On CBS Big Brother 14 Sunday night, Head of Household Shane Meaney will reveal his nominations for eviction. From the Big Brother 14 spoilers we have from the live feeds, we already know quite a few of the houseguests were totally not prepared for Shane’s picks this week.

Sunday on CBS Big Brother 14, Head of Household Shane Meaney will reveal his eviction nominees for the week. However, the results of the latest Coaches’ Competition might just force him to switch up his plan for who to nominate.

If you’ve been watching the Big Brother 14 live feeds, you already know Shane’s choices to go up for eviction this week came as quite a surprise to some of the other houseguests. Everyone is wound up tight and nobody trusts anyone else at this point.

All this tension led to quite the hilariously fun alcohol-fueled party last night on the Big Brother 14 live feeds. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, run your Flashback on the live feeds to around 9:15PM BBT to see things start to get really wacky inside the Big Brother 14 house.

If you don’t have the Big Brother live feeds yet, there is still plenty of time to get in on the action. While the CBS Big Brother 14 show tonight will only show up to the nominations for eviction this week, the live feed viewers already know how the Veto Competition went down and have been watching the aftermath of the startling results. Plus, with the Big Brother 14 live feeds, you can also watch all the madness and hilarity of things like the wild, drunken party last night in all their fabulous glory.

Have we mentioned you can check out the live feeds, and rewind back to all the awesome moments from earlier in the season (including the Willie Hantz/Frank Eudy fight, Willie’s meltdown leading to his expulsion, and lots of naked ‘oops’ moments) for three days totally free?

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