Following the huge drama over Big Brother 14 cast member Willie Hantz on Friday, and a game-changing Power of Veto competition on Saturday, the houseguests just seemed a bit overwhelmed and kind of exhausted the rest of the day. Still, even when everyone is worn out, they have to keep playing the game and there were some important developments from yesterday — including a new alliance — to bring you in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Saturday, July 20. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:00 AM BBT

Once again, Mike Boogie is up and about before everyone else doing his usual routine. The houseguests are on lockdown for the Veto Competition.

9:55 AM BBT

Frank announces to the other Big Brother 14 cast houseguests it is time to choose the players for the Veto Competition. Big Brother live feeds go to trivia.

10:20 AM BBT

Big Brother live feeds are back. The Veto Compeition players are revealed. Frank will play as Head of Household, and JoJo and Shane will play as the eviction nominees. Randomly drawn to join them are Ashley, Ian, and Wil.

11:50 AM BBT

Dan and Frank talk game in the Head of Household room. Frank tells Dan if the Veto is used to take Shane off the block, he will most likely replace Shane with Danielle. It is Shane, however, he really wants out.

12:30 PM BBT

Mike Boogie tells Ian he needs to cool down with the whole showmance pursuit of Ashley or it could mess up his game later.

3:10 PM BBT

Big Brother live feeds return after the Veto Competition. If you haven’t read our Big Brother 14 spoilers for the Power of Veto Competition, here’s the brief rundown. Shane and JoJo were put on the block for eviction by Head of Household Frank. Ashley, Ian, Frank, JoJo, Shane, and Wil were the players in the PoV Competition, with Chef Joe as the host. In a fabulous result for Team Britney (or so they hope), Shane ended up winning the PoV, which he will no doubt use to take himself off the block. Britney’s team is, of course, overjoyed.

3:20 PM BBT

Ashley, Mike Boogie, Wil, Janelle, Jenn, Frank, and Joe meet in the Head of Household room. There is much discussion about who should be put up as a replacement nominee for Shane and who they should vote out at eviction. Frank is over it all and finally just wants everyone to shut up about it for the time being. He doesn’t want to keep rehashing it all over and over and yells at them to stop talking about it.

3:30 PM BBT

JoJo and Shane are saying nasty things about Willie Hantz for self-evicting with his total meltdown on Friday.

4:30 PM BBT

Mike Boogie and Frank discuss whether it would be best to just evict JoJo from Team Britney, leaving her with only Shane, or whether they should try to get out both Dan and Danielle.

5:55 PM BBT

Poor Danielle sobs in the Lounge room because she is pretty sure she’ll be the next person evicted.

9:00 PM BBT

Danielle talks to Frank in the Head of Household game. Danielle tells Frank she does not want to be targeted for eviction just because Dan is her coach and they want him out. She tells Frank she will not come after him if she gets nominated but doesn’t get evicted. Frank will not commit to anything and tells her she is still a threat to the other houseguests.

10:20 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests relieve some tension by dressing up and playing around. Wil entertains everyone with his straight alter ego ‘Craig’.

11:00 PM BBT

Ashley and Janelle talk about the upcoming Veto Ceremony replacement nominee and this week’s eviction. Janelle wants to see Danielle stay and recruit her to get Frank out because he’s a huge threat.

11:25 PM BBT

In a bold new alliance move, Shane makes a pact with Mike Boogie and Frank for mutual safety. Shane promises Frank he will not go after him and they make a deal for the final 2. Mike Boogie tells Shane not to discuss this with absolutely anyone, including his own team leader, Britney. Big conversation and if these three stay true to this alliance, it could mean huge trouble for the rest of the house. Check it out on the Big Brother live feeds for the whole rundown.

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11:30 PM BBT

JoJo and Britney talk. Britney says everyone is scheming against her. She says Mike Boogie and Janelle’s teams are just going to pound at them until all of Team Britney and Team Dan are out the door. Shane comes in and Britney wants to know what he was talking about with Mike Boogie and Frank. Britney asks him point blank if they wanted to make a deal with him and he says no. “What would they offer me?” he says. “They were going to backdoor me.” Shane tells Britney and JoJo he will go after Janelle’s team next week if he wins Head of Household.

1:30 AM BBT

Ashley and Janelle scheme to get more friendly with JoJo and hang out with her so the others think they have an alliance. They want to move the target off Danielle and put it on JoJo.

2:15 AM BBT

Danielle, Ashley, Wil and Janelle are talking. Ashley says Shane was talking s**t about her, saying she didn’t really try in the Veto Competition. Danielle says JoJo was attacking her earlier. They all talk smack about JoJo.

2:40 AM BBT

Wil tells Janelle he thinks maybe Boogie’s people don’t want Dan out. Janelle says they need to start hanging out with JoJo to make them think they have an alliance with her. Wil says he was uncomfortable with Frank yelling at them to stop talking earlier about the nominations and eviction. Long conversation about scenarios if you want to tune in to the Big Brother live feeds.

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