After an insanely exciting week in the Big Brother 14 house, yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds was a bit of a letdown. The player with the biggest target for the live eviction on Thursday basically just laid down and gave up, while the Head of Household and his new alliance wallowed in the smug satisfaction of pulling off a major coup in the Big Brother 14 house.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Due to a radical game move by Dan ‘The Man’ Gheesling to betray the Quack Pack alliance and hook up with HoH Frank Eudy before the Power of Veto Ceremony, Dan managed to get himself taken off the eviction block this week. Frank replaced him with Britney Haynes, throwing the Big Brother 14 house into utter chaos, weeping, wailing and yelling fights.

Now Dan, Danielle Murphree, Frank and Jenn Arroyo are in a new alliance with Dan and Frank mutually declaring a final 2 pact. Their first target? Britney Haynes, who seems almost certain to now be going home at the Big Brother 14 live eviction on Thursday night.

Tuesday in the Big Brother 14 house was rather tame in comparison to all the drama of the past week on the Big Brother live feeds. Veteran houseguest Britney Haynes seemed resigned to being evicted and did virtually no campaigning for votes. She was also nursing a hangover from getting stinking drunk on wine the previous night. So was Ian Terry, who managed to get drunk and insult Frank Eudy again by tellin him his social game was s**t… right after making up and being friendly with him again, for like the sixth time.

Britney was apparently so drunk she had to see the medic. Girl is taking her future eviction seriously hard. Poor Ian is taking it almost as hard, and nearly breaks down in tears again when he tells Dan about telling Britney she did not have enough votes to stay in the house. This was before they both got stupid drunk the previous night.

Poor Britney doesn’t even think it is worth it to try to campaign to her former ally Shane Meaney and floater Chef Joe Arvin because apparently their minds are already made up. This is pretty true, sadly. Shane knows where his bread is butter right now and that is not with Britney. Chef Joe will always gravitate toward the majority (as long as he knows what that is) and is not going to defy Frank.

In the end, the houseguests do very little all day and there is virtually no good game play talk. Seriously, they sleep, they eat, half of them sit around depressed while the other half sit around smugly pleased with themselves. Britney wonders if they had kept Janelle if she would be where ishe is now. Ian worries about when he is going to be evicted (because now he’s lowest on the totem pole). Everyone says snarky things to Dan. That’s pretty much it.

Unfortunately Thursday night’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show is going to be a pale follow up to Wednesday’s awesome CBS Big Brother 14 veto show. Unless something truly crazy happens, Britney Haynes and her hilarious Diary Room entries will be headed off to the Jury House.

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