Fans watching the Big Brother 14 live feeds Sunday were actually missing Willie Hantz a little bit after he was expelled from the house for getting violent with another Big Brother 2012 cast member. The other houseguests are just too quiet! Things should start heating up again shortly, however, as we race toward the next live eviction show on Thursday.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Sunday, July 22. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:05 AM BBT

Big Brother 14 cast veteran coach Britney Haynes is up and about, but she does not look very well at all. She goes out into the backyard for a few minutes, and then goes right back inside. Shane gets up too in a bit and wanders around shirtless. It’s nice eye candy but that’s about it. The Big Brother 14 powers-that-be have let the houseguests sleep in late.

10:14 AM BBT

Britney says she’s got horrific cramps from endometriosis and it has been keeping her up. Chef Joe Arvin take the opportunity to go scary on her and tell her his wife had that and she had cancer cells. Nice Joe, scare the poor blond girl.

10:21 AM BBT

Big Brother 14 cast houseguests Frank Eudy says if he is asked on Thursday what made Willie Hantz go off, he’s going to say it was because he was made a Have-Not and wouldn’t be allowed to eat his Fruit Loops. Willie will now forever be associated with Fruit Loops and if you missed out on why, you can read our post here.

11:00 AM BBT

The Big Brother 14 Voice From Above announces the house is on lockdown and tells all the players to go inside.

1:45 PM BBT

Chef Joe shares his belief the teams will be changed up next week to redistrubte the remaining Big Brother 14 cast houseguests two to a team.

2:25 PM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin says he thinks the next twist will be one of the coaches being able to bring back a previously evicted player. (Doubtful considering they didn’t sequester Jodi Rollins and Willie is banned.)

2:50 PM BBT

Britney and Janelle talk a little light game, pondering whether coaches will enter the game and talking smack about Willie Hantz. Britney needs to get away from Janelle. Seriously.

3:20 PM BBT

The houseguests are released from indoor lockdown. Big Brother 14 has given them a bocce ball game to play with.

5:25 PM BBT

Frank decides to give Mike Boogie a little thrill and hides from him in the Head of Household room. When Boogie comes in, he scares the daylights out of him.

5:40 PM BBT

JoJo Spatafora and Ashley Iocco discuss the idea of bringing one of the guys into an alliance, possibly Ian.

7:15 PM BBT

Showing once again that CBS edits all the really awesome stuff out, Britney says that Big Brother did not break up the Willie Hantz/Joe Arvin fight until after the 4th head butt. CBS didn’t even really show even one, just some minor shoving and chest bumping. This backs up Ian Terry‘s earlier rundown to the cameras about the fight, in which he claimed Willie smacked Chef Joe with multiple head butts. See, this is the kind of thing that just goes to show you miss a huge amount of the truth about what is really going on in the Big Brother house without the Big Brother live feeds.

Hell, CBS didn’t even really get into the real reasons why Willie Hantz got so worked up in the first place with all the details about the homophobic slurs accusations that led to the initial Frank/Willie fight that put Willie on the outs, Britney repeatedly feeding his paranoia by pushing the idea the coaches would join the game, Willie’s constant pushiness and bullying of the other newbie houseguests, etc. etc. etc. Don’t you want to take a peek and give a little try to those Big Brother live feeds free for 3 days?

8:45 PM BBT

Joe and Wil Heuser talk about their focus being to get Frank out and dumping Ashley out later on.

9:25 PM BBT

Big Brother 14 cast veteran coaches Dan Gheesling and Mike Boogie are talking game. Boogie and Dan are feeling out an alliance to keep Dan from getting eliminated in case the coaches are put into the regular game. Mike Boogie says he will get with his player Frank, the Head of Household, to make sure it is JoJo who gets evicted this week. He promises Dan that his last player, Danielle Murphree, will not be evicted even if she does get put up as the renomination to replace Shane. (Shane won the Power of Veto Competition.)

10:30 PM BBT

Janelle Pierzina and Ashley take a little bath together. Janelle says she thinks Shane Meaney would be more likely to work with her than Frank. They have a confusing conversation about scenarios of who should go up on the block to be evicted, who should go up as a pawn. I don’t even know if they know what the hell they are talking about.

11:20 PM BBT

Mike Boogie announces that Ashley just strolled out of the Head of Household bathroom totally naked. And apparently, this was NOT captured on camera. I hereby fire who ever was supposed to be watching the HoH room cameras.

11:00 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie are talking game, whether Shane will stay loyal, their deal with Dan. Janelle and Ashley continue to talk, saying they have to stop eating junk and work out more to stay competitive. Outside, Wil talks about losing his virginity to a bisexual pilot who was cheating on him with a girl and gave him scabies. Seriously, the things you hear on the Big Brother live feeds. Priceless.

12:05 AM BBT

Janelle’s team want either Shane or them to win Head of Household next week. They agree that JoJo should be the one evicted this week. It is not looking so good for JoJo. Ashley says her ploy to get closer to JoJo and make it look like they have an alliance is going well. She had a long talk with JoJo and Mike Boogie kept looking at them. Janelle says to keep it up with them hanging with JoJo and Shane to keep the targets on them. Janelle says it would absolutely not be fair if they did switch up the teams.

1:10 AM BBT

Ian is smoking, which he hasn’t done before in the Big Brother 14 house, but apparently does often in real life. JoJo teases him about being sexy while he smokes and how she and Ashley should pounce on him later. JoJo says she tried to get him the other night, but wasn’t sure she was touching him in the right place. She teasingly tells him she’s secretly bisexual. They start talking about masturbation. That topic comes up a lot in the Big Brother 14 house. Must be all that time locked up without enough Showmancing going on. Meanwhile, Janelle is telling Ashley her breat implants weight 10 pounds.

1:30 AM BBT

Shane and JoJo are talking and Shane says he is going to talk to Frank about about putting up Wil as the renomination and getting him evicted. Shane says Wil is a huge threat. Honestly, this would be a smarter move than evicting JoJo in my opinion. I love Wil, but if he ends up in the final two, he’s a very probable winner. JoJo, on the other hand, is not. Half the house would vote for Wil with no problem, but no one is going to want to vote for JoJo in the jury house at this point — especially after he very clingy early partnership with Willie Hantz.

2:00 AM BBT

Apparently JoJo is really hard up because now she’s telling Shane she is about to take her pants off and says they should make out.

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