With all the extreme drama and crazy back and forth decisions going on about who will or won’t be evicted this week, I’m just about exhausted just from watching these Big Brother 14 cast houseguests run around like crazy hamsters. Thankfully, our Big Brother 14 live feed recap for Wednesday was a bit less insane than it has been the previous few days. There was, however, still a whole lot of flip-flopping and shaky alliances going on.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Wednesday, July 18. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Please note that RealNetworks Superpass is having some issues with the live feeds Flashback feature. Instead of always showing BBT time, it is showing local time to some viewers. So convert your local time to Pacific time when you Flashback, or you can set your computer clock to PT time to make things easier.


8:30 AM BBT

Morning time in the Big Brother house and Mike Boogie Malin is up and about early having a workout and talking to himself. Ashley Iocco is also trying to wake up and hops in the shower just after 8:40 AM BBT. If she was just an inch taller, she probably would have accidentally had her assets displayed all over the Internet this morning because she didn’t seem to be paying any attention to the shower cam while she was stretching and massaging herself…

9:15 AM BBT

Frank Eudy and his coach, Boogie, are talking about the votes they have lined up to keep Frank safe from eviction. Frank thinks it is looking good and they have enough votes on their side. Wil Heuser told him he’ll vote against Kara Monaco, so did Ashley Iocco and Frank thinks he is good with Chef Joe Arvin and Janelle Pierzina. Boogie thinks it is best if he stay away from Janelle and Frank agrees.

9:25 AM BBT

Wil and Chef Joe are discussing whether or not they should really vote Kara out. It’s once again a flip-flopping festival about who to vote out at eviction.

9:44 AM BBT

Kara and Danielle Murphree chat game in the hammock outside. Kara says she will talk to Wil and he better vote for her to stay because he’s her friend.

9:48 AM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are told to go outside for a lockdown. All of them are like… “Noooooo!”

10:10 AM BBT

Britney Haynes thinks Chef Joe is playing it too hard too fast and he’s going to get himself evicted pretty soon. Shane agrees Joe is making too many deals. Shane also thinks Willie has totally buried himself. Britney still can’t believe how Willie lightly mocking something Wil said turned got turned into a rumor he was saying gay slurs about Wil. (Check out the fabulous fight between Willie and Frank over that whole thing here.) Britney thinks Frank is going to be evicted. Shane thinks they have Wil, Ashley, Joe and JoJo on their side. (Which doesn’t exactly tally with who Frank and Boogie think they have, does it?)

10:22 AM BBT

The house lockdown ends. Britney and Shane stay out in the hammock. She coaches him on studying for competitions.

10:35 AM BBT

In a brief discussion, Kara wants to know if she’s good with Joe. Joe says he has heard she is making a deal with Willie. Kara says she is not! Joe stomps off to gather a team meeting together.

10:45 AM BBT

Joe, Jenn Arroyo and Wil meet. Wil says Janelle totally blew it with him last night. Joe says they have to make sure they have Ashley’s vote. Wil says he has promised Frank his vote and he won’t go against that. Kara comes in. She says she is not dealing with Willie, although he’s made a deal with everyone and he’s sinking his own ship. Ashley comes in, Kara leaves. Joe asks if Ashley is totally behind keeping Frank and she says yes. Ashley says she thought Joe was made because she was nice to Willie. Joe tells her to be nice to him, but not to go hang out in the Head of Household room with him. (Bossy much?)

Ian comes in. He declares the official name of their ‘group’ is Diversity (what a cute little geeky boy). He wants them all to meet for 5 minutes or less each day. He says they have the odds with 6 people, and the opposing players only have five. Ian says Kara has to go home, he promises they all have his word and they need to take it to the final 6. The group splits up.

Wil and Ashley stay to talk for a minute and Wil says he is done with Janelle and certain the coaches will come back in the game. Ashley just nods along.

11:25 AM BBT

Dan does some pep talking and game chatting with Kara, Kara is seriously worried. She’s upset that Wil may vote against her because he’s supposed to be her friend. Dan tells her to stay away from Joe, let people come to her and chill.

12:55 PM BBT

Ashley goes behind the backs of her alliance members and tells Willie, JoJo and Shane that Wil plans to vote Kara out and she does not trust Janelle.

1:45 PM BBT

Frank kind of realizes he may have caused himself some serious harm with the big fight with Willie.

2:20 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are put on inside lockdown.

4:20 PM BBT

Stupid feeds go down for a couple of HOURS. Hate that!

6:25 PM BBT

Ashley has decided that she is going to vote against Frank to keep Kara in the house. She says she is going to lie about voting against Frank. (Everyone is going to know anyway honey.)

8:30 PM BBT

Willie and Dan are really wanting it to come down to a tie vote so Willie can be the tiebreaker and vote out Frank. Britney is still not sure where the votes are and who will be going home.

8:35 PM BBT

Britney tells Willie he needs to STFU and stop talking out of all sides of his mouth. She says half the house is against him and he is acting like a cocky ass. She says she is trying to save him, but he has to stop pissing people off. Britney is NOT a happy camper. Great discussion for a Flashback on the Big Brother live feeds.

10:15 PM BBT

Ashley is waffling about her voting decision AGAIN. Or at least she’s trying to convince Danielle she is.

11:20 PM BBT

Dan and Joe talking in the Storage Room. Dan wants to know if there is anything Danielle and Kara can do to change Joe’s mind about the vote. Dan tells Joe he doesn’t think Kara has the votes to stay. Joe says Wil will vote for her, but Dan says he doesn’t think so. Joe says he will not vote against Frank. However, he says he does want to talk to Danielle and he’ll work with her to the final 6.

11:45 PM BBT

Dan very clearly tells his player Danielle to throw the Head of Household competition. (Not that I think it was likely she’d be winning it anyway.)

1:31 AM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are called to the living room for an announcement. The Big Brother live feeds cut to fishes briefly.

1:35 AM BBT

The Big Brother 14 live feeds return. They have been told that a ‘burglar’ has stolen things form the house. This will be important to the next Head of Household competition. The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are going to have to deal with being woken up all night to go to the TV in the living room about every hour in prep for the HoH competition.

3:15 AM BBT

Kara just flat out begs Ashley for her vote. Ashley sort of seems to say yes-ish. Who knows what the hell she is going to do at this point.

To Infinity

In between being woken up and trying to get more sleep, they go over the clues they’ve been given over and over and over. Except Ian Terry, who just goes back to sleep, and Boogie, who actually just sleeps through one of the clues entirely.

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