On the Big Brother 14 live feeds Tuesday, the house talk was all about what the hell is up with Wil Heuser? Could it be that Janelle Pierzina‘s house gay boyfriend and Britney Haynes‘ adorable workout partner might be leaning toward switching his vote? Apparently the whole house was in an uproar yesterday over what Wil might do when it comes time for the Big Brother 14 live eviction on Thursday.

This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Tuesday, July 31. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:35 AM BBT

Eviction nominee Frank Eudy is up and giving us some camera talk. He gives a shout out to the Big Brother 14 fans watching on the Superpass Big Brother live feeds.

He is unhappy about being put up on the eviction block by Shane Meaney and is not ready to go home. He hopes the fans are bummed he is on the block too. He thinks he has the votes to stay. He spots a spider and rambles on about that a bit, along with some random facts about the making of the Roman calendar.

He says Chef Joe Arvin has been telling lies about him for the past week and he is thinking about calling him out. He also says Janelle Pierzina told a bald face lie to Wil Heuser that he wanted to backdoor him last week — and that she and Ashley Iocco kissed Frank’s butt all week to keep Wil off the block. He’s pissed and he can’t wait to send Janelle out, even if it means getting rid of Wil, which he thinks is a shame.

Frank thinks he needs to start winning some more competitions. There is no one he can’t beat in the final two, he says. He thinks keeping Shane Meaney around and in an alliance with him to win comps is a good strategy, especially since it keeps making the target on Shane’s back bigger. He hopes trusting Shane and Danielle Murphree is not stupid.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin finally comes out about 9:10 AM BBT and Frank stops his monologue. Wow, that boy can talk when he gets going. Boogie talks to Frank about possibly working to get Wil on their side by talking to him about Shane being after him. Boogie tells Frank if he wins Coaches’ Competition, he’ll probably trade Jenn Arroyo because she’s ‘playing for 2nd place.’ Frank puts out the idea of trading for Wil, but Boogie thinks Wil wouldn’t like it. He says if Frank is evicted, he’ll spend every waking moment going after Shane Meaney for putting Frank up on the block.

10:10 AM BBT

Wil Heuser comes out and starts talking with Frank and Boogie. Wil says Janelle told him last night that if she hadn’t been kissing Frank’s ass all week last week, he would have been evicted. Boogie and Frank says that’s a bunch of bullshit. Wil says Janelle wants him to kiss Shane’s ass but he won’t do that because it is not who he is. Frank and Boogie say Wil was never a target last week.

Wil says he’ll think about voting against Chef Joe Arvin, but he would not want to be the only vote that switched. He says he’s been talking to Danielle. Wil tells them Danielle is in the middle about the vote (I don’t think you should have said that Wil!). Wil wants to know that he will not be nominated or backdoored if he did vote to keep Frank.

10:50 PM BBT

Wil Heuser tells Chef Joe Arvin that he is pissed off about Janelle telling him they had to kiss Frank’s ass last week to keep him from the eviction block. Like the only reason he stayed is because of her. He says Janelle should be scared because he’s angry and he didn’t come her to win money for her. Joe tries to deflect Wil’s anger.

12:10 PM BBT

Ashley Iocco, Janelle Pierzina and Chef Joe Arvin are concerned that Wil Heuser has changed his alliegance to align with Boogie and Frank. Joe tells Janelle that Wil is really, really mad at her and he may be switching teams. He says Wil thinks Janelle was basically telling him that she’s been doing all the work to keep him in the house and that he does nothing. Janelle is like “oh my god” and that is totally not what she said. Janelle thinks Wil is crazy. Joe tells her Wil, Boogie and Frank have been talking all morning. Joe tells them Wil said the team was in “serious jeopardy” over this. Ashley says they should not freak out yet until Janelle talks to Wil. Janelle repeats that Wil is crazy.

12:45 PM BBT

Time for bikinis and shirtless guys by the pool!

12:50 PM BBT

Britney Haynes tells Janelle that Wil is very upset about the whole idea of the coaches possibly coming into the game. Janelle tells Britney about how Wil might be switching sides. Britney says if host Julie Chen announces the coaches are coming into the game before the vote, Wil will totally vote out Joe instead of Frank. Janelle is pissed that Wil is thinking about betraying her in week 3. Britney says if Wil thinks Janelle is going to come into the game, he might want Frank in the game to take them both out. Britney tells Janelle she should lie to Wil and say Frank came to him last week and talked about voting out Wil. Janelle asks “what is it with gay men in this game?” LOL. Britney says Janelle has to secure the vote because having Frank in the game is like having two Boogies.

1:20 PM BBT

Britney and Danielle talk in the arcade room. Britney tells Danielle she is freaking out because they might have lost Wil’s vote against Frank. Danielle tells her that Wil promised her last night he was still on board with the plan. Danielle wants to know why no one has talked to her in two days except Wil.

1:45 PM BBT

Shane Meaney receives his Head of Household camera to take pictures.

1:55PM BBT

Janelle asks Ashley Iocco in the bathroom if Wil has said anything about breaking with the team. Ashley says no. Janelle wants Ashley to talk to Wil and tell him that if he goes against the vote, he is abandoning Ashley. (Mean!)

2:30 PM BBT

Frank Eudy tells Britney Haynes he is mad as hell about Janelle telling Wil he wanted to backdoor him onto the eviction block. He wants to get in Janelle’s face about it.

3:25 PM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin finally decides to go straight to the source and asks Wil Heuser if he has decided to switch sides and change his vote. Wil says he is angry at his team coach Janelle. However, he says Joe still has his vote to stay and they are fine. He says he’s just playing his own game right now. Joe says Janelle and Wil really need to talk. Joe says Janelle was just trying to say that Frank was thinking about putting him on the eviction block.

Wil says he does not want Janelle kissing any asses on his behalf, because Janelle has come in 3rd on both her seasons and he needs to play his own game because hers obviously doesn’t work. (Ouch!) He says Janelle pissing off one of her players was a stupid move. However, he gave his word to Joe and says he will not break it. He hopes they can continue to work together as individuals and he has Joe’s back.

A few minutes later, Wil tells Britney he is good with the deal with her.

3:40 PM BBT

Britney questions Danielle about whether it is the best idea to be getting out Frank this week. (She will do this again later.) Danielle says yes because he will be after Shane next week.

Joe tells Ashley that everything is fine with Wil’s vote. Janelle joins in and Joe tells her Wil does not want her doing any deal making or coaching for him. Janelle doesn’t understand why Wil wouldn’t want her help. Ashley says she trusts Wil.

4:05 PM BBT

Janelle thinks things are going to get dramatic later on the Big Brother live feeds because Frank wants to call out Joe. If that happens, Janelle says she’s going to get in his face about all the trouble he’s stirred up.

4:40 PM BBT

Danielle Murphree and Chef Joe Arvin talk in the arcade room. Danielle tells Chef Joe that she will be voting to keep him in the house.

5:25 PM BBT

Danielle asks Janelle if she is going to be safe next week and Janelle tells her yes. Danielle says she will absolutely vote for Frank to go out at the Big Brother 14 live eviction on Thursday.

8:55 PM BBT

Frank is talking to Britney again about confronting Janelle about telling Wil he wanted to backdoor him. Britney is trying to get Frank not to do it. Frank says he was told he should confront her when he was in the Diary Room.

9:00 PM BBT

Britney Haynes is talking to Danielle and says she is thinking maybe the plan to send Frank Eudy home in the Big Brother 14 live eviction is not the best idea. She thinks that maybe Janelle’s team is imploding and being on their site might not be a good thing.

10:10 PM BBT

Wil Heuser and Janelle Pierzina finally actually have a discussion with each other directly. Janelle says she knows that Wil is angry with her. He says he is upset that she made him feel like he was worthless and she is sad because she says she didn’t mean to make him feel that way. Janelle is in tears.

10:40 PM BBT

Team coach Dan Gheesling tells his player Danielle that she needs to cool it with Shane Meaney. Dan says he commands her to stop liking Shane. He says he’s not losing 100K for a school girl crush. She says she won’t lose 500k for one! Dan says she needs to play this game like an assasin. (It’s cute talk, but Dan really is being kind of serious here.)

Dan thinks he’s going to end up in the regular game. If that happens, Danielle thinks Shane is the person they should ally with. Shane comes in. They talk about how Ashley tells Janelle everything. Shane says if Dan is dropped into the game, he would totally ally with them. Britney comes in, they talk game some more. Ashley peeks in the room, sees who is there, and leaves. Danielle is like “see!” Shane tells Dan if he gets any chance, he should bring Kara Monaco back. Britney says if she gets the chance to play the main game, she will take it.

11:10 PM BBT

Outside, Janelle and her team are talking at the hot tub. Janelle says she’d pick Kara Monaco to come back in. Wil says it would be unfair to let her back in. Wil and Ashley go inside. Joe tells Janelle he is still worried about Wil.

More general game talk the rest of the night, but it pretty much just keeps going around in the same circles.

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