One of the perks of having the Big Brother live feeds every year is the exclusive bonus shows and content, like the very amusing “Rumor Control”, which will be hosted this year by Daniele Donato and Rachel Rielly (yes, Rachel Rielly, she never, ever goes away…)

This year we will also have a brand new exclusive show available through the Big Brother live feeds Superpass subscription called “Rants & Roars”. Guess who will be hosting this one? Ready to groan? Oh yes, this is kind of even more facepalm worthy than Rachel Rielly… The new hosts for “Rants & Roars” are: Matt Hoffman and Adam Poch.

Now, whether or not you hate Rachel Rielly, she’s probably still going to be pretty darned entertaining to watch with Daniele Donato on “Rumor Control”. However, I really have my doubts about listening to Adam Poch ‘rant and roar’ about Big Brother 14 with mega-liar and egotistical narcissist Matt Hoffman.

Still, we’ll tune in regardless just to see what sort of insanity this new duo will come up with. We hope you’ll be there too so we can all mock them together on the Big Brother live feed chat…

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