Big Brother 2013 CastAfter nearly every episode this season, huge chunks of Big Brother 15 fans swear they won’t watch another show. The outrage over this year’s “boring” and “disgusting” HouseGuests reached critcal mass after Elissa Slater, former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly’s sister, was evicted. However, despite everyone swearing they are “so done” with the show this year — Big Brother ratings for Sunday night’s show reached yet another season high.

On Sunday, Big Brother 15 ratings reached the “largest audience on any night this summer”, with over 7.27 million viewers. This follows nightly highs in both viewership and the advertiser-coveted 18-49 age bracket for Big Brother 15 on the previous Wednesday and Thursday. All three episodes managed to break the top 12 ratings for both the 25 to 54 and the 18 to 49 age groups, according to a CBS press release.

So, apparently, it seems like either all those people who have been screaming they will “never watch this show again” still are watching… or somehow Big Brother 15 keeps acquiring new viewers every episode we race toward the finale on September 18. Let’s face it, as much as we all wail and yell about how nasty, horrible and painful to watch the Big Brother 15 cast is, there are plenty of people who eat all of it up with a spoon and beg for more.

We hear that CBS announced during the 500th episode party on Tuesday night that the network is already planning for Big Brother 16. That’s right, the show must — and will — go on.

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