Can you believe Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson were actually willing to be in the same room together after their nasty public break-up on Twitter? We certainly were surprised to see them almost cozied up together in several photos from a massive Big Brother Canada 2 finale party this week.


Along with Amanda and McCrae, a bunch of other Big Brother 15 cast members took the trip up North to celebrate the Big Brother Canada 2014 finale. Judd Daughtery, Spencer Clawson, Andy Herren, and GinaMarie Zimmerman were also inattendence, along with a bunch of BBCAN1 and BBCAN2 Houseguests.

Naturally, where there is a large collection of Big Brother cast members, there are going to be a thousand pictures posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. After all, you don’t go on a reality TV show in front of millions of people unless you are kind of an attention whore.

We’ve collected a slew of photos from the Big Brother 15 invasion of the Big Brother Canada season 2 finale for you below, so please do enjoy! And let’s not forget to note that GinaMarie managed to hurt herself just enjoying a Big Brother party, and not even actually being on the show this time!

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through.)

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