Big Brother 2013 host Julie ChenOn Big Brother 15 tonight, it is all about who won the Power of Veto for week 7. The PoV holder has the ability to save someone from the eviction block or leave the Head of Household’s nominations the same. Join us for our Big Brother 2013 recap tonight and find out who wins and who the final nominations will be this week!

With no Most Valuable Player third nomination from here on out, the two HouseGuests up for eviction are even more desperate to win the Power of Veto Competition and make sure they survive another week in the house.

Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds have already revealed to subscribers who won the Power of Veto Competition and which two players end up as the final eviction nominees. We won’t spoil those for you until we get to the results in our Big Brother 15 recap but if you can’t wait to find out, you can click on over here!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Tuesday Week 7 (23)Unfortunately, we probably won’t get to see two rather entertaining events on tonight’s show: Jessie’s total meltdown and McCrae and Amanda’s Big Brother wedding. Both of those highly entertaining bits of fun from the Live Feeds will probably have to wait until tomorrow’s live eviction episode. Of course, if you can’t wait until then, you can read up on Jessie’s wild behavior here and the wedding over here, or you can grab a free two-day trial of the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds and watch for yourself.

Stay tuned right here on this page for our live Big Brother recap coming up at 8 PM ET. Be sure to refresh the page often for the latest updates after the show starts!

We start off tonight with the usual recap of the week’s events so far, including the plot to backdoor Amanda, which CBS seems to place most of the blame on Helen for… which is not exactly how we remember it from the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Now we flash to the end of the Nomination Ceremony, where Andy put up Jessie and Spencer on the block. Jessie is really hoping to win the veto so that Andy will have to put up Amanda possibly and make a big game move. Amanda, meanwhile, is very happy that Andy did exactly what she wanted and the plan is moving forward to get out Jessie this week. Helen says in the Diary Room that she is disappointed Andy didn’t take a risk and put up ‘McCranda’.

Andy reassures Spencer that he is not the target this week and he will be safe. Spencer says in the Diary Room that he just needs to lay low and hopefully Andy is telling him the truth. Andy tells Jessie that she is not the target and he is using her right now in a way that will hopefully benefit her. She heaves a big sigh of relief. In Diary Room, Andy says he is lying to her face and for his game, he needs to blindside her.

8-9-2013 08-51-16 AMAmanda tells Aaryn that Jessie has to go this week or she will put up McCrae and Amanda because she wants to make a big move. Ninja Andy appears. McCrae sneaks into the room too and they all talk game. In Diary Room, Amanda says Aaryn has proven herself and they can now solidify a final four with her, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy. McCrae suggest they be called the Easy A’s and McCrae. In the end, they are the 3 AM alliance. Amanda says in the Diary Room that it’s all about getting to the end with her “pizza boy.”

Helen tells Andy that he’s made the safe decision in his nominations and he understands. In Diary Room, Helen says she is starting to get worried about Andy because of his nominations and him not putting up McCranda. Helen says something doesn’t smell right with Andy. In Diary Room, Andy says he is in a tough spot because he is playing both sides and he is more Team McCranda than Team Helen.

Helen tells Elissa that Andy is playing it really safe. They talk about needing to backdoor McCrae or Amanda because there isn’t much time to get them out. Helen wonders if Andy is really loyal to them or to McCranda. Helen worries that they will strike for them first before they can get one of them out.

Andy asks McCranda if he did the right thing with the nominations. They assure him that he did. Then he kind of beats around the bush that Helen really kind of wanted him to put them up while still trying not to throw Helen under the bus too much. Amanda says that at some point soon, Helen is going to come after them. She wants McCrae and Andy need to make a fake final three with Helen to keep her from targeting both her and McCrae. Andy says in Diary Room that this could be the fake alliance that gets him to the finals.

McCrae talks to Helen and says he is super worried right now. In Diary Room, McCrae says he is going to try to get Helen to take the bait for a final three deal with him and Andy. McCrae tells Helen that he can’t win against Amanda in the end and Helen agrees she can’t either. He says he would be willing to take Helen to the final two if it came down to that. McCrae says he wants to bring her and Andy to the final three because they are big fans and all alike. Helen says she would be very open to that and she is so glad he came to her. They talk about how Amanda is the best and she says they need to talk to Andy later. Helen says in Diary Room that McCrae has woken up and finally knows he needs to cut Amanda loose.

Now it’s time for picking the Veto Competition players. Head of Household Andy, eviction nominees Spencer and Jessie, and randomly selected players Elissa, Amanda and Helen are playing for Power of Veto. Jessie doesn’t want Amanda or McCrae to win because she thinks they won’t change the nominations but someone else might. McCrae is picked as the host.

Helen pulls Andy in to the lounge with McCrae to work out a final three deal. Andy, of course, knows all about the final three fake deal and plays right along. In Diary Room, he says he hopes he is doing a decent acting job. Amanda interrupts them and they switch talk to the Veto Competition and are all glowy about their final four deal. Andy is all like, these are the three people I trust the most. McCrae discusses strategy for a possible hold it/fold it competition. Amanda suggests they try to make it so Helen wins the Power of Veto. In Diary Room, she says that she will hope this will make Helen trust them.

Andy and McCrae go to Spencer and tell him to throw the competition for Helen but in Diary Room he says there is no way in hell he is going to do that when he is on the block.

8-14-2013 05-30-07 PMNow it’s time for the Veto Competition, which is a monster movie theme hold/fold question and answer challenge about the number of things in the backyard. Helen’s allies are supposed to fold so she can go up head to head against Jessie.

Everyone folds except Helen in round one. In round two, everyone folds except Helen. In round three, everyone except Helen and Spencer folds. Spencer is supposed to be folding and he doesn’t. Spencer wins the round and knocks Helen OUT, ruining the whole plan for her to win Veto. Helen was only one point away from winning.

We are interrupted by Elissa saying a lot of crazy nonsense about math that hurts us because she can’t even pronounce “estimate” correctly.

Next round and Andy earns a point and Amanda is evicted. Amanda is pissed off that Spencer has screwed the whole thing up and Jessie might win the Veto. She says right now she’s so mad, she’s not even sure she still wants Jessie to go! Bad Spencer!

Elissa wins the next round and Jessie is eliminated, allowing Amanda to finally breathe. In the final round, Spencer, Elissa and Andy are all tied with one point. Elissa folds on the last round because she’s an idiot and doesn’t understand that makes her lose. Happily for Andy and his allies, he manages to win the last point over Spencer and add the Power of Veto to his Head of Household win this week.

In Diary Room, Jessie says Andy is her only hope for staying in the house. Spencer says he ruffled some feathers by going against the plan in the Veto Competition but hopefully he will still be safe. Helen says in the Diary Room that now maybe Andy will think about using the Power of Veto to take out a strong player.

Amanda, McCrae and Andy talk in the HoH room about Spencer being an idiot and going against the plan. Andy says he is very wary of Spencer and that they should keep their eyes and ears open this week to make sure they get out the most dangerous of the two on the block. Andy says Jessie is so readable and easily manipulated but Spencer is tricky and he wants to make sure they are making the right move. In Diary Room, Andy says Spencer’s bad move in the Veto Competition put him back on the radar with everyone.

Spencer comes up to the HoH room and asks Amanda if she is pissed off at him. She says no but he was supposed to fold. Spencer says he was so stressed out he just couldn’t help himself. He says that if he had won the Veto, he wouldn’t have used it. Amanda is like, yeah right. Jessie comes in and says alcohol has arrived and everyone leaves except Amanda and Andy, who hang back to talk about Spencer not trusting them.

8-11-2013 at 3-17-PMJessie corners Andy in the HoH room and she has a wedgie up her bum big time. She talks about the four people in the house that have all the power and how Andy is still on the bottom of the totem pole. She says if he makes the move to backdoor Amanda that he’d be on top and everyone would keep him safe and have his back and the only person against him would be McCrae.

Helen drags McCrae into the pantry to talk about the final three deal with him and Andy. She says she is worried that if it gets down to the final four and Amanda wins the Head of Household, there is a problem. She suggests that they should get Amanda out earlier or it will mess up their final four. In Diary Room, McCrae talks about how Helen is getting more dangerous and needs to go soon.

McCrae tells Amanda about what Helen said about getting her out at final six so Amanda doesn’t win the final HoH and muck things up. Amanda says she wants to get Helen out as soon as she can.

Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae and Andy (the 3AM Alliance) sneak into the HoH room together. Amanda tells them that Helen told McCrae they need to get Amanda out soon and so Helen needs to go soon. Andy says in Diary Room that he doesn’t know what to do. He could leave the nominations the same or take the chance to make a big power move and get Helen out of the house.

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony! The HouseGuests gather in the living room to find out what Andy has decided. Jessie gives a short speech saying that she would love him to use the PoV on her but she will understand if he leaves the nominations alone. Spencer says Andy hasn’t done anything intelligent all week and he doesn’t expect him to start now. Andy announces that he is not going to use the PoV to take anyone off the block. Andy says in the Diary Room that Spencer needs to check himself with his jokes because they are not going over well.

Spencer is worried that his speech was taken badly and he screwed up the Veto Competition so he could be in trouble. Jessie is hoping that Andy is not lying to her about her being safe. Amanda says everything is going perfectly and next week they can get out Spencer or Helen… whoever SHE feels like. What an ego…


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