So much happens with the Big Brother 14 cast behind the scenes that CBS can’t, or won’t, show you on TV. Thankfully, we have the Big Brother 14 live feeds available to watch all the plotting, scheming, betrayals and hookups CBS doesn’t have time to air. Oh, and of course there are also all those Big Brother 2012 cast ‘nakey’ moments CBS just can’t show you on their ‘family friendly’ version of the show!

Friday in the Big Brother 14 house was a frantic day of wheeling and dealing as the two Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests nominated for eviction desperately tried to make sure they would not be the one going home. Plus, the Power of Veto Competition went down, changing the whole dynamic and setting off a whole new round of whispering and alliance talk.

Check out our Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Recap of the highlights from the game on Friday and get caught up on all the action!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds about events that will be shown on future CBS Big Brother 2012 episodes. You have been warned!


The Situation: Willie Hantz is the Head of Household. He nominated Kara Monaco (Dan Gheesling‘s Team) and Frank Eudy (Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin‘s Team). Ian Terry could not go on the block because Mike Boogie won a coach’s competition. Have Nots are Ashley Iocco, Danielle Murphree, Ian Terry and Shane Meaney.

7:30 AM BBT

The first Big Brother 14 cast houseguests start to stir and we have a lovely shot of Ashley Iocco in the Head of Household bed despite being a Have-Not. Ashley is nursing a sore lower back/butt from an injury apparently received from trying to sleep on the concrete in the Have-Not room. Ashley rolls over and proceeds to rub IcyHot on her naked butt. Our friends over at captured the moment for posterity (cough, cough).

Either she’s too sleepy to remember the Big Brother 14 cast watching cameras have night vision, or she just really doesn’t care. Her (non sexual) bed mate, Head of Household Willie Hantz, kindly fetches her an ice pack to put on her ouchy. Not very villain of you there Willie.

9:15 AM BBT

The houseguests are up and about. Britney Haynes and her chosen Head of Household Willie are plotting about who needs to be evicted. Willie really thinks it is Kara who needs to bite it, which would be a harsh blow for coach Dan Gheesling; already down one player from when Jodi Rollins was evicted day one. Britney pretty much doesn’t seem to be able to handle Willie and she’ll just have to go along with his decision, after a lot of lobbying. Britney has aligned herself with Janelle Pierzina, at least for the time being, and the person they really want out of the house is Mike Boogie, who is the coach for Frank’s team — the other player nominated for eviction.

10:10 AM BBT

Kara Monaco, who is on the block for eviction, is after Willie to make a mutual safety pact deal with her if he will not evict her from the Big Brother 14 house. Willie seems agreeable, but it turns out just to be a bunch of BS.

When Willie, Britney, Janelle, Joe Arvin, and Wil Heuser gather back in the Head of Household room, the plan is still to evict Kara. The target is to get Big Brother 14 coach Dan Gheesling down to just one player, Danielle Murphree, and work on getting them out ASAP.

12:40 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 live feeds go to trivia for the Power of Veto Competition.

2:45 PM BBT

Shane Meaney won the first Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Competition. Janelle, Britney, and Willie talk with Shane in the Head of Household room and the agreement is that the veto will not be used. Kara and Frank Eudy will be left on the eviction block.

3:00 PM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is pissed off that his team lost the Power of Veto Competition. He does not want to lose to the “f’ing broads” — referring to coaches Britney and Janelle.

4:00PM BBT

Wil and Kara discuss the state of the Big Brother 14 game in the Storage Room. Wil says he is on Kara’s side and she has his vote over Frank. Frank almost won Power of Veto, while Kara did very badly, which makes Frank a bigger threat to Wil.

6:00 PM BBT

Next up to put pressure on Shane on the Big Brother 2012 live feeds are Dan and Kara. Dan wants Shane to use the Power of Veto to get Kara off the eviction block. Well of course he does! Dan knows he is already screwed. Shane is playing both sides, of course, and says he may be gunning to get Frank out. He says he needs to think some more.

The houseguests share dinner together, but everyone is giving everyone else a speculative kind of stink eye. No one trusts anyone and they are all thinking really hard while they stuff their faces. Dan schmoozes with everyone… he really needs to get people on his side to keep from getting thrown out of this game really early on. With one of his players gone, and one on the block, he’s got to move fast.

Later, Willie and Janelle are up in the Head of Household room talking about Mike Boogie. They think Boogie is here to prove that he can win the game without riding on Dr. Will Kirby‘s coattails. They fear that Danielle is brainwashed by Dan and can’t be separated from him. Janelle is pushing Willie that Frank needs to go out quickly. Willie talks about sending Kara home. He thinks Joe is the expendable player of the bunch.

Kara and Janelle call Boogie a douche. Janelle says she knew he was coming back to the house because he was sending her a bunch of so fake texts about ‘working together’ if they were ever to do Big Brother again.

8:15 PM BBT

Britney and Janelle are dishing in the Head of Household room, talking more about how to get Dan Gheesling out. They have to figure out how to convince whoever they can it is in their best interest to evict his player. They don’t want to have to go up against Dan’s “nice” factor.

8:50 PM BBT

More flesh flying around as JoJo accidentally bares various body parts while trying to get dressed under a towel. You can check out uncensored pics of all the nakey moments on Big Brother 14 over at

9:15 PM BBT

Frank and Willie are in the hammock in the backyard talking strategy. Willie is definately trying to manipulate Frank all he can. Willie wants Wil out next week because he thinks he is dangerous. Frank doesn’t want to plan too far ahead. Frank says he trusts Willie (which I wouldn’t) and Willie says he better because he’s putting all his eggs in Frank’s basket.

9:55 PM BBT

More hammock talk with Janelle and Wil this time. Janelle is afraid Mike Boogie picked just the right team to get him through the whole summer.
That sounds kind of lewd somehow.


Kara tries to schmooze Willie some more to get his support by promising safety to him in return. Dan tries to assure Willie and Britney he is not in an alliance with Mike Boogie. Ashley, Janelle, Britney, and Willie all discuss still working to get Dan out by eliminating Kara.

Right now it is looking like most of the house is aligned to take Kara out at the eviction to take Dan Gheesling’s team down to just one player.

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