All the Big Brother 14 predictions on the fan sites are pretty much lined up that houseguest Frank Eudy will finally be headed out the door in the BB14 live eviction results tonight. Personally, I never count anyone out until they actually walk through the door for their exit interview with host Julie Chen. Still, it seems very likely Frank will not be surviving another Big Brother 14 eviction. So, the real anticipation for tonight is all about who will win Head of Household and who will be going home in the second stage of the Big Brother 14 double eviction.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that may foreshadow what will happen on tonight’s show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Going into tonight’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show, the house is almost unanimously aligned to evict Frank Eudy at last. Frank has been on the eviction week every single week he was not Head of Household, but has managed to escape every time. This time, however, it appears he may finally have run out of luck. If he does indeed head off to the Jury House, who went home on Big Brother 14 tonight in the first eviction round will pretty much be entirely due to the combined efforts of current Head of Household Ian Terry and backstabbing BS man Dan Gheesling.

Ian Terry couldn’t wait to put Frank Eudy on the eviction block as soon as he won the Head of Household last week. Happily, he had a major ally in Dan Gheesling, who wants nothing more than to send Frank out the door as quickly as possible. Dan and Ian put their heads together and reformed the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance of Dan, Ian, Danielle Murphree and Shaney Meaney with the intent of getting Frank evicted. From the Big Brother 14 spoilers we have been watching on the Big Brother live feeds, Dan currently has final two deals with virtually every remaining houseguest and none of them know about his other deals. Dan has had quite an amazing week, ‘misting’ the whole house to bend to his will while they all think Dan is actually doing what they want. Awesome.

Of course, Frank has no idea Dan is after his throat, considering he firmly believes in the final 2 pact the two of them made last week. Frank was responsible for getting ally Jenn Arroyo to save Dan from eviction last time around after Dan betrayed the original Quack Pack to him. Dan has been at his side for days promising Frank he has the votes to stay. Frank really believes he may get through this eviction possibly with a vote of 4 to zero for him to stay. In truth, the only vote he really has is former teammate Jenn Arroyo — and even she knows Frank is a lost cause.

Kicking off the show tonight, we review Dan Gheesling’s many alliances. He has that final 2 deal with Frank, but he isn’t planning to keep it. He has reformed the Quack Pack with Ian Terry, Danielle Murphree and Shane Meaney, but he’ll betray it happily to get what he wants (he has before). Right now though, the Quack Pack is his tool to get out his toughest competition: Frank.

Although he has been incredibly cocky on and off on the Big Brother live feeds about having enough votes to stay, Frank has also experienced moments of doubt about putting his trust in Dan. Dan continues to tell him all is well though, as does everyone else in the house. They are lying like mad. The only really weak spot is Chef Joe, who Ian tells to keep his mouth shut so he doesn’t screw the whole plan to get out Frank.

Dan, meanwhile, is already working the next phase of the competition, going after Joe to make sure he is safe if Joe should win Head of Household. Of course, Joe is an idiot and he ends up confusing Dan and Shane in the dark. He tells the person he thinks is Shane (who is actually Dan) that “Dan just came in here and started whispering.” Obviously Joe cannot be trusted.

Host Julie Chen finally annouces to the houseguests live that tonight will be another double eviction so they have to get on with it pronto. One by one, the houseguests go into the Diary Room to cast their votes for eviction.

Big Brother 14 Live Eviction Results (round 1):

Dan votes to evict: Frank
Danielle votes to evict: Frank
Jenn votes to evict: Joe
Shane votes to evict: Frank

By a vote of 3 to 1, Frank Eudy has been evicted from the Big Brother 14 house.

Frank is totally blindsided and pissed as hell! He talks about how Dan swore on the bible and his marriage and still betrayed him. He swears he will NOT vote for Dan at the finale if he makes it to the final 2. Dan says in his video message that he has no hard feelings, but Frank says he most certainly does!

Next up we have the Head of Household Competition and it is a swift one. In just minutes, the competition is over and the next Head of Household winner is… Dan Gheesling! Wow. I guess he didn’t want to take any chances on somehow getting put up on the block this week. Not a stupid idea, since everyone has to realize by now he is a huge threat.

Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition (round 1):

Winner: Dan Gheesling

Dan has virtually no time at all to decide who he is going to nominate. I thought for sure he would put up Jenn and Joe. Nope. He decides he is going to put up Quack Pack ally Ian and Joe instead! Well, from the Big Brother Live Feeds, Ian knew this was a possibility to hide the Quack Pack alliance. Still, he could be in serious trouble since Danielle really wants him out, and Shane will do whatever Danielle tells him?

Now we are on to the Power of Veto Competition and Ian Terry has got to win this to save himself from a very likely eviction. Chef Joe wants it bad though because he so does not want to go home. The houseguests fight hard and it looks like it is going to be Ian or Shane and it is…

Ian Terry has won the Power of Veto! Naturally, minutes later Ian uses the PoV on himself, so he will will not be going home this week.

Dan has to make a fast decision and decide who will be going up as the replacement nominee. There is a lot of speculation on Twitter that he will put up Jenn, or possibly even backdoor Shane. But no! Dan pulls a wild one and nominates his closest ally: Danielle!

I’m guessing Dan is making very sure that Danielle and Shane can’t bond and decide not to vote out Joe. This is his way of guaranteeing Joe goes home this week and Danielle is not his target. However, Danielle is FURIOUS and she really seems really, really mad rather than just “fake” mad at Dan like she’s been pretending (mostly) ever since his nasty comments toward her at his ‘funeral’ last week. Even if it is to take her to the final two, Dan putting her on the block is going to cause a week of tears, whining and bitching from Danielle… I can almost totally guarantee it.

It is time for the next round of eviction votes and it is easy to see where this one is going.

Big Brother 14 Live Eviction Results (round 2):

Shane votes to evict: Joe
Jenn votes to evict: Joe
Ian votes to evict: Joe

By a vote of 3 to 0, Chef Joe Arvin has been evicted from the Big Brother 14 house.

The final five houseguests remaining in the competition are: Dan Gheesling, Danielle Murphree, Ian Terry, Jenn Arroyo and Shane Meaney. Four of the five are in the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance, but Dan also has a final 3 deal with Danielle & Jenn.

Frank Eudy and Joe Arvin join Ashley Iocco, Britney Haynes and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin in the Jury House.

The second Head of Household Competition will play out on the Big Brother live feeds. We’ll bring you the results here at as soon as they come in! Or you can watch the HoH competition and the aftermath of all this crazy double eviction drama on the Big Brother 14 live feeds for yourself with a three-day free trial!


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