a peek at ‘a day in the life of dog Ian Terry’ after the geeky student boy ‘won’ the punishment of being a dog for a day in the Power of Veto Competition. (He really actually enjoyed it a lot, especially being led around on a leash by the other houseguests.) Ian is just overjoyed to be on Big Brother 14, pure and simple.

We have a short segment on Ian Terry and Ashley Iocco and their cute non-showmance relationship. Ian and his crush. Ashley and her puppy dog. Too cute. Ashley’s Mom actually quite likes Ian. Awwwhhh.

Finally, it’s time for the live eviction. Janelle Pierzina gives her plea to stay, as does Frank Eudy. Janelle still has no idea what is about to happen to her. Frank pretty much does, but he doesn’t let on.

And now we have the live eviction voting results and here they come…

Big Brother 14 Week 4 Eviction Votes:

Ashley: Evict Janelle
Britney: Evict Janelle
Dan: Evict Janelle
Ian: Evict Janelle
Jenn: Evict Janelle
Joe: Evict Frank
Mike Boogie: Evict Janelle
Shane: Evict Janelle
Wil: Evict Janelle

With a vote of 8 to 1 (and boy is Joe just as shocked by that as Janelle is right now), Janelle Pierzina is evicted from the Big Brother 14 house.

Janelle is remarkably calm about her eviction. As much as ‘production’ I think wanted her to be shocked and dismayed, it seemed from watching the Big Brother live feeds that maybe Janelle had started to get a clue as to her fate before the eviction show started. Janelle tells host Julie Chen she is flattered to have been evicted because she was such a threat. Janelle says she hopes Dan wins because who doesn’t love Dan?

Janelle closes out her time on Big Brother 14 much like she began, bashing Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin all the way out the door…

The Head of Household Competition this week is called ‘Battle of the Bands’. The hamsters have to go head to head listening to songs and guessing if they describe a HoH, Coaches’ or Veto Competition.

Big Brother 14 Week 5 Head of Household Competition ‘Battle of the Bands’:

Round 1: Wil against Jenn: Wil wins, Jenn is out
Round 2:
Boogie against Joe: Boogie wins, Joe is out
Round 3:
Wil against Ashley: Ashley wins, Wil is out
Round 4:
Britney against Shane: Britney wins, Shane is out
Round 5:
Ian against Ashley: Ian wins, Ashley is out
Round 6:
Dan against Britney: Britney wins, Dan is out
Round 7:
Frank against Boogie: Frank wins, Boogie is out
Round 8:
Ian against Britney: Britney wins, Ian is out
Round 9:
Frank against Britney: Frank wins

Winner: Frank Eudy is the new Head of Household! That has to be sweet for him after being on the eviction block three times already.

There is going to be mass celebration in the Big Brother 14 house tonight from pretty much everyone except Chef Joe Arvin, who now must realize he was the lone vote to save Janelle and the odd man out. He’s already been talked about as the next target for eviction and he has to know after this vote that his days are likely very numbered. The ‘Silent 6’ alliance will be all over themselves with happiness with Janelle evicted and Frank winning H0H.

Let’s see if Frank uses his power for good… or for evil…

Watch the celebration and the plotting begin for who will be nominated right now on the Big Brother live feeds when they fire up again after the show. If you don’t have them yet, now is a great time to join in with the rest of us live feed addicts and watch the next phase of Big Brother 14 begin!

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