7-2-2013 09-29-43 AMThe drama on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds has been heating up rapidly since the Veto Ceremony results on Sunday. New alliances have been formed, showmances have gotten crazy, and the Big Brother 15 cast have started showing their true colors — and they aren’t pretty.

Join us for our Big Brother 2013 Live Feeds morning report and find out what kind of crazy went on in the Big Brother house Monday evening and overnight.

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS Big Brother 15 show. Please do not continue reading if you do not want these spoilers. You have been officially warned!

12:20 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Jessie that Andy, Helen, Elissa and someone else are in an alliance together and they are all after her. She says Kaitlin spilled the beans on this and she was supposedly told by Jeremy, who found out from Helen. Our head hurts from following that gossip trail.

1:30 PM BBT: Helen cries a bit over the Jeremy crap and Elissa comforts her, telling her that her husband would be very proud.

1:50 PM BBT: McCrae has the Head of Household camera and runs around taking photos. All the HouseGuests gather around at the end to make sure any pics they don’t like get deleted. Must not accidentally have an ugly face posted for the public, right?

2:00 PM BBT: Kaitlin is still pissed at Jeremy about all the drama last night with the missing alcohol.

7-2-2013 09-32-55 AM3:30 PM BBT: GinaMarie is in tears and losing it because Big Brother has mysteriously taken her clothes, her shoes, glasses, makeup, razor, tanning lotion and other stuff. We do not know why this has happened, but she’s in full drama mode and even threatening to leave. The other HouseGuests try to comfort her and the ladies offer to share their clothes and stuff but GinaMarie is beyond inconsolable. (This is the Big Brother house, GM, this shit happens — get over it.)

3:35 PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda, who have been cuddling disgustingly all day, talk about how they can use Elissa to get them as far as possible in the game.

4:15 PM BBT: The GinaMarie drama continues. She says not having her clothes and personal stuff is really hard because she is insecure about how she looks. Without the things she thinks make her look good, she feels ugly. Kaitlin tells GinaMarie she should go to the Diary Room and ask them to please give her things back to her. Finally, Aaryn manages to distract GinaMarie by going into an Elissa bashing session. Aaryn says Elissa’s husband probably cheats on her and is psycho. Aaryn is far from being any kind of America’s sweetheart.

4:40 PM BBT: Helen cries today too while talking to David, because she’s missing her hubby and kids and still upset over the crap with Jeremy from Sunday night. Meanwhile, Andy is concerned the other HGs will be after him because they think he has teamed up with Helen and Elissa.

4:50 PM BBT: Aaryn and GinaMarie have moved on to slamming Candice, oh wait, now it’s back to Elissa smack talk again.

8:10 PM BBT: GinaMarie threatens to leave the house again. She says she is going to wait until Wednesday so the eviction still happens as usual, then she’s going to quit. Nick manages to get her to chill out. She says something about her mom sending her stuff, so maybe the rumor is true that her belongings had too prominent brand names and that’s why they took them.

8:55 PM BBT: HouseGuests play charades.

7-2-2013 09-36-30 AM11:10 PM BBT: In a night full of showmance action, Aaryn decides now is the time to put an end to hers with David. This is an epic moment you’ll want to rewind to on the Big Brother Live Feeds and listen to yourself (put them on around 11:40 PM). Aaryn tells David she’s ended up being the “guy” in their hookup and he is way too much up her a$$. She says she’s rather date an ugly guy with brains that a stupid guy with abs. Aaryn says David was trying to force them into a relationship way too much and she’s way more compatible with someone like Jeremy, but she wouldn’t invade Kaitlin’s territory like that.

For some reason, after Aaryn and David go inside, Aaryn mutters something about “her” and her “fake voice” and throws food on the ground and stomps it while saying “I hate her, I hate her.” We’re guessing it is Elissa…?

1:00 AM BBT: Amanda, McCrae and Andy are up in the Head of Household room talking and they are worried about Nick. If he wins the next HoH, no one is sure what will happen because Nick is a totally wildcard player. They also really hope Aaryn doesn’t win because it always seems to be the person you really don’t want to and they really, really don’t want her to.

1:45 AM BBT: Elissa is getting another bashing from the HouseGuests. GinaMarie still seems to think Elissa will get evicted but most everyone else is pretty clear that’s not how it is going to go down and David will get voted out. Even David is starting to be clued in that he’s in serious danger. Jessie, Kaitlin and Aaryn are still a bit clueless though.

7-2-2013 09-37-33 AM2:10 AM BBT: Kaitlin tells Nick that she is no longer interested in Jeremy after his behavior in the house the past few days. She also spills the dish that Jeremy has been telling her information about their alliance plotting that he shouldn’t be sharing. Way to really embrace the backstabbing on Big Brother 15, Kaitlin! While Kaitlin is telling Nick all about dumping Jeremy, she’s not telling him yet, because they still need her votes. (Can you smell the future Aaryn and Jeremy hookup coming soon now?)

3:30 AM BBT: GinaMarie freaks out all over the place again because Big Brother has taken away a bunch of her stuff. We still don’t know why they have done this yet, but boy she is pissed off to a royal degree. She has even threatened to quit the house. This time it is Jeremy who gets the brunt of her bitchy complaints and has to talk her down.

4:40 AM BBT: Amanda and McCrae continue getting ‘close’ in what has to be the weirdest showmance of the season (and one of the weirdest ever on the show in our opinion). They snog for the cameras a bit way late last night. Apparently Amanda confessing that she had a boyfriend back home before Big Brother 15 isn’t bothering either of them at all.

7-2-2013 09-39-43 AM

That’s a wrap for our Big Brother Live Feeds report from the overnight. Peace out!


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