7-8-2013 09-26-13 AMBig Brother fans just love to speculate on the sexuality of the HouseGuests every year. This season, it was pretty obvious from the start that Andy Herren is gay. Several of the other Big Brother 15 cast members also kind of made us wonder when we first saw their initial interviews. One in particular kind of pinged our radar and made us question… is Nick Uhas gay too?

We aren’t the only ones who have pondered this question, so don’t think we’re weird. A simple Google search for ‘Big Brother Nick gay’ turns up a whole slew of speculative results, including links like: “Nick is GAY! GAY! GAY!” and “Nick Uhas… Gay or Has Girlfriend?” After the girls played ‘striptease’ in the backyard in Sunday and every guy except Andy and Nick seemed to want to grope them all over, the speculation about his orientation flared up once again.

Last week, Spencer wondered on the Big Brother Live Feeds when the show would have its first real gay showmance. Honestly, we kind of thought it might happen this season once we saw Andy and Nick start to interact. We weren’t the only ones who noticed their bromance kind of leans toward showmance a tiny bit sometimes. Like when Nick was kind of checking out Andy’s rear on the Big Brother Live Feeds and the two of them started talking about their fitness routines and maybe hitting up the hot tub. (Seriously, we aren’t kidding.)

Now, Nick has stated he is entirely straight and we like to take people at their word. In fact, he gave now evicted HouseGuest David a long, drawn-out spiel about the last serious girlfriend experience he had and how it all ended in disaster, and that is why he’s just not interested in a relationship right now. He actually said during this story that it makes him come across as “totally gay” — all the while talking in kind of a “totally gay” voice (and we say this lovingly as someone on the “totally gay” side of the fence). Of course, those on the ‘Nick is gay’ bandwagon say this whole ‘burned by a girlfriend’ tale is just a good way to hide being in the closet.

Despite his denials, Nick sets off the gaydar so strongly that ‘outing’ him has actually become a house gameplay tactic for some of the other Big Brother 15 cast HouseGuests. Take Aaryn, for example, who has actually tried to convince GinaMarie since the Veto Competition that Nick is gay and that’s why she can’t manipulate him (or something along those lines). Aaryn has also pretty much stated that Nick suffers from “in the closet gayness.” Nick isn’t helping by having camera closeups of himself meticulously plucking his eyebrows.

An earlier conversation between Aaryn and GinaMarie focused on how Nick doesn’t want to manhandle GM’s body parts. “He does not like to touch my boobs at all,” GM said back on July 1st on the Big Brother Live Feeds. “I don’t think he likes to touch boobs… in general,” Aaryn replied. This conversation continued between Andy and GinaMarie after Aaryn left, with Andy saying, “If he’s gay, send him my way, girl!”

That’s before Nick called Andy “cutie” and wouldn’t stop staring at him in the shower and talking about how he would want to hug him if he was gay — which kind of creeped Andy out. Even though Andy still doesn’t seem to mind interrupting Nick when he’s showering naked, and Nick doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable with it one bit either.

In the end, we really don’t think it matters at all whether Nick Uhas is gay, straight, bisexual or other. All that really matters is how he plays the game. So while we think it would be a total blast to have a big gay showmance explode on Big Brother 15, it’s probably not going to happen and there is plenty enough snogging and under-the-sheets fumbling around going on this season anyway…

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