All the talk among the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests this morning is about the future outcome of the Coaches’ Competition coming up later today. Veteran houseguest and team coach Britney Haynes is in the hot seat as it looks like no matter what happens, she is very likely to be down a team player at the next eviction. If she wins the Coaches’ Competition, however, she might be able to squeeze some kind of deal to keep three players on her team… or at least she thinks so. What kind of deals and schemes are the houseguests planning next? Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds this morning to find out!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Friday, July 20. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:00 AM BBT

The Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests are moving around sleepily preparing for another crazy day. Britney notes the newbies are now in the Top 10, but Shane jokes and says well, that is until the coaches join the game. Plenty of people still think that is going to happen.

10:00 AM BBT

Britney, JoJo, and Shane talk in the Arcade Room. Shane says they all need to seperate themselves from Willie because he’s under the gun and he got them all into a bad situation. Britney says if she saves one of them, the other one will end up targetted. She tells them Willie offered himself up. JoJo asks if she should talk up how Janelle keeps switching sides and Britney says no, it will come out on its own. Britney says she will try to save both of them if she can, but to distance themselves from Willie. They think Shane and Willie will probably be nominated for eviction by Frank. If JoJo won the Power of Veto, she could save Shane and then she and Shane would both be safe. Britney ponders trading Willie for Danielle if she wins the coaches’ competition, but thinks Danielle would be useless to her in the game.

Britney asks JoJo why she thinks Willie might have a special power. JoJo says he had talked about what if he couldn’t be sent home. She also talks about how when he went to do his Head of Household blog, he had a bag with him. Britney thinks about the Diamond Power of Veto and is worried about how it could turn out all bad if she traded him and he had a special power.

10:10 AM BBT

Birtney, Frank and Mike talk in the Head of Household room. Britney tells Frank there was no way she could have saved him from eviction with only two votes. Frank says it was loyal that they did not leave Willie hanging. Mike Boogie says the nominations for eviction will be Willie and Shane. Britney says she understands and she has tried to get Willie to chill out and stop being an ass. Britney and Boogie talk about the idea of getting Dan out. If Britney were to win the coaches’ competition and traded Willie for Danielle, then they could get Dan out by evicting Willie. Frank says he doesn’t care about Dan, but he wants Willie out.

10:40 AM BBT

Britney says her side had 4 votes until right at the last moment. Frank and Boogie want to know if Ashley was the fourth vote, but Britney won’t say. Britney says she wouldn’t feel good about trading a player and getting them evicted. Boogie poses the theory that the eliminated players might be in sequester and that a coaches’ competition might give them the chance to bring one back in the game. (If that should happen, it won’t be Jodi Rollins — the first evicted — because she is all over Twitter and the media and not in sequester.)

Frank tells Britney if she trades Willie to anyone but Dan, he willl still put two of her people on the block. Frank wants to know what Britney really plans to do if she wins the coaches’ competition. Britney says she thinks it is guaranteed that Willie will go home if he is on her team but she might lose another player at eviction if she trades him, but Frank disagrees. He says he would want her to trade with Dan, then maybe Willie would get evicted along with Dan. Britney ponders the idea of maybe coming out of this with three players. Britney just thinks it is lose, lose, lose for her.

11:00 AM BBT

Shane comes up to talk to Mike Boogie and Frank. He tells Frank he had made a deal to be loyal to Willie for the first week, but that week is over and he is now a free agent. Mike Boogie says it was a bad idea to be loyal to Willie, but Shane did demonstrate he is loyal. Boogie says if he wins the coaches’ competition, he might consider trading one of his players and that he has not told Britney this. He asks what Shane would think about switching to his team. Shane says he doesn’t care about what coach wins, he is just here to play the game. Boogie is just happy happy that Frank cannot be traded. Frank says it is obvious Shane is loyal and deserves trust.

Frank tells Shane if they trade for him, of course he would not go on the block. Boogie asks if there is no trade this week, would he do a one week mutual saftey pact. Shane says he would actually commit to two weeks.

11:45 AM BBT

Boogie and Frank talk about how Shane is not very good at the game, but he is good guy. Jenn, Ashley and Wil come into the Head of Household room. Mike tells them about Shane being willing to abandon ship. He says if Willie wins Power of Veto, they will have to get Shane out. Frank doesn’t think Shane would be loyal to them if they traded for him.

12:45 PM BBT

Britney and Wil talk in the Have-Not room. Wil says he does NOT want to be traded and he has made deals to be safe this week. Even if he is traded, he will not betray his alliance. Britney thinks she is the only coach who is possibly going to trade players. After he leaves, Britney says to the cameras that she heard them tell Wil to come talk to her because “she likes you.”

1:10 PM BBT

Mike Boogie and Dan talk game in the HoH room with Ian and Jenn. Boogie fills Dan in on much of what has been discussed (although not quite all of it). Boogie wonders if he should trade if he wins, but Dan says Shane has a target on him no matter what. Boogie says he doesn’t want to shake things up too much. Frank comes in. Dan thinks Jenn is good, and Ian is safe. Boogie says Willie and Shane will go up if Britney doesn’t win the coaches’ competition. Ian really, really wants to ge the HoH room.

Janelle comes in and she’s panicked that Britney will take Wil from her. Boogie says he worked on Britney to make sure that didn’t happen. He tells her also that Dan will not trade and they have him in their pocket. Wil and Ashley come in. Wil says she told Britney if she stole him, he would make her time in the house a living hell. Boogie says they are going to smoosh Britney. Wil calls JoJo names and she went and took off her shirt and gave Shane a massage in her bra after saying not to call her a slut. (I missed that moment…) She also told them some nasty things about her sex life I won’t repeat and I’m glad I missed that conversation.

1:30 PM

The Big Brother live feeds cut to trivia for the coaches’ competition. Things are about to get even more fun in the Big Brother 14 house!

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