Get ready for one of the most exciting Big Brother 14 episodes of the entire season. Yes hamster fans, it is time for the dreaded (and delightful) double eviction and Head of Household competitions. While it seems pretty clear who one of the evictees will be, we have absolutely no idea who else will be evicted tonight… and we can’t wait to find out. Join us for our Big Brother 14 live recap of the double eviction and Head of Household competitions as we find out what happens!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 6 live eviction results and Head of Household competitions. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Unless there is some kind of last minute miracle or Big Brother 14 game twist, it looks like tonight will be the end of the road for veteran houseguests Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. Honestly though, he can only blame himself. He was so bent on getting fellow veteran Janelle Pierzina eliminated that he didn’t look far enough ahead. He made an alliance with his strongest competitors and thought he had them totally under his control.

Then, he and his buddy Frank Eudy did not try to get out Dan Gheesling or Shane Meaney when they had the chance and kept faith with the ‘silent six’ alliance — although they only did it because they thought it was a good game move. The moment Shane Meaney was back on top in the Big Brother 14 house, however, he immediately betrayed the alliance and put up Frank and Mike Boogie. When Frank got Power of Veto, Shane betrayed them again by refusing to put up Dan Gheesling as the replacement nominee and putting up floater Jenn Arroyo as a pawn.

Now, Shane Meaney, Dan Gheesling and the rest of the houseguests are now about to eliminate Mike Boogie and leave Frank Eudy with an enormous target on his back. If Frank is not very careful, and very lucky, he could end up going home tonight in the double eviction right along with his mentor Mike Boogie.

Personally, I’m hoping to see one of the ‘add-on’ players make it big tonight and win one or both Big Brother 14 Head of Household competitions. In particular, I’d love to see Ian Terry win and do all sorts of crazy things. That would just be insanely fun to watch on the Big Brother live feeds.

Well, speculation aside, now it’s time to get down to business for one of the most hotly anticipated Big Brother 14 episodes of the year. Lay your bets now folks on who will be going home on Big Brother 14 tonight and let’s get on with our recap!

Here we go Big Brother 14 fans! The double eviction and HoH competition is starting now. Just a friendly reminder that the second HoH competition may not be finished by the end of the CBS Big Brother 14 episode, so be ready to tune in to your Big Brother live feeds to watch what happens and who wins after the show!

Jenn Arroyo is naturally angry at being put up on the eviction block, but honestly seems to miss the whole point that she is obviously a pawn and the real target is Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. Who, by the way, is looking like a perverted homeless surfer.

Poor Ian Terry is limping around because he has a boo-boo ankle from hurting it playing badminton. He’s just so cute. I want to squish him, lock him in a cage and observe him like an alien…

Boogie and Frank Eudy get all up in Shane Meaney’s face and throw a fit about him betraying them. Boogie call’s Shane “Dan’s bitch” because they apparently think Dan Gheesling is behind all of it. Which he isn’t, but they are clueless and give him way more credit than he deserves.

Host Julie Chen, looking both pretty and weirdly pregnant with a fluffy creature on her shoulder (oh sorry, that’s her hair), tells Boogie and Jenn it is time to make their final pleas.

Big Brother 14 Live Eviction 1 Results:

  • Ashley votes to evict: Jenn
  • Britney votes to evict: Boogie
  • Dan votes to evict: Boogie
  • Danielle votes to evict: Boogie
  • Frank votes to evict: Jenn
  • Ian votes to evict: Boogie
  • Joe votes to evict: Boogie

In a vote of 5 to 2, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin has been evicted from the BB14 house.

As he leaves the BB14 house, Boogie ‘tebows’ and shows off his cocky, arrogant self one more time. Ian outed himself to Boogie right before Boogie went out the door… which might have been a really stupid move. Boogie whispers to Frank during their goodbye hug that ‘Ian is not to be trusted.’

Ian Terry reveals in his goodbye message the existence of the Quack Pack alliance and how he helped mastermind the plot to take Boogie down. Boogie tips his hat to Ian on the TV. Britney’s goodbye message, in which she roasts Boogie wonderfully, is hilariously awesome.

The first Head of Household Competition is ‘Before or After’.

Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition 1 Results:

  • Ashley is the first eliminated!
  • Joe, Jenn and Dan are now out.
  • Frank is out! Frank is in trouble now!
  • Britney is out next.
  • Now it is Ian versus Danielle…

Ian Terry is the new Head of Household… for like 10 minutes, LOL.

Poor Ian, he finally wins HoH and it will only be for a few minutes and he won’t even get his own HoH room! His nominations will come shortly. He has promised Britney to put up Frank Eudy on the Big Brother live feeds. Let’s see if it happens! He better, considering his slip earlier that prompted Boogie to tell Frank he was not to be trusted.

We’re back! Ian takes a moment to tell Chef Joe if he doesn’t promise him safety, he will go on the eviction block. Joe, of course, will say anything to stay off the block… but that means nothing.

Ian Terry announces he has decided to nominate the two people who voted to keep Boogie in the house: Ashley Iocco and… Frank Eudy! Now let’s see if Frank manages to escape eviction for the FOURTH time by winning the Power of Veto Competition…

The players for the Power of Veto Competition are: Frank, Ashley, Ian, Danielle, Shane and Joe. In the Power of Veto Competition, the houseguests have to find items in a vat of plastic balls and be the first one to get them back for the PoV.

And the results are in and OMG really? This is just insane! Yes, believe it or not, Frank Eudy has won the Power of Veto and managed to escape eviction for the FOURTH time!

Now Ian has to name a replacement nominee and he chooses… Chef Joe Arvin. Well. Lovely. An opportunity to throw another veteran like Britney Haynes or Dan Gheesling on the block, or even get out tough competitor Shane Meaney… and he picks the floater chef versus the floater tanning technician. Oh Ian.

Here we go with the second live eviction…

Big Brother 14 Live Eviction 2 Results:

  • Jenn votes to evict: Ashley
  • Britney votes to evict: Ashley
  • Frank votes to evict: Joe
  • Danielle votes to evict: Ashley
  • Dan votes to evict: Ashley

By a vote of 5 to 1, Ashley has been evicted from the BB14 house. Bet she so did not see that coming. Ashley says in her exit interview that she made a mistake by not committing to a strong alliance and making the house mad. She also seems either high or drunk, but maybe that’s just her natural state…

Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition 2 Results:

Well, the CBS Big Brother show has run out of time, so fans had to wait for the results of the second comp on the Big Brother live feeds. If you want the spoilers for the second HoH comp, you can read up on those here:  Big Brother 14 Week 7 Head of Household Competition Results.

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