Tonight on CBS Big Brother 14 may go down as one of the most entertaining and exciting episodes of the whole BB14 season. From what we’ve been watching on the Big Brother live feeds, the Power of Veto episode this week is going to be killer. Join us for our CBS Big Brother 14 live recap and watch it all go down with us!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 7 Power of Veto show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

The Big Brother live feeds have been a total blast to watch since the Power of Veto Competition happened this weekend. Things in the Big Brother 14 house ramped up to an even more dramatic level after a very shocking Power of Veto Ceremony happened on Monday. Seriously, this has been some of the best Big Brother live feeds watching of the whole season over the past three days. If you don’t have the live feeds yet, you can still get caught up on all the insanity using the fabulous Flashback feature to check out all the highlights with a three-day free trial.

Unfortunately, the CBS Big Brother 14 show just can’t pack in all the tears, fights, yelling, betrayals, backstabbing and drunken hilarity going on in the Big Brother 14 house this week, but I’m sure there will be plenty of fun to watch on Wednesday night’s show. It should be quite interesting for us feed addicts to see how CBS edits it all down for mass consumption.

If you haven’t been watching the Big Brother 14 live feeds and are lucky enough to have avoided the Big Brother 14 spoilers for tonight’s show, let’s just say it’s going to be awesome! Ready to watch the Big Brother 14 house go crazy?

Big Brother 14 is racing toward the final month of play and the houseguests are becoming more and more desperate to find their path to the final two. Tonight’s episode will prove just how far at least one houseguests is willing to go to secure their spot.

The Quack Pack kicks off the episode with plans on how they can manage to save all the members of alliance from eviction this week. Dan Gheesling and Danielle Murphree are on the eviction block, but the hope is that Britney or Shane Meaney might win the Power of Veto. If one of them does, then they can take Dan or Danielle off the block. Then, Ian Terry can use his special Pandora’s Box Veto Power to take the other one off the block — thus saving the whole Quack Pack from eviction, right?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of logistical problems with this hopeful scenario. A lot of it depends on who gets to use their veto when, and whether the person who uses their veto can then be put up as a replacement nominee.

So it’s all very sketchy going into the Power of Veto Competition player picking ceremony. No matter what happens, right now it is just not looking good for Dan Gheesling with Head of Household Frank gunning to get him out and half the other players recognizing how big a threat he is.

For the Power of Veto Competition, Frank Eudy will be playing as the current Head of Household, along with Dan and Danielle as the eviction nominees. In the veto player choosing ceremony, Frank draws Shane’s name, Danielle draws Britney’s name, and Dan picks Jenn Arroyo as houseguest’s choice. Ian is picked to host the competition.

Unfortunately for Dan, choosing Jenn as his houseguest’s choice turns out not to be the best idea if she wins the Power of Veto, although this does seem unlikely. However, it’s not like he had a lot of people to choose from with Ian already having a veto power and Chef Joe Arvin totally untrustworthy.

Still, it isn’t good for Dan that Jenn and Frank are already talking about getting together in an alliance.

In the Power of Veto Competition, we have a product placement tie-in as the houseguests try to guess what “Draw Something” pictures some members of the viewing public tried to draw and submitted. If they guessed a drawing correctly, they had to accept a punishment to gain points. There are some nasty, nasty punishments.

Frank was leading in the game, but managed to get himself disqualified by breaking a rule (talking during Britney’s turn). However, he has to keep his punishments, which include dressing in a carrot costume and having to take horrifyingly disgusting “chum” baths at random times for 24 hours. Dan ends up with a punishment to go into a ‘disco dance party’ solitary confinement in the Have-Not room for 24 hours. Britney and Danielle wind up being forced to be shackled to each other for 24 hours — including while going to the bathroom and showering.

In the end, it is kind of a bit of a shock when the winner of the Power of Veto ends up being the mysterious and rarely seen lesbian rocker, Jenn Arroyo.

When Dan Gheesling comes out of solitary confinement, he seems to perhaps have lost his mind. First he calls a house meeting to celebrate his ‘Big Brother funeral’ since it now looks like he is doomed to be evicted this week. He goes around and says nice things to the other houseguests and even apologizes to Frank and tells him he’d like to have a heartfelt chat with him later.

Then, in a totally shocking move, Dan turns on his former team member and staunch ally, Danielle Murphree, and lays into her! He compares her to his former Big Brother ally Memphis from his previous season, says she ‘knows what she did to him’ and says she is ‘dead in this game’ to him. He’s nasty! Then he leaves to go off and have that chat with Frank.

Danielle is left in total collapse as she breaks down in confused sobbing and starts wailing in Shane’s lap. She has no clue what the hell is going on. Half the witnessing houseguests think Dan is an a@@hole, while some think maybe this is some kind of trickery…

Bingo! It is indeed a ploy to distract the houseguests while Dan Gheesling goes up to talk extensively with Frank Eudy in the HoH room. Dan goes on to confess every move he and the Quack Pack have made against Frank and his former buddy and ally Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. He betrays the entire Quack Pack alliance and tells Frank all about how Ian Terry has been stabbing him and Boogie in the back all along. Frank is furious. Using truth as his hammer, Dan amazingly manages to form a totally crazy alliance with Frank that he hopes will take him to the final two.

After the meeting, Dan goes to confess to Danielle that it was all a big act and she is freaked out. What you thankfully don’t see on the CBS show is the hours and hours of Danielle continuing to be freaked out and seeking reassurance from Dan over and over… and over. And then all her whining, crazy, and desperate attention seeking from everyone because of all the ‘trauma’ of her experience. Ugh.

Throughout the night, a new secret alliance comes together of Dan, Frank, Danielle and Jenn. When it comes time for the Power of Veto Ceremony, it is time for them to make their first dramatic game move.

First, Ian is asked if he wants to use his special Veto Power to take anyone off the block and he says no. He had said on the Big Brother live feeds that he would not use it unless all the Quack Pack members could be saved, but without one of them winning the PoV, that was impossible.

With Ian’s veto now useless, the new ‘Dan the Man’ alliance (what I’m calling them) goes for the throat.

Jenn Arroyo, using her Power of Veto, takes Dan Gheesling off the block — leaving his former Quack Pack allies Britney Haynes, Ian Terry, and Shane Meaney with their mouths gaping open.

Swooping in for the kill, Frank Eudy takes the opportunity to put up veteran player and former coach Britney Haynes for eviction against Danielle. With their new alliance, it is now practically guaranteed that Britney Haynes will be going home at the live eviction on Thursday night. She is floored.

After all this went down on the Big Brother 14 live feeds, you would not BELIEVE the insanity the feed viewers got to watch as a result of this huge and epic game move. Ian and Frank got into a yelling fight. Britney is in tears. Danielle is in tears. Britney started throwing things in the kitchen and then did unspeakable things to a teddy bear (seriously). There was drunken stupidity from Ian and Britney. The whole house went nutsy!

Although at this point it seems a given that Britney Haynes is going to get evicted from the Big Brother 14 house on Thursday, this episode certainly shows that just about anything can suddenly happen on BB. So don’t count the girl out yet… you never know

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