Holy cow. WTF just went down?!? What happens when I decide things are going to be boring on the Big Brother live feeds and go off to handle some post-moving chores? All hell breaks loose, that’s what! Just when things seemed pretty sedate and the outcome of this week’s upcoming Big Brother 14 live eviction pretty much guaranteed, the whole BB14 house goes crazy and now things are totally in chaos as we go into the Veto Ceremony today.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

After Head of Household Frank Eudy announced he would be nominating Dan Gheesling and Danielle Murphree for eviction, it seemed like things were looking pretty bad for Dan.

While Dan’s ‘Quack Pack’ buddy Ian Terry did win that special Pandora’s Box Veto Power, it did not appear likely he would use it after Frank’s ally Jenn Arroyo won the regular Power of Veto. Even if he used it to take one of his Quack Pack allies off the block, Frank would just put up Britney Haynes or Shane Meaney instead. That wouldn’t be any better for Ian, and it would make Frank even more pissed at him than he already was.

Jenn, meanwhile, had promised Frank she would not use the regular Power of Veto she won either. So either way you looked it it, Dan Gheesling was looking like the next hamster who would be leaving the Big Brother 14 house.

That’s when veteran player Dan decided he needed to do something totally insane. Maybe it was those 24 hours in the Have-Not room being forced to endure a non-stop ‘disco dance party’ that drove him to the edge. Who knows. Who cares? However he got the idea, it was damn brilliant and I am really hoping it actually works.

Here’s what went down. After realizing his days were seriously numbered, Dan Gheesling called a full house meeting around 7:50 PM BBT on Sunday. He calls it his ‘Big Brother Funderal’ and has a little something to say to everyone. He makes some nice comments, gives out a few jokes and jabs. He tells Ian how impressed he’s been with him for what he’s done in the season so far. He actually apologies to Frank for some things he has done and asks for a little private time later to chat more on this.

Then, the shock comes. Dan turns to Danielle, his ally since day one in the Big Brother 14 house — his former team member and number one ally… and tells her to her face: “In this game, you’re dead to me. You know what you did.”

Check it out at 8:00 PM BBT on the Big Brother 14 live feeds, you have GOT to see this! If you don’t have the feeds yet, grab that three-day free trial and hit the Flashback feature right now to see this go down!

Silence. Mouth gaping, Danielle goes fish-eyed, gulps and starts sobbing! Everyone freaks!

The meeting breaks up and Dan goes up to the Head of Household room with Frank Eudy. There, he proceeds to betray the Quack Pack alliance and tell Frank every single thing the alliance has done, how they’ve worked the vote, how Ian has been working secretly against Frank and Boogie all this time. They talk for about an hour and this conversation is just amazing. Wow!

Meanwhile, Danielle curls up into a ball and continues to sob… on poor Shane’s lap. And the rest of the housguests wander about in shock.

Frank is so floored by all this sudden truth that he is actually convinced by Dan (or seemingly is) to have Jenn use her Power of Veto to take Dan off the block and then replace him with Britney. Seriously! And all this awesome game play goes down while Frank is dressed in a friggin’ carrot suit. Priceless!

Dead man walking Dan has suddenly become very much alive and taking over this game Dan! Even if Ian should use his special veto power to take Britney back off the block, Frank can put up Shane instead and break up their power duo by getting him evicted.

After this startling and game-changing meeting between Frank and Dan, Frank spills the dish to Jenn about Ian and the whole Quack Pack alliance. He convinces Jenn that she should use her Power of Veto to take Dan off the block so he can put up Britney. She is seriously worried about this and what kind of target it will put on her, but she agrees.

Meanwhile, Dan has to go tell Danielle the whole “you’re dead to me” speech was just a diversion to distract everyone from him forming an alliance with Frank and they are really okay. He’s like, I totally just saved both our asses. She is so freaked out that she is like a crazy person and goes on and on and on about him using her ’emotions’ to play the game. Yes, Danielle, that’s just about all you are good for, you know.

Throughout the night, the new plan solidifies and the new alliance of Dan, Danielle, Frank, and Jenn is formed.

That’s the state of the game this morning before a very, very big Power of Veto Ceremony. We should have the Big Brother 14 spoilers on that for you here shortly. Stay tuned to find out if the new Dan/Frank alliance really holds firm and if Dan will really manage to get himself off the block this week. If he does, this will no doubt go down as one of the most epic game moves in Big Brother history!

Poor Ian, he does not even yet know how much he is screwed…

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