On CBS Big Brother 14 Sunday night, the winner of the second Head of Household Competition from Thursday night will be revealed, along with the nominations for eviction this week. Hang out with us for our live Big Brother 14 recap of the week 7 nominations show and find out who will be facing eviction this week!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers about Sunday’s night show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened in our Big Brother 14 recap for Sunday.

When we last left our hamsters on the CBS Big Brother 14 live eviction show on Thursday night, we’d just finished off a double eviction. First out of the door was houseguest Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, who was at least somewhat shocked to learn he did not have the votes he thought he did to stay in the Big Brother 14 house. He also learned that his little buddy and prodigy Ian Terry was not his ally after all, but had been working with another alliance behind his back and helped mastermind getting him out of the house.

Following Boogie’s eviction, Ian Terry finally managed to win something, becoming the next Big Brother 14 Head of Household… but only for a very short period of time. Not thinking things through, Ian nominated Frank Eudy and Chef Joe Arvin for eviction. Unfortunately for Ian, his next big plan to knock Boogie’s former ally Frank Eudy out of the house was thwarted when Frank won Power of Veto. Ian then put up his crush Ashley Iocco as the replacement nominee, and sadly, had to watch as she walked out of the door at eviction instead of Chef Joe.

Unfortunately for watchers of the CBS Big Brother 14 show, the episode ran out of time and the question of who would win the second Head of Household Competition of the night was left unanswered… unless you had the Big Brother live feeds, of course. For those who haven’t seen the Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds, Sunday’s CBS show will reveal who won the second HoH Competition and who they have nominated for eviction.

Head of Household Competition ‘Hold Some Strings’ – Week 7 Results:

In the Head of Household Competition, the houseguests have to get balls on strings to roll into slots for points. The winner of the HoH Competition will choose the only Have-Not of the week.

Unbelievably, proving that he is apparently invincible, four time eviction block survivor Frank Eudy actually manages to win Head of Household again. He chooses — unsurprisingly — Dan Gheesling to be the Have-Not for the week.

Britney Haynes — along with myself, the rest of the houseguests, and most of the Big Brother 14 viewers this season — is totally sick of Frank winning everything and STILL being in the house after four attempts to evict him.

As the new Head of Household, Frank is given the option to open Pandora’s Box — which has finally arrived at last. He does, of course. He is given three choices and if he picks the right one, he will get a big wad of cash. If he picks the wrong one, he will get less than $10.00. He chooses the one that gives him $3,000.

Meanwhile, the rest of the houseguests are given the opportunity to win a special Veto power. They have to collect quarters from all over the house and use them to play a game in the Arcade Room. In the end, Ian Terry wins the special Veto Power. Dan is very upset he did not win it despite trying very hard.

Eviction Nominations – Week 7:

Defying all logic, Frank does not work out a plan to backdoor Dan Gheesling by nominating Danielle and Ian for eviction. If he had, Ian would have used up his Veto Power to take himself off the block. This would have let Frank backdoor Dan. Insted, like a total dumbass, Frank nominates Danielle Murphree and her house daddy Dan.

This leaves Ian Terry with the opportunity to take someone off the block, forcing Frank to put up a replacement nominee. Since Ian is in the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance with Dan, this could very well happen if he has the right incentive.

That’s a wrap for this episode, but you can read our Big Brother 14 spoilers about who won the Power of Veto this week if you can’t wait until the next episode.

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