Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren can’t believe his “hard work” this summer paid off and told Jeff Schroeder in his backyard interview that he “played this game so hard” to win the 500k. Andy said he was so happy that everything he did paid off and believes he was one of the “strongest mental competitors” this season. “I think that the fact I was able to play almost every side of the house and never go detected is a big testament to what a strong game that I played and what an aggressive game that I played even though it was kind of covert,” Andy said.

Big Brother 15 Andy Herren and Jeff Schroeder

Speaking of aggressive, say hi to GinaMarie Zimmerman’s devil horns photobomb! Jeff amusingly loses his rhythm in the interview after GM’s interruption and starts screwing up everything he says, even calling Andy by Spencer Clawson’s name. Then, we laughed out loud when he said it was time to “straighten up this show” while standing next to Big Brother’s first openly gay winner.

As for the big question of why he unexpectedly took GinaMarie to the final two instead of Spencer Clawson, Andy said he had a very good reason for that. “I didn’t take Spencer because I thought the Jury was going to see me as disloyal because I backstabbed every one of them,” he said. “I thought that if I brought her along with me I could say this is one woman that I was true to and loyal to throughout the entire game and that was the last card that I needed to play… for me to have a well-rounded, nearly perfect game, I needed that loyalty and for people to see that I was loyal to her and brought her even though she would have been tougher to beat than Spencer.”

Andy said he if he hadn’t crushed GinaMarie in the final interview with the Jury, he would have been crushed since he is a public speaking teacher. Well, he was anyway. It doesn’t look promising that the college he was working for wants him back anytime soon after the statements they’ve made disassociating themselves from him. Good thing for Andy he won that half million dollars and he won’t be needing to work for a while.

We did kind of have our jaw drop open a bit when Andy said none of those controversial, derogatory, racist remarks this season came out of his mouth. We’ll refrain from commenting about his constant verbal abuse of Elissa Slater, including saying nasty things about her 10-year-old son. Or any of the other nasty things he said or laughed along with when other HouseGuests like GinaMarie Spencer or Spencer Clawson said them.

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