Tears, threats, begging and angry rants are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s been going on inside the Big Brother 14 house the past few days. As the Big Brother 14 live eviction creeps every closer, some of the houseguests are totally losing their cool on the Big Brother live feeds and it is a blast to watch!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

The State of the Game Report – Wednesday, Week 6

Right now the odds are still leaning heavily toward eviction nominee Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin being the one going home this week. That is, of course, unless there is a last minute coup, or ‘twist’ from production to save him from eviction (you know, like Frank Eudy was totally saved from being booted previously).

At the beginning of the day on Tuesday, Boogie and Frank think they may have the votes to keep Boogie in the game, but they are counting on votes they don’t have. They think Ian Terry is on their side, but although he is quite upset at betraying Boogie, he is currently planning to vote against Boogie at eviction… or at least that’s what he is telling Shane, Dan, and their crew repeatedly.

Frank and Boogie still don’t know about Ian’s alliance with Dan Gheesling and the ‘Quack Pack’. Although they worry a bit about Ian — especially after Joe is telling them Ian is voting Boogie out, Boogie is pretty convinced he still has Ian in his pocket. Which is amazing considering how jerkish Frank and Boogie have been toward Ian at times recently and saying nasty stuff like calling Britney a bitch that pisses Ian off.

To secure his place in the house, Boogie continues to plot all kinds of strategies to secure votes, including ‘scaring’ Danielle Murphree into giving him her vote by trying to convince her he has a special power right before the eviction vote and revealing he knows she is a nurse. (Which for some reason she is so desperate to keep a secret.) Boogie is so creepy, saying he is going to f**k her eyes in her skull.

Boogie and Frank also continue to work on Chef Joe Arvin, whom they think they can convince to vote their way. However, Chef Joe is just repeating everything they say back to the Head of Household group (Shane, Danielle, Dan, Britney) and right now he is solid in voting out Boogie. Boogie and Frank still think Chef Joe is the swing vote (if they have Ashley, Frank, and Ian) and if they can get Joe, they can keep Boogie in the house. They are using any means they can to secure his vote.

Ashey Iocco, still pretty much floating without being attached to any particular group now that Wil Heuser is gone, tells Boogie and Frank she is committed to keeping Boogie in the house at this point. She says doesn’t think Jenn Arroyo, the other eviction nominee, even really wants to be in the house. Frank and Boogie want to use Ashley as leverage to get Chef Joe on their side. They are both surprised to learn that Ashley can be quite the game player. She might be more of a game player than they think, since she tells Britney later she wants to keep Jenn in the game.

Jenn Arroyo is at the focus of manipulation from all sides as everyone tries to figure out what to do with her and how they can use her to influence votes. The most uncomfortable example is watching her and Danielle fight and then ‘make up’ with tears and sweet nothings — which you can watch (if you want to throw up in your mouth a little) at around 11:20 PM BBT on Tuesday on the Big Brother live feeds.

Tuesday night around 11:40 PM BBT, after all of this game play, Chef Joe Arvin finally publicly announces to Frank Eudy that he is going to vote against Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin at eviction. He says it is not up for debate because he can’t trust Ashley’s vote and even if he voted for Boogie, he thinks Boogie will be evicted — and he can’t end up being on the wrong side. Frank argues and whines and bitches and argues about Ashley being solid for Boogie. Frank tells Joe it is over for him if he doesn’t win HoH. This is a huge pivot in the game play and the moment when Frank really gets that Boogie is probably getting the boot this week, and starts to have to consider what that is going to mean for him from here on out. Well worth watching on the Flashback of the Big Brother live feeds.

When Chef Joe announces to Jenn, Ian, Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane that he has told Frank he will be voting out Boogie, Ian bursts into tears and runs out. He promises Britney, however, that he is not changing his vote and he will vote to send Boogie home.

Ashley eventually tries to talk to Jenn after all this, and Jenn tells her to suck it. Ashley cries and she tells Jenn she is not going to vote her out, but she also goes off and says nasty things later about Jenn being a used up rock star wannabe or something like that.

In quite the dramatic moment, Frank goes up to the HoH room about 1:11 AM BBT and begs the crew up there to stop bashing Boogie. He talks about Boogie being a good guy and they need to stop treating him like a scum bag, and Ian is crying and it is… It’s… wow. Frank is very upset. He leaves and everyone just sits there in silence… until Jenn says: “I must be in the Twilight Zone.” You just have to watch that on the Big Brother live feeds.

Some other points of interest from the feeds yesterday include:

11:20 AM BBT Tuesday – Frank and Boogie talk about how they should be asked to be on The Amazing Race, because, you know, they rock so hard and all that.

11:30 AM Tuesday – Big Brother live feeds cutting out on Ashley saying she had to ask production for her stipend to be paid to her early to cover her bills.

11:50 AM Tuesday – Ian Terry asks Ashley Iocco if she wants some help getting off in exchange for a hand job after she complains about feeling horny. (After she mentions how Britney Haynes caught Chef Joe masturbating.) Ashley rejects Ian’s offer, but he tells her to think about it.

1:50 PM Tuesday – Head of Household picture taking time.

5:45 PM Tuesday – Boogie tells Frank that only him and Dan really deserve to win this season if he gets evicted.

10:05 PM Tuesday – Shane spells it out to Jenn that she is a pawn and should stop stressing. She’s pissed he didn’t tell her sooner, but he says he wanted her to be genuine in campaigning to stay.

10:53 PM Tuesday – Frank Eudy begs on the Big Brother live feeds for a super power to save Boogie.

12:35 AM Wednesday – Britney searches the house for a secret power… well, because after what happened with Frank, half the houseguests are probably thinking Boogie will get a last minute save.

At various points, Danielle, Ian, Jenn, Ashley and even Frank have been in or near tears the past day and a half. Drama baby, drama!

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