Tonight on CBS Big Brother 14, fans who don’t read up on the Big Brother 14 spoilers or watch the Big Brother live feeds will finally learn who won Thursday night’s epic Head of Household endurance competition. The new Head of Household will also reveal their nominations for eviction for this week.


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers about Sunday’s night show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened in our Big Brother 14 recap for Sunday.

If you haven’t already found out what happened from the Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds, tonight’s episode will feature highlights from one of the most difficult Big Brother endurance competitions seen in years. Sadly, CBS Big Brother 14 fans will only see a tiny portion of the event, which lasted about 3 1/2 hours on the Big Brother live feeds.

Watching the housguests tremble, shake uncontrollably, cry, grunt in pain, make terrible faces, nearly fall off, whine, cuss, make desperate deals, and finally crash and burn throughout the night was one of the most fun bits of live feed watching all season. If you have the feeds, you can use the Flashback feature to watch the whole competition in all its glory. If you don’t, you can click on the banner below for a three-day free trial and get in on all the Big Brother 14 spoilers and awesome behind-the-scenes moments for yourself.

Moving on to tonight’s Big Brother 14 recap, we expect there will be quite a bit of surprise from fans who haven’t read up on the Big Brother 14 spoilers for the show. So let’s get right on to our recap and see how it all goes down!

The show opens tonight with all of the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests talking about the veteran coaches entering the main competition for 500k.

Dan Gheesling decides to tell Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin his alliance was planning on voting out Frank Eudy at the eviction. Janelle Pierzina says she is going to lie and say she did not press the coaches’ ‘reset’ button.

The Head of Household competition from last episode continues, with the houseguests being forced to stand on tiny, moving platforms on the side of a fake pirate ship over a vat of icky water. The ship, platform and holding bars all move, while the houseguests are doused in heavy ice water and blown around with huge fans.

Read a full recap of the awesome Head of Household endurance from the Big Brother live feeds here. Unfortunately the CBS Big Brother highlights just don’t do it justice.

Mike Boogie is the first to drop out of the competition. During the Head of Household endurance competition, Mike Boogie is angry and yells that he hates Dan Gheesling for pressing the ‘reset’ button. Boogie is followed soon after by Jenn Arroyo and Chef Joe Arvin. On the sidelines, Chef Joe and Mike Boogie talk about how Joe was safe the whole time from eviction, but no one would tell him.

The next to go are Dan Gheesling and Ashley Iocco. Wil Heuser comments snarkily how obvious it is Dan is throwing competitions just like he did on his season of Big Brother.

Frank Eudy finally just can’t take it anymore and jumps off. His big buff bod was just not make for standing on a tiny platform for hours on end. Once he’s on the sidelines, Mike Boogie tells him everyone was planning on voting him out at eviction.

Wil Heuser asks Danielle Murphree if she will keep him safe if her side wins. Then he and Shane Meaney both decide to give up. (Shane was in EXTREME pain and could barely even stand up at this point.) Janelle gives up not long after.

The final three remaining are Ian Terry, Danielle Murphree, and Britney Haynes. Ian is shaking and exhausted and starts trying to make deals with Britney and Danielle. He slips and nearly falls off, touching another platform with his foot (this caused a mass outcry on Twitter during the Big Brother live feeds for his disqualification). Dan Gheesling interrupts with a pep talk speech to Danielle to keep her focused on winning.

Mike Boogie is still angry about finding out everyone was going to vote out his former team player and current ally Frank Eudy. He and Frank reconfirm their alliance.

Ian Terry makes a deal with Britney and Danielle to keep him safe and then jumps off. Britney, who has been working with Danielle anyway, also confirms her safety and then quits as well.

Danielle Murphree is the new Head of Household.

Danielle’s former coach and still ally Dan Gheesling grabs her up and spins her around. When he puts her down, her boy crush Shane Meaney tackles her in the shallow water and plants a kiss on her.

(I must note here that on the Big Brother live feeds, this ‘showmance’ has mostly consisted of Danielle obsessing over Shane, and Shane desperately trying to keep her paws off him… but now he has good reason to kiss up to her… literally.)

Dan tries again to get on Mike Boogie’s good side, but Boogie is still angry about the whole plan to backdoor Frank. Shane and Danielle discuss who they should target with the nominations. Britney lies to Mike and Frank about knowing Frank was the real target for eviction instead of Chef Joe. They don’t believe her a bit. Dan confesses to Danielle and Britney he was the one who told Boogie about the plan to get out Frank.

Danielle sees her Head of Household room and we learn her parents did not even know she was going to be on Big Brother 14.

Later, Danielle, Dan, Shaney, and Britney discuss the nominations. The plan gels with putting up Frank again, and putting up Wil Heuser as a pawn. Dan does not want to put a coach up because it would make him more of a target.

Cornering Danielle later, Wil reminds her that she promised him safety during the HoH competition.

Dan continues to push putting up Wil and Frank, but Danielle isn’t sure because she doesn’t want to have Wil against her.

At the nomination ceremony, Danielle finally decides to go with Dan’s (still) coaching and put up Frank Eudy and Wil Heuser for eviction. The plan stands at this point to try to evict Frank Eudy again.

That’s a wrap for this episode, but you can already find out who won the coveted Power of Veto in our Big Brother 14 spoilers here if you can’t wait until the next episode.

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