This week on Big Brother 14, the Head of Household Competition was once again an endurance challenge. This meant, of course, that the contest was not over by the time the CBS Big Brother 14 live show was over. The competition continued, however, on the Big Brother live feeds after the show ended. If you are just itching to know who won the week 8 HoH Competition, we have the Big Brother 14 spoilers on the results for you right here!


Please be warned this post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about the week 8 Head of Household Competition from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now!

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For the Big Brother 14 endurance Head of Household Competition, the houseguests have to hang from ropes above a spinning fake sun like rotating planets in orbit. Meanwhile, they are sprayed with nasty orange fake tanning-like stuff and whacked with a giant club/comet thing every now and then. It’s actually one of the more lame Head of Household competitions I’ve seen, at least as far as the set goes.

Chef Joe Arvin is the first one out. Jenn Arroyo is next out. Neither of them even lasted past the end of the CBS Big Brother 14 live show. Lame! Dan, Danielle, Ian and Shane still in.

Danielle is out, dizzy and puking.

Dan is out and laying very dramatically on the ground. He apologizes to his wife, Chelsea.

It is now down to Ian versus Shane. Ian’s ankle is cramping.

Shane is groaning and moaning and making terrible ‘I’m in pain’ noises every other minute.

And here are the two people who probably most do NOT want Ian to win this week…

Finally the houseguests are allowed to go inside if they want, which is a good time for Shane and Ian to make a deal if they want to. Of course, they actually have to get the others to LEAVE first if they want privacy.

Ian says he can hold out because he has not masturbated in 55 days. Thank you Ian. That is a visual I did NOT need.

Finally, Ian and Shane shoo the other houseguests into the house for five minutes. Shane asks for assurance that he and Danielle are safe and Ian promises that they are. Shane agrees to drop after asking Ian to repeat his guarantee of safety. Shane drops.

Ian won’t come down until he is told by production he can get down and is indeed the winner of the Head of Household.

Ian Terry is the new HoH! He says his win is for Britney. Look for his nominations for eviction coming soon. And remember there will be a double eviction next Thursday, so it’s going to be crazy this week!


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