The morning before the Big Brother 14 live eviction results show was a relatively calm time as the house had already pretty much aligned as a whole on who would be going home this week. After the very dramatic live eviction results and the results of the Head of Household Competition, however, game play immediately began to ramp back up to frantic level again as the houseguests worked to make sure they didn’t end up as the new eviction nominees.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Thursday, August 9. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:20 AM BBT

The houseguests are stirring, but they are on internal lockdown, so they can’t go outside. Frank Eudy thinks Janelle Pierzina is being very cocky about thinking she has enough votes to stay, but he highly doubts it. He is pretty sure he has all the votes he needs to stay with only Chef Joe Arvin voting for Janelle. He says he won’t forget the people who have lied to him and put him on the block for 20 days out of 34 in the house. He’s exhausted by being on the block.

9:40 AM BBT

More houseguests are stirring about. Former Big Brother hamster Matt Hoffman gets another shoutout about his Twitter feed @HeadOfHOFFhold.

10:20 AM BBT

Chef Joe wants to talk to Dan Gheesling and Mike Boogie about something he apparently overheard when one of the Diary Room sessions leaked to the houseguests.

Ashley, Wil, Boogie, Frank, and Jenn are gathered in the Kitchen. Apparently, people’s Diary Room sessions have ended up being broadcast through the house. Naturally, the Big Brother live feeds cut out as production scolds them for talking about this. (Read our opinion piece on the Diary Room leak controversy from our fearless leader Josh here.)

11:00 AM BBT

Dan, Danielle, Ashley, Shane, Wil, and Frank all go up to the Head of Household room to secure comfy spots before the Head of Household lockdown. Twenty minutes later, production tells the hamsters to report to the HoH room for the lockdown. Boogie teases Ian Terry for coming late by not opening the door when he knocks and making him identify himself.

11:30 AM BBT

Ian knocks over a glass and makes a spill in the HoH room. Frank, Ian, Ashley Iocco, Wil Heuser and Jenn Arroyo are snug on the couch. Danielle, Dan and Boogie are in the bed. Shane Meaney is on the floor with Chef Joe Arvin. Britney Payne and Janelle Pierzina are in the bathroom getting pretty and chatting. Production plays the Big Brother 14 theme music very loudly.

11:45 AM BBT

Britney and Janelle talk about their boobs. (A common subject among the ladies in the Big Brother 14 house.)

1:30 PM BBT

HoH room lockdown is over and the houseguests are allowed out into the house. They clean and prepare for the live eviction show.

2:10 PM BBT

The Diary Room leak controversy heats up as Boogie tells Frank he heard production talking to Dan about the ‘Silent 6’ alliance in the Diary Room. (The sound from the DR got leaked out to various rooms in the house.) Boogie says he heard a production assistant say to Dan ‘Hey Buddy! So the silent six.’ Frank is like WTF and ‘no way’. Boogie says yep.

2:45 PM BBT

Shane Meaney has thankfully shaved his face for the live eviction show. He was looking kind of Yeti. Much better Shane.

3:30 PM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds cut to trivia. Won’t return until after the live eviction show ends.

* The Big Brother 14 live eviction show takes place. You can read a full recap on the show here.

7:05 PM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds are back and most of the hamsters are talking about the Head of Household Competition. Frank Eudy and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin are overjoyed because they are back in power again. Frank has now survived three times on the block AND won two HoH Competitions. Everyone should be afraid, very afraid…

Chef Joe Arvin, meanwhile, is rightfully scared now knowing he was the only person out of the loop in evicting Janelle Pierzina. He’s vowed revenge and he is out to get some! (Which is likely to fail and just end up with him being the next person evicted.)

Shane Meaney mentions the Diary Room encourages houseguests to leave mean goodbye video messages. Feeds cut. (No talky about production Shane! LOL)

7:30 PM BBT

The houseguests talk about what kind of “edit” Janelle received on the CBS Big Brother 14 shows and they think she probably was not shown as a nasty, backstabbing, lying b*tch but instead was make to look good by the show editors.

7:40 PM BBT

Britney Haynes is once again crying over voting out Janelle. She’s mostly crying, I think, because she knows Mike Boogie and Frank are going to stomp her just like the Brigade Alliance did. Britney thinks she might get nominated if Joe wins the Power of Veto (Joe being the current primary target for nomination). Danielle thinks it will be Ashley and Joe getting nominated and Wil would be the replacement nominee if either of them won PoV. They both think something big will have to hapen because there are still too many players in the house for the number of days left in the game. Britney notes this should be Pandora’s Box week and maybe some big power will get put in the game, like Diamond Power of Veto or Coup d’etat.

Britney says Frank is going to win this game… if he makes it to final three, they should just sign the check.

7:55 PM BBT

Mike Boogie says he dedicated Janelle’s eviction to Dr. Will Kirby and his wife because of how Janelle messed with them in season 7.

8:15 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie talk about nominations. Chef Joe is a given but they wonder if they should put up a pawn instead of the obvious idea of putting up Wil, to hide the ‘silent 6’ alliance. Frank says Dan doesn’t want to do it. Shane has previously volunteered, so Frank thinks they should talk him into it. (Don’t do it Shane!) Boogie thinks this would be good to keep from pissing off Wil’s buddies Jenn Arroyo and Ashley Iocco.

8:55 PM BBT

Ashley and Wil are stressed and worried. Ashley thinks as soon as Joe is evicted, they will be the next targets. Wil says they have to get Boogie out of the house. He says if any of them win the next HoH, they need to put up Dan and Boogie.

9:25 PM BBT

Danielle continues to stress over whether she will be viewed as a terrible person for getting Janelle evicted. Jenn tells her she did the right thing. Danielle thinks they are going to edit her to make her look horrible and mean. (No, just airheaded and kinda crazy.) They talk about how Janelle seemed like she really knew the coaches were going to come into the game before the possibility even came up.

10:00 PM BBT

Frank talks about almost getting to be on Big Brother 12. He says he totally would have won that season because the cast was weak. Ian Terry jokes that he would have been in the Brigade. Dan says he made a mint selling things from Big Brother 10 on eBay after Mike Boogie told him he should sell anything he could form the show.

10:15 PM BBT

Frank finally gets to go in to his new Head of Household room.

10:40 PM BBT

Ashley and Wil are talking again and Ashley thinks Joe and Danielle will be on the block. Wil thinks it will be him and Joe. Ashley thinks it will be JOe and either Dan, Danielle, Britney, or Shane. They both think all the coaches knew they were going to be put in the regular game. Ashley says Britney told her Janelle absolutely knew she would go into the regular game.

10:50 PM BBT

Chef Joe was blindsided by the 8 to 1 vote and being the only holdout to vote against Frank. He wants Shane to tell him what the hell happened. Shane lies through his teeth and says it was all last minute. Joe wants to know if people are talking smack about him behind his back. He’s totally yelling (the man is always yelling) and Shane tells him to quiet down. Shane says everyone though Joe was Janelle’s slave boy. Joe whines and says he has never done anything against Danielle or Shane and has no plans to.

11:05 PM BBT

Frank, Dan, and Boogie talk. Boogie wants to know if Dan will be okay with them putting up someone from the ‘silent 6’ as a pawn for nominations. Dan says that’s okay — as long as they don’t put him up.

11:10 PM BBT

Danielle is being whacked again telling Britney how Jenn told her Janelle said all kinds of terrible mean things about her weight and how she used to have anorexia and it hurts her to be called fat. Britney is like, chill out girl. Britney says if Frank is going to betray them, they’ll find out at nominations. Britney tells Danielle not to tell Frank anything important. Danielle starts talking about her ‘psuedo boyfriend’ Trey back home and how he’s probably with someone else right now. Barf. Get your head out of your vagina, Danielle, and start paying attention to your game!

11:45 PM BBT

Dan is really kind of a sweet guy. He says he hopes Ian Terry makes it to the Jury House because he’ll get paid $750 a week and that is a lot of money for a college kid. Boogie wants to make sure Ian gets to Jury House as well.


Jenn, Joe, Wil and Shane talk about various stuff. They mention Ashley’s bad back and how the doctors told her it was stress. They don’t think it is stress and wonder why they don’t have her checked out with x-rays and stuff. Shane thinks she does not have insurance. Joe says he’d pay for it for her.

Joe busts out that he has to find out who Frank had a Showmance with. (What?) Shane is like, what? Joe says Frank joked Janelle would get to see the Showmance he had after eviction. Jenn says he’s just talking about his boy romance with Boogie. Feeds cut out for a while.

Later, Ashley and WIl talk in the backyard about Boogie throwing the Head of Household Competition for Frank. They talk about possible alliance configurations going on in the house withou them. Ashley wants Dan to get backdoored this week. Wil agrees… but that’s not going to happen if they are all working together. They hope Frank will make a big move and get rid of a big player instead of wasting his HoH getting out a useless person like Joe.

Joe comes out. He tells Ashley and Wil that Shane thinks he will be nominated since he put up Frank. Joe is still pissed off he was the lone vote against Frank. They all kind of think Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane are working together and they made a deal with Boogie and Frank to evict Janelle. (ding ding ding ding)

Not much else as the houseguests all eventually go to bed and drift off to sleep…

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