Our Big Brother 15 finale live recap is a bittersweet moment for us. After a season of incredible controversy and drama, the season culminated in a final week so boring we actually fell asleep a couple of times watching the Live Feeds. The worst part is, no matter who won Big Brother tonight, we won’t be excited about it. We can’t really cheer for any of the potential Big Brother 2013 winners in the final three. Yet, we love this crazy show and we’re sad the season is over and we have to wait a whole year to obsess about it all over again next summer.

Big Brother 15 Final Three

Ah, Big Brother 2013, you’ve been an exasperating mistress full of bile and venom, ruled by some of the most disgusting, racist, homophobic, misogynistic a**holes we’ve ever seen on the show. Three of those nasty creatures ended up as the final three this year. So no matter what happens tonight, it’s going to be a lame end to a controversial season. Even so, Big Brother 15 has also given us some great laughs, some deliciously shocking evictions, and connected us with some of the most awesome, coolest, fabulous fans in existence. That’s right, BBA readers, we’re talking about YOU! So, therefore, it was all worth it.

But now it all ends tonight with the crowning of the new Big Brother 15 winner. We’ll put the old season to bed and start dreaming of a happier, more entertaining, less mean season next year. Maybe a Big Brother 16 All Stars, anyone? We hope that you will join us, right here on this page, for our final live recap for BB15. Saddle up, grab a beer (or three) and stay tuned for our kick off promptly at 9:30 PM ET when the Big Brother finale for 2013 begins!

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And here we go! After a brief video montage recap of the events this season so far, it’s on to host Julie Chen. We left off at the end of Sunday’s episode with Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer competing in the first round of the final Head of Household Competition.

The final three had to skate in a circle around a disco skating rink and avoid knocking over rows of cones while holding on to handles above their heads. Spencer is horrible at it and goes down hard very fast.

Andy does okay for a while but when the water starts spraying and the foam starts pouring, he starts fumbling badly. It isn’t long before he takes a hard dive as well and he’s suddenly flying around backwards… and then falling flat on his back. GinaMarie wins the first round of the HoH Competition and will get to skip the second round.

GM freaks out totally and starts screaming when glitter falls out of the ceiling. She drops on the floor and starts making glitter angels until she chokes on it.

9-12-2013 09-26-18 PM

Andy is freaking out because now he’s going to have to face Spencer in the second round of the HoH Competition. If he doesn’t win, he’ll have to rely on one of the other two to take him to the finale.

Now it’s time for Andy and Spencer to compete in part two of the final HoH Comp. They have to rappel down a boat into a fake undersea world and collect “crabby HouseGuests” from the sea floor and put them in the order they were evicted in a puzzle. Andy goes first and he’s annoyed because he is finding a whole lot of pointless crabs that aren’t HouseGuests. In Diary Room he says everything on his body is sore but he isn’t going to give up. He’s down to the end and all he needs is Candice’s crab and he can’t find it anywhere. Finally he digs it out after “19 years of trying to find Candice’s crab” and completes the puzzle. But then he gets it wrong when he tries to time in because he has Helen and Aaryn backwards.

Next up is Spencer and he’s digging through the sand uncovering all the crabs at once so he can collect the puzzle pieces. Once he has all the faces, he starts climbing. He’s panting and struggling very hard with the climbing part of the puzzle. He can barely get up the wall after a while. He falls off the wall. He struggles around like a zombie. He says in Diary Room that he starts thinking about his brothers, his girlfriend and his life after he wins all that money. He says he finds the strength and starts climbing the wall. Finally, he finishes and times out.

GM, Andy and Spencer gather in the backyard and GM announces the times. Andy did it in 21 minutes and 54 seconds. Spencer took over 30 minutes and loses. Andy has won the second half of the final HoH. Now Spencer has to rely on one of the others to take him to the final two. He says in Diary Room that he hopes they will both realize it is smarter to take him than each other.

Andy tells GinaMarie that he promises to take her to the end. He tries to convince her that taking Spencer to the end would be a bad idea because he was on the block all those times but didn’t get evicted. GM says in Diary Room that she would probably take Andy but Jury vote wise, he doesn’t think he could beat him. She starts crying because she thinks Andy deserves to go but she doesn’t want to make a mistake and lose out on all that money.

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Andy and GinaMarie will now face off in the final round of the last Head of Household Competition. Whoever wins will get to pick the other person to go to the final two.

9-18-2013 06-53-17 PMBefore that though, it’s time for Dr. Will Kirby to school the Jury! The evicted HouseGuests squeal and scream about Dr. Will. He asks them who they think will be Juror number 8 and then McCrae walks out.

Looking very disappointed, Amanda gets up to hug him. McCrae says Andy won HoH and Veto. Amanda tells him that Andy voted her out and he says he knows. Judd asks him if he knows about The Exterminators and he says yes. Amanda goes after Elissa, then Candice. Plainly, Amanda has not been making friends in the Jury house. Elissa says she is not used to being to people being so aggressive. Candice says she doesn’t like Amanda but that’s fine because she’s just not in Candyland with her. Candice and Aaryn say they are now good friends inside the house. It comes across as pretty awkward.

9-18-2013 06-55-02 PM

Amanda b*tches that GinaMarie didn’t really do anything until she joined The Exterminators and they told her what to do after that. The others thinks GM made the biggest move in the house. Judd says Andy’s big move was to decide not to be a floater at the end. Elissa talks about Andy framing her in the vote against Amanda. Candice says Andy is cute when he backstabs people though. The HouseGuests talk about GinaMarie being very blunt but Andy was always tactful.

Six out of eight HouseGuests raise their hands when Dr. Will asks if they were on the block against Spencer when they were evicted. Dr. Will talks about how not getting blood on your hands, like Spencer didn’t, is a viable game strategy. Judd says yeah, it’s amazing he didn’t go home after being on the block so much, but what else has he done. Helen defends Spencer and says he has made some good moves.

Dr. Will tells the Jury members that they should vote how they want and not let anyone influence them. Will they vote for the biggest badass who played the game the best? Or the person they like the best? He coaches them to work hard on their questions for the final two.

Finally, it’s time for the last round of the HoH competition between GM and Andy. They are balanced in opposite scales and will be asked eight questions about the Jury members. Whoever gets the most points will tip the balance in their favor and win the round.

Round 1: Both are right. Candice’s most shocking moment was when Aaryn flipped her bed.
Round 2: Both are wrong. Jessie says her most irritating moment was when Helen didn’t follow through in evicting Amanda.
Round 3: Andy gets it right. Helen says the most uncomfortable moment in the house was Judd pleading for his life.
Round 4: Both are right. Aaryn says if she had to spend a romantic evening with a HouseGuest she would pick Judd because he has manners.
Round 5: Andy is right. Amanda says the moments she is afraid for her family to see from the Live Feeds are all of them.
Round 6: GinaMarie is right. Elissa says the HouseGuests’ behavior she was most shocked by was Aaryn, who is so cute in everything but her personality.
Round 7: Both are wrong. Judd says his biggest regret in the house was not working with Helen.
Round 8: McCrae said the best thing about being in the house was free food. Andy gets it right.

Andy has won the final round of the Head of Household Competition. We think he will take Spencer to the finale and the Jury will vote for him to win.

9-18-2013 07-34-53 PMTime for Andy to announce who he is going to evict and it is a SHOCKER! Andy has not made the wise decision. He tells Spencer he has kept his word to him up until now… but he promised GinaMarie at the beginning of the season that he would take her to the final two. GM and Andy will go to the Jury now and Andy may have just cost himself the win.

Spencer does his exit interview with host Julie Chen. She asks him if he knew it was coming and he says yes, he kind of did because Andy had been avoiding him for the past few days. That’s about all the substance we get and nothing at all about Spencer’s nasty behavior and horrible racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments inside the house. We guess only Aaryn Gries is going to be the only HouseGuest to have to confront that crap on the CBS show this season.

We’re back from commercial and the eight members of the Jury are sitting in the studio now. Julie asks Helen who she thinks will be Juror 9. She says maybe Andy because he’s the most of a threat. But it’s Spencer who walks out instead. Before the Jury members vote, they will get to ask the final two three questions each. They all agreed on what questions would be asked.

Question 1: Amanda asks GinaMarie what her biggest game move was prior to getting her out since she didn’t seem to do anything until she joined The Exterminators. GM stutters for a while and says um a lot but she says putting up McCrae and Amanda on the block. Amanda says other than that but GM doesn’t change her answer. She says that was her decision before joining The Exterminators.

Question 2: Elissa asks the same question of Andy. He says that being able to play both sides of the house was probably his biggest game move or maybe convincing them all to put up Nick the second week. Oh, and putting up McCranda too.

Question 3: GinaMarie says um a lot again and says her biggest obstacle in the game was having Nick leave. She said that having such great friends and support though got her through it and made her a better person.

Question 4: McCrae says that Andy said he would be a bitter jury member if he was evicted so why shouldn’t they be bitter toward him? Andy says he only said that to cover his own a** and he wouldn’t really have been a bitter Jury member. He says he is sorry he had to backstab everyone but that was the game he had to play.

Question 5: Candice asks GM that since she personally offended so many members of the Jury, why should they vote for her. GM says that when Nick left it totally shocked her and she acted like that because she was shocked. She talks about how winning all that money would change her life and she always thinks positive and tries to make everyone smile. She says she feels like she shared a special bond with everyone.

Question 6: Jessie asks why he lied to so many Jury members when he didn’t have to when he knew he would have to get their votes later. He says he was a coward but that if he kept everyone in the dark that it kept him safe and his a** was covered. He says that he had to prevent people from talking.

Question 7: Spencer says Andy just cost him a whole lot of money, so why should he give him a half million dollars. Andy says that he was loyal to a fault until he had to stab people in the back. So he felt like he needed to prove his loyalty. He says he promised GM night one that he would take her to the final two and he kept his word. He says that this move showed he has that loyalty that maybe everyone thinks he didn’t.

If we base it on the answers to the questions, GM just dug herself into a pit. Which just makes it all that more amazing because we kind of though Andy might possibly lose to GM in a Jury vote. We take that though back now. You can’t just say “um, um, Nick, um, um, Nick, Nick, dreams come true” and win the Jury vote.

Time now for the final pleas. GinaMarie is up first. GM says the first night she came in the house she said it was the best-looking crew ever and they are still looking great. GM says that every deal she made and every handshake she made, she was loyal to it. She feels like she made a bond with everyone and they are all special and unique. She says that if she offended anyone she is sorry and she appreciates all of them. GM says if they vote for her, they’ll give her a nice parting gift. She says she wishes them all well.

Andy says that he has played this game with his heart and his mind. Andy says every personal connection he made was true but he also played with his mind. He says he thought about his next move every single day. He says he thinks he was never really in danger and never on people’s radar. He takes credit for making The Exterminators alliance and that he was behind a lot of the big evictions and moves in the house. He says he deserves to win.

Time for the live votes! All the votes are in and it is a landslide vote for the person they all think “played the best game.” That means we don’t even need to wait until the votes are counted to make a very firm prediction that Andy has won Big Brother 15.

Just because Big Brother USA is over for 2013, that doesn’t mean we won’t have plenty of great content for you all year long! Be sure to bookmark us and visit often for all the latest news, gossip and spoilers on Survivor: Blood vs. Water (featuring BB12 winner Hayden Moss), Big Brother 2014 Season 16, Big Brother Canada, and more!

9-18-2013 07-44-22 PMBack from another commercial break and we have the five HouseGuests who were evicted before the Jury House. Before they speak, however, Julie says she is going to reveal who the MVP was that nominated Amanda. By process of elimination, Amanda says she thinks the MVP was America. Julie says the first three weeks it was Elissa, the last three weeks it was America and the public nominated her. Amanda says she didn’t think she was as disliked as she was but when she was evicted and everyone booed her, she thought, well, it could be America.

Julie asks Howard what surprised him the most when he was home and watched the whole season. He says he was really shocked at the severity of what was said and how everyone was perceived inside the house. Howard says seeing outside of the house all the reactions to the racist stuff inside the house. He says he has sincere prayers that anyone that made such remarks with own them and grow them. Julie tells the Jury members that they made national headlines for the racist remarks they made. Spencer says he feels terrible and asks Julie if he said anything. Julies says they don’t have enough time right now and the audience laughs.

Julie announces that they will be announcing America’s Favorite Player soon and there was a 500 percent increase in fan votes. As the show goes to commercial, GinaMarie yells “Hi Nick!!! Nicholas!!!!”

Here are the votes:

Spencer voted for Andy
McCrae voted for Andy
Judd voted for GinaMarie
Elissa voted for Andy
Amanda voted for Andy
Aaryn voted for GinaMarie
Helen voted for Andy
Candice voted for Andy
Jessie voted for Andy

Andy is the Big Brother 15 winner by a vote of seven to two!

But wait, there is one more prize to give away! After watching her win the Most Valuable Player vote by the public three weeks in a row — we knew she also had this one in the bag. Yep, that’s right, Elissa Slater won America’s Favorite Player and 25k. The runner-ups in the top three were Judd and Howard.

And it’s all over for this season of Big Brother 15. Have a great night!

Just because Big Brother USA is over for 2013, that doesn’t mean we won’t have plenty of great content for you all year long! Be sure to bookmark us and visit often for all the latest news, gossip and spoilers on Survivor: Blood vs. Water (featuring BB12 winner Hayden Moss), Big Brother 2014 Season 16, Big Brother Canada, and more!

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