Last night after the Big Brother 14 eviction results for week one and the Head of Household competition, the houseguests were already hard at work planning for the next eviction. A lot will be riding this week on who wins the coaches’ competition and has the chance to either keep one of their players safe, or trade one to another team. Read on for some serious Big Brother 14 spoilers as the Big Brother 2012 houseguests scramble to get their deals in place for the next eviction vote.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Thursday, July 19. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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7:05 PM BBT

Dan, Ian, and Danielle talk in the Have-Nots room about how difficult the Head of Household competition questions were. Even Ian, with his so-called ‘photographic’ memory, was flustered by how hard the questions were.

7:15 PM BBT

Mike Boogie and Dan are talking. Boogie says kind of half-jokingly that if Britney were to win the coaches’ competition, she would trade Willie for Danielle Murphree on Dan’s team to try to get both Dan and Willie out. Dan says he knows. Dans asks Boogie if he would trade players and Boogie says no because Jenn and Ian play it cool and Danielle just sleeps all the time. Dan says if he traded Danielle, he’d be trading her for a marked person.

Over in the Arcade Room, Britney says Willie is a sinking ship and Shane should jump off because Willie has messed everything up. Shane says Ashley f**ked everyone. Britney says Shane will have to talk to Frank. Joe pops in and they ask him to leave them alone. Britney is sick of Joe, he is driving her crazy. Britney says she is sorry for Shane having to be on her team with Willie having screwed up everything. Shane says he is going to try to make a deal with Frank and tell him he’ll break off his alliance with his team because Willie is screwed. Shane thinks he and Willie will be on the block, but he will have the votes to stay. Britney says she has to win the coaches competition.

JoJo comes in and Shane leaves. JoJo says she can’t stand Janelle because she just goes with whoever is most important at the time. Britney is afraid if she trades Willie, the others will make a deal with Willie to get out JoJo or Shane. Britney says Janelle is allied with Mike Boogie and no one is loyal. She asks JoJo to get Willie for her. She mumbles ‘have to win, have to win’ at herself after JoJo leaves.

7:30 PM BBT

Britney tells Willie him if he wins Power of Veto, the others will take out JoJo or Shane. Willie says if she wins the coaches’ competition then she should trade him and save the team. Britney says she is not going to trade a player. Willie says if she trades him to Mike Boogie, Danielle will get evicted. Britney says no, Shane would get evicted.

Britney said it would have helped if she could have removed Willie’s ability to speak unless she told him to. He laughs. She says Boogie and Janelle are dealing, so she knows she’s going to end up getting one of her team evicted. Willie thinks that won’t happen if she trades him to one of them. She says the only people who go on the block will be people that voted against Frank and they only got rid of Kara to save Frank to take Willie out this week. Britney is called to the Diary Room. Britney tells Willie he has played a terrible game in the house. Willie says he never came in to play with a coach, he came to play his own game.

8:00PM BBT

Dan thinks if Britney wins, she will trade Willie for Danielle. Dan trys to convince Frank it would be good to keep Danielle because she is independent from the others. Janelle comes in and she is worried Britney might trade Willie for Wil. Boogie joins and says the best thing to do is tell Britney if she trades Willie, they will take out her other players. Dan is called to the Diary Room. Janelle asks Frank if he thinks Dan will betray them and he says of course because that motherf**ker can’t be trusted.

8:45 PM BBT

Janelle, Wil, and Frank talk. Janelle thinks if Dan wins the coaches’ competition, he could trade Danielle for Wil or Ian. Frank thinks it would be a good move if he traded for Wil. Janelle thinks it would be better if it was Ian because he could get Ian to his side and he’d still have Danielle too.

8:50 PM BBT

JoJo complains to Willie about Big Brother bringing back the veterans in the house because it is not fair people like Janelle and Boogie have already played twice. JoJo says she’ll stay loyal to Willie but she is worried about being evicted. Willie tells her it won’t happen, they will go after Danielle and Shane. They both think they can get Ashley back on their side because Janelle will start ignoring her again now that her vote is not so important. Willie thinks if Britney would trade him for Ian, the others would eliminate Danielle instead of Shane.

8:55 PM BBT

Danielle and Dan talk about how to keep Britney from trading Willie. Dan wants Danielle to tell Britney she is really close to Dan and doesn’t want another coach and if she doesn’t take her, she’ll owe Britney one.

10:25 PM BBT

Mike Boogie and Dan go over the game play from the past week and speculate about what will happen as a result of the coaches’ competition. Dan thinks it is a high probability the veterans will get put in the regular game and the “real fun” will begin then. Boogie doesn’t think it is that sure of a thing. Boogie talks about the idea of getting rid of Shane instead of Willie because he thinks it is a better game move. Dan doesn’t get why Shane is such a big target; he wonders if Janelle’s team could be persuaded to vote out Shane. They both think it might be a good idea to keep Willie around another week to serve as an easy target. They want Britney to trade Willie for Wil and make Janelle deal with the house being against Willie.

Britney comes in and Dan tells her he is really attached to Danielle and doesn’t want her to take her if she wins the coaches’ competition. Boogie says that Shane might become a target and Britney would be in more trouble if Shane was evicted over Willie. Britney wants to know why only her players are being considered targets this week. Boogie laughs and says the whole house is against them and two of her players will end up on the block no matter what. However, he says he won’t automatically go after Willie, it could be Shane.

11:25 PM BBT

Frank is finally allowed in to the Head of Household room and everyone comes to look, even Willie.

11:55 PM BBT

Janelle tells Frank, Mike Boogie and Dan that Britney told Wil she would not trade any players if she won the coaches’ competition. Frank thinks this is nuts because if she tries to save Willie, Shane will get evicted. Janelle doesn’t get why Britney wants to protect Willie, but it’s really about keeping her team intact I think.

1:00 AM BBT

Janelle, Boogie, Frank and Dan are in the HoH room talking. They talk about Willie being a bully and paranoid. They spy on Ian. They talk about Kara being in Playboy. They talk about Willie being screwed and wonder if he’ll even try to get any votes.

2:00 AM BBT

Frank tells Mike Boogie he wants Willie out now because he doesn’t want him making the jury.

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