Conspiracy theories ran rampant right up until the night of her eviction that Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman had been hand-picked by CBS producers to win the show this season. Then, abruptly, she was gone and all those conspiracies came crashing down. Well, except for those who think Amanda became such a strongly disliked player, production was just forced to give up the whole idea of trying to push her as the winner this year.

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman and Jeff Schroeder

Many viewers consider Amanda to be the worst HouseGuest of the whole BB15 season, even more hated than Aaryn Gries — the poster child for racism inside the house this year. Not only was Amanda guilty of her own racist remarks and homophobic comments but she was also the meanest player of Big Brother 2013 hands down. Barely a day went by without her attacking one of her fellow competitors and her torture and harassment of Elissa Slater in particular was epic in a bad way.

Speaking to Big Brother veteran Jeff Schroeder after this season’s finale, the “very controversial” Amanda Zuckerman joked that “bullying is a really popular topic right now and people view bullying different. Me, personally, I don’t feel like I was bullying… I was just killing it, yo!” She said in real life she isn’t a fighter but if she has something to say, she says it to someone’s face. “Anything that I said to anybody’s face, everybody else was thinking or said behind their back. I’m honest,” Amanda continued.

Jeff asked if Amanda was willing to talk about the “controversial stuff” she said on the Big Brother Live Feeds and she told him to “go for it.” He asked her “if you say something racist about somebody, but then say you had sexual relations with them, does that make it okay to say those things?” Amanda apologized for “anyone she offended” and said she “is not racist… some of my words were taken out of context.”

Amanda also joked about her and McCrae Olson having sex and said they’ve talked about moving closer together. Then when Jeff asked her if she’s excited about possibly meeting some of his family, she was rendered actually speechless before saying they might not be so thrilled about the idea of meeting her.

Do you think Amanda is really sorry for anything she said inside the Big Brother 15 house? Do you think she actually has any chance of hooking up with showmance boyfriend McCrae now that they are off the show?

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