While most of the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests seem to have their votes for this week’s eviction locked down, there are still a few who are wavering and that could make all the difference in who gets evicted from the Big Brother 14 house this week. Could we possibly have another vote switch in the works?


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Tuesday, July 24. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:15 AM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are beginning to move around. Wil Heuser decides it would be fun to scare the daylights out of Ashley Iocco in the bathroom. Then Ashley goes to the kitchen and finds Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin perturbed because he can’t go outside. They are on inside lockdown and wonder why. Boogie tries to go to the Diary Room to ask, but it won’t let him in.

8:30 AM BBT

Boogie is wondering if the early wake-up call in the Big Brother 14 house and the lockdown means something special is in the works. Boogie thinks maybe it is a luxury competition. He thinks it has to be something because they were woken up early on a day that otherwise doesn’t have anything special. Boogie, Wil and JoJo speculate about possible prizes.

9:20 AM BBT

Still on lockdown, houseguests still wondering about what is going on. JoJo Spatafora talks about putting makeup on Shane Meaney. He says he’d do it to pass the time, but no nail polish. He asks JoJo if she is uncomfortable with him tickling/touching her. She says she is not uncomfortable. (Yuck.)

9:45 AM BBT

Shane changes and now look like a preppy. Boogie makes fun of him looking like he is about to go golfing. He and Danielle Murphree end up being very cozy on the bathroom couch. Player much Shane?

10:00 AM BBT

Lockdown is lifted and it turns out nothing has happened outside the Big Brother 14 house. Boogie thanks the powers-that-be for psyching out the houseguests into thinking something interesting was going to happen. (Yeah, thanks producers from us fans here watching the Big Brother live feeds too. :P)

10:50 AM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin tells the craziest damn story of his life you’ve ever heard to Will and Boogie. I don’t know how much of this is true, but wowsers. All about his veteran dad who killed 19 people and was nutsy with PTSD when he came back, ended up a criminal on the run, went to federal prison. I mean, really, wow. You gotta here this one on the Big Brother live feeds.

11:15 AM BBT

More random chatter. Some of the housguests talk about Big Brother 14 casting director Robyn Kass and her losing a ton of weight? (Not that she was ever “fat” Dan Gheesling says.) They talk about Facebook and Twitter. They talk smack about how MySpace only has three people left who use it — Tom and a few 13 year olds. Ouch.

11:45 AM BBT

Frank Eudy says he has to do his Head of Household blog and take his HoH photos.

12:00 PM BBT

Chef Joe is talking to Janelle Pierzina. He thinks it would be better to get out Dan (by evicting Danielle) than evicting JoJo because Dan is a threat if the coaches are dropped into the regular competition. The problem with this for Janelle is that JoJo will not put up Shane or vote against him. Jenn Arroyo comes in and tells Janelle Ashley is still unhappy with her and won’t talk to her. Janelle says she needs to talk to Ashley and tha tAshley thinks Ian and Frank have a final two deal.

Meanwhile, Ashley tells Britney Haynes and Danielle that she is upset because she got overemotional and it was being blown up and spread around. She says she shouldn’t tell Janelle stuff because obviously she can’t be trusted.

12:15 PM BBT

Wil and Jenn talk more about Ashley and how her being pissy is just going to come back and bite her. Wil says they are not at summercamp people. Wil says he does not trust Ashley. Jenn says she tried to be nice. She says Ashley just wants attention. Wil says it’s shitty to think if he went up on the block he might not be able to count on his own teammate. He says they just all need to lay low.

12:40 PM BBT

Frank runs around taking his Head of Household photos.

1:40 PM BBT

Janelle talks to Ashley and tells her they really need to focus on getting JoJo out because she is more of a threat. And because they have good mojo going with Danielle, but not with JoJO.

3:10 PM BBT

Danielle needs to watch that bikini top… And Shane needs to watch his hands… with broken glass objects. 🙂

3:20 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 houseguests are pushed inside for another lockdown because they were bad and broke a big glass bowl outside at the pool.

3:50 PM BBT

JoJo makes good on her threat to paint Shane up with makeup. Shane would not make a cute girl. He says his girl name will be “Shayna”.

5:45 PM BBT

Jenn talks to Ashley to try to get anything negative hashed out. Ashley tells Jenn everything is fine and that it’s all just miscommunication and other people making things all puffed up.

8:15 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 houseguests are given alcohol. That always livens things up…

10:15 PM BBT

Tipsy Danielle, Ashley and Britney all pile in to the Big Brother 14 house bathtub with a very conspicious bottle of Shout next to the tub. Interesting how there are no logos anywhere except suddenly a bottle of Shout cleaner. Product placement anyone?

Chef Joe tells JoJo the vote is still 50/50, including Frank. (BS) JoJo says she has been telling everyone Willie Hantz was being all controlling over her and Shane and she says she’s apologized for all that over and over. JoJo pushes hard for Joe’s vote. Joe says he told Frank he thinks it would be better to keep JoJo and says maybe there could be a possible group of him, her, Shane and Wil working together. (Joe is just playing everyone.) She (jokingly?) offers him two packs of smokes for his vote. He takes the smokes.

JoJo goes to talk to Shane about it all.

11:20 PM BBT

More random game talk going on all around the house. Frankly it’s just back and forth and back and forth about numbers, scenarios, some waffling on this week’s vote of JoJo versus Danielle.

11:30 PM BBT

Britney pushes Janelle that Danielle should be the one voted out so they can get rid of Dan. (And so Britney can save her player, of course.)

1:00 AM BBT

Janelle and Wil talk outside in the hammock. Janelle says Dan is a threat and she worries about not getting him out when she has the chance. She’s also very worried about how close Frank and Mike Boogie area. Wil says he trusts Frank not to put him on the block, but Janelle says he would if Boogie told him to. Janelle is very worried about Dan if the coaches get put into the regular game. It’s round and round and round. They agree that Ashley is not to be trusted as a team member.

1:10 AM BBT

Joe is talking to Janelle and he’s amused that JoJo thinks maybe she can get his vote with a couple of packs of smokes… or anything else. Janelle cannot STOP talking about the whole idea of the coaches coming back into the game and how much that stresses her out.

1:20 AM BBT

Dan and Danielle are dishing in the lounge. Dan wants to know what Shane’s vote is. She says Ashley and Britney think he will vote to keep JoJo.

Dan and Danielle, and Janelle, Wil and Joe continue to talk game scenerios and strategies late into the early morning hours.

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