The Big Brother 14 premiere is just 20 days away! The Big Brother 2012 spoilers, rumors, and gossip are already flying hot and heavy.

The official Big Brother 14 cast announcement won’t be released until July 2nd, but we’ve already heard (and seen) quite a few interesting tidbits out there swirling around. Want in on some of the gossip we’ve found going around? Well, keep on reading then!

Please be warned that this post MAY contain Big Brother 14 spoilers (but more than likely is mostly full of totally silly gossip and unfounded rumors). Still, just in case, if you don’t even want to hear a RUMOR about what probably is NOT going to happen, and are super hateful of all possible spoilers, we give you an official SPOILER ALERT now! (Plus, this gives us a chance to show off our shiny new SPOILER ALERT graphic for the Big Brother 14 season — isn’t it awesome?)

One bit of gossip-mongering that has been getting a lot of play around the Big Brother 14 fans sites is a video posted to YouTube by ‘joey7961’ that claims to reveal all kinds of secrets about the Big Brother 14 HouseGuests. The Big Brother 14 Twists Revealed video also allegedly features the four ‘big surprises’ CBS claims will happen in the new Big Brother 2012 season. Click on our nifty SPOILER ALERT button below if you want to know what wild rumors this alleged Big Brother 14 spoilers video is spreading.

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 14 Spoilers and Twists Revealed Video”]

So some of the biggest (and probably most BS) Big Brother 14 spoilers/rumors out there come courtesy of a video posted to YouTube claiming to be from a friend of a “really good friend” that knows all about the new Big Brother 14 cast. The video claims this person has “revealed to me the 4 twists of BB14 and also something a little extra”. It should be noted that the user profile of the person posting this video claims he/she is 16-years-old. In other words, yeah right… just another clue this video is most likely 99.99% fake.

According to the Big Brother 14 Twists Revealed video, the new season will feature 18 HouseGuests (CBS has already revealed there will be more than in any previous season). The Big Brother spoilers video also claims the Big Brother 14 cast will be entirely all new. For those who don’t want to sit through the video, which is just a bunch of slow-mo text fading in and out, we’ve detailed the so-called ‘spoilers’ for you below.

The Big Brother spoilers video says the four big ‘twists’ for the new season will be:

1. For the first few HoH competitions, three Big Brother 14 HouseGuests will be nominated and 2 will be evicted.

2. There will be two double evictions this season.

3. HouseGuests can win as many HoH competitions in a row as they can manage to pull off.

4. After the first HoH competition, the winner will get to select one other Big Brother 14 HouseGuest to receive the ‘Ultimate Golden Key’. The contestant that receives the key will allegedly be safe until the final 8. However, the person will also have to live alone in a separate room, be a have not the whole time, and they will automatically be put on the block when they return to the game unless they win the HoH competition.

Another big alleged claim from the video is that two previous Survivor contestants will compete on Big Brother 14 this year, along with a previous contestant from The Amazing Race. The video even names the alleged players: Laura from Survivor 19, Colton from Survivor 24, and Joey from The Amazing Race 20.


Now, most of the Big Brother 14 fans sites out there rightfully have labelled this video a big, fat, fake, hoax with no real Big Brother 14 spoilers. Frankly, to me it sounds like a big wish list for what some dude out there would LOVE to see on the new season. Honestly, there are some twists in there that I think would be totally fun to see, but are so unlikely as to be an extreme shock if they actually happened.

So, while this video is more than likely 100% BS, we would be remiss if we didn’t share it with our loyal fans here at Hope it made you grin!

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