So you’ve made it all the way to the Big Brother 15 finale. You knew it was coming and you had the chance to plan what you were going to wear if this happened for months before you even entered the house. Host Julie Chen announces the vote and OMG, you won! And you accept your giant half million dollar prize wearing… an eye-watering plaid shirt with a huge, ugly white bow tie and white golf shorts? With a black belt, yellow socks and ugly black tennis shoes? WTH was Andy Herren thinking?


Honestly, if you are going to have pretty much the rest of your life memorialized for millions of people when you win Big Brother 2013, get some bloody fashion advice on what you’re going to wear for the big moment! At least GinaMarie Zimmerman looked like she dressed for the occasion, not for a geeky chess match in a retirement home. GM looked pretty hot actually compared to the mess she’s been on the Big Brother Live Feeds most of the season.

Andy was dressed like a weirdo we’d avoid in a public park last night but he did not win our worst dressed award. That dubious honor definitely went to Spencer Clawson. Not only did he not remove that hideous red growth from his face that is probably harboring bats at this point, but he looks like’s wearing dirty laundry he picked up off the floor. Seriously, those were clothes a person shouldn’t even wear in public, much less on the grand finale of a reality TV show watched by millions. He looked like a total slob.


Coming in third place in our worst dressed list was Candice Stewart. Now, Candice is a lovely girl when she isn’t making crazy Candyland eyes at people but that dress last night was… unfortunate. Honestly, it looked like she just stepped out of a production of the movie Carrie and she was playing the lead character. Did someone spill pig’s blood all over her or did she actually choose to have that insanely bright red color dribbling down that dress? Her outfit looked like someone smashed together a kid’s jumper and a secretary’s boring pencil skirt. Plus, it made all her great curves look squished and bumpy in all the wrong ways.

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Our first honorable mention for worst dressed of the evening go to Helen Kim, who looked like an android from the future in that weird, shiny, green thing she was wearing. Our second goes to Amanda Zuckerman, who must have purchased the dress she was wearing from a sale rack at a bad prom store. Not only was it just plain ugly but it made her look like a football player on top and, well… a football player on the bottom too. It was just all kinds of bad and not something any woman should ever wear ever again.

As for best dressed? We have to give the girls a three way tie between Elissa Slater (gorgeous in purple with perfect shoes), Jessie Kowalski (looking smoking in orange), and GinaMarie. She was dressed like a winner should have been. But, we gotta say, guest star Dr. Will Kirby was definitely the most smoking man on the show last night!

9-18-2013 06-53-17 PM

Tell us who you think was best and worst dressed last night in our comments area below. Oh, and tell us how much fun it was to watch Amanda be SO pissed off last night that she wasn’t the winner! Check out the rest of our photos from last night’s finale below, courtesy of CBS.


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