The talk among the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests on Monday was all about the Power of Veto Ceremony and the upcoming eviction. The various alliances and deals are getting so complex and overlapping so much at this point it is really getting a bit difficult to keep track. We’ll do our best, however, as we bring you the Big Brother 14 spoilers in our recap of Monday’s Big Brother live feeds.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Mondayy, July 23. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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7:55 AM BBT

JoJo Spatafora stirs, goes outside for a smoke, looks blank, goes back inside and back to bed.

8:55 AM BBT

The houeguests are woken up by the Voice From Above, but they are slow to really get started with anything interesting this morning. Shane does a little bitching about Janelle telling the Have-Nots to be quiet, and then going next door and being loud.

9:20 AM BBT

Current Big Brother 14 Head of Household Frank Eudy and Power of Veto winner Shane Meaney discuss the next HoH Competition. Frank is unhappy he can’t play for it. Shane says he really, really has to win to keep himself safe for the next week. Shane tells Frank it would be such a huge move if he backdoored Wil Heuser.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin comes out. Frank asks him to get them a minute and Boogie walks off. Frank says if he broke his alliance before it was the right time, he’d seriously screw his votes and he has to keep his integrity intact at this point. Shane thinks it is a big risk, but it would work out and totally be worth it. Frank says it is too soon to make that kind of move.

Shane says he is not going to put up Ian Terry or Ashley Iocco if he wins Head of Household. He tells Frank that Ian asked him not to put Ashley up. Frank says Ian has it bad. Shane says yeah, he’s a 21 year old virgin.

9:50 AM BBT

Frank talks to Mike Boogie about Shane and they discuss working with him. Boogie says Shane’s idea to backdoor Wil this week is a totally stupid idea. Frank tells him Shane promised to use PoV on him if Frank is every up and Shane has the opwer. He also says Danielle would keep him safe. Boogie thinks that is great because Shane doesn’t even suspect they are already working with Danielle. He says the new alliance name for his team, Janelle’s team, Shane and Danielle is the ‘Eight is Enough’ Alliance.

10:15 AM BBT

Lots of various sex talk. Happens a lot on the Big Brother live feeds.

10:45 AM BBT

The Big Brother 14 live feeds go to trivia for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

11:40 AM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds return (around 11:43) and it is revealed that Shane has used the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. No surprise there. Head of Household Frank has put Danielle, from Dan Gheesling’s team, up as the replacement nominee. It still isn’t quite 100% who will end up being Frank’s main target for eviction now, Danielle — to get Dan out. Or JoJ0 Spatafora — to weaken Britney Haynes’ team to one player. JoJo seems the more likely bet at this point though.

JoJo is talking to Shane and she’s pissed because Frank putting up Danielle was predictable and no one is making any big game moves. Shane and JoJo trash talk Janelle. JoJo and shane flirt talk about making out. JoJo says she doesn’t want to be a failure. Shane thinks at least she’ll make jury if she’s evicted, but she’s not sure about that.

12:05 PM BBT

Big Brother 14 veteran team coach Janelle Pierzina badmouths JoJo and Shane to Ashley Iocco. Her, Ashley and Danielle snuggle in bed. Meanwhile, the guys are taking off their shirts by the pool.

12:50 PM BBT

Britney talks to JoJO and tells her that expelled player Willie Hantz gave their team a bad repuation. JoJo needs to act like a sweetie pie, considerate, nice girl if she wants to rub out that stain. She tells her she neds to stop being so sexual, lewd and crude. Stop making Ian talk about sex. Britney is going to do her best to work on Janelle and Boogie. She tells JoJo not to bad mouth people because it will get around. She says Danielle Murphree has already been telling her how JoJo has been saying nasty things about her.

Britney also says JoJo needs to stop spending so much time alone with Shane because it is isolating and alienating the team. She says look who Janelle is talking to and that is who is safe this week. Danielle and Janelle are hanging out, that’s not good for JoJo and Britney.

1:45 PM BBT

JoJo is talking to Shane and they discuss how if no one comes back into the game, the next person who is evicted will end up going to the Big Brother 14 jury house.

2:05 PM BBT

Break out the bikinis and the board shorts, the Big Brother 14 houseguests get in some tanning time in the back yard. Danielle makes googly eyes at Shane.

2:30 PM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin is talking to Frank and he says he thinks is torn about who should be targetted this week. He thinks it would be great ot get rid of Danielle and Dan together, but he hates JoJO. Frank tells him getting both Dan and Britney down to just one player is a good thing. He thinks JoJo is the better option. Joe says he thinks JoJo could be evicted wint a unanimous vote. He thinks even Shane would vote against her. Frank says he doesn’t think so. Frank calls Ashley and Jenn floaters and says they should be taken out at the final 6.

3:40 PM BBT

Chef Joe is talking to Janelle. He tells her that Frank is gunning to get JoJo evicted. Janelle is beside herself with happiness over it. However, she is not happy about hearing that Frank wants Jenn or Ashley out next.

3:25 PM BBT

Defying the entire discussion she had with Britney, JoJo is being all sexual again, flirting with both Jenn and Shane, shaking her ass for them, and asking Shane when the last time was he had some. Shane says it was the maid in Big Brother 14 sequester, ‘Palmela Handerson’. Lame Shane, lame.

3:45 PM BBT

Janelle comes out the Diary Room saying ‘oh my god’. Wonder what that is about…

4:25 PM BBT

JoJo says she regrets everything bad she’s said about Rachel Reilly and wishes she were her coach instead of Britney.

4:35 PM BBT

Shane and JoJo are flirting again and being all touchy… JoJo just cannot keep it in her pants!

4:45 PM BBT

Janelle asks Frank if he knew Chef Joe as an alternate. They wonder who the first choice was and what happened. (So do we.)

5:35 PM BBT

Dan and Janelle are talking game while they play chess. The discussion turns yet again to whether or not the Big Brother 14 producers will drop the coaches into the regular game. Dan is pretty sure this will eventually happen.

7:00 PM BBT

Boogie tells Frank Britney was just after him to find out who was the primary target for eviction and he told her it was 50/50. Britney pushed him to evict Danielle (of course) and get Dan out. Frank is very cocky about how well he is playing the house. They are both worried about how Ian might betray people in order to help or save Ashley.

7:35 PM BBT

Frank continues to fart. A lot. I really am getting worried this guy has a medical issue. It’s endless and ridiculous at this point.

8:20 PM BBT

Willie Hantz gets his name abused some more.

9:25 PM BBT

Jenn Arroyo asks Ian Terry if Frank and Ian have already made some kind of final two deal. Ian denies this and says that any rumor of that is just not true.

10:10 PM BBT

Most of the houseguests are gathered around the hot tub. Danielle, Ashley and Shane talk game in the hammock outside.

11:00 PM BBT

Ashley and Frank are talking in the Head of Household room. Frank and Ashley both deny either of them have final two deals. Frank says he is still with the final 6 deal and he will work it out from there.

Jenn and Danielle talk downstairs and Jenn tells her she thinks Danielle will be safe this week.

11:25 PM BBT

Shane tells Britney she suggested to Frank this morning that he backdoor Wil. Britney asks why the hell would she tell him that? JoJo says Ashley found out that Wil and Joe hav ea final two deal and she’s angry. Britney says JoJo needs not to be talking agame with Ashley and Jenn. Britney tells Shane not to tell Frank anything. They can’t trust Shane. The whole thing with Willie started because Frank couldn’t be trusted, she says. Britney thinks Frank will tell her what is going on. Britney is really clueless.

11:40 PM BBT

Ashley is mad because everyone has been talking about her and exaggerating how she was crying over Kara leaving. She says Janelle is always throwing her under the bus. Ashley is also upset because Wil is not with her. Shane thinks Frank and Wil are working together. Ashley says Wil is ruthless and will stab her and anyone else in the back to win.

12:45 AM BBT

Ashley, Britney, JoJo and Shane talk. Ashley says the others want Dan out and will vote out Danielle. JoJo questions whether that can be believed. Ashley says that is what Janelle says. JoJo doesn’t believe her.JoJo, Ashley and Shane discuss the idea of bringing Ian into their little group. If Ian should somehow win Head of Household next, Shane wants Ashley to use her feminine wiles to push Ian to nominate Jenn, Joe, or Wil.

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