For our Big Brother 15 recap tonight, we’re in for the long haul as we prepare for a grueling Head of Household Competition that could stretch far into the late night. Thanks to Big Brother 2013 spoilers from the Live Feeds, we already know the eviction tonight is going to be rather sad and bittersweet all around. So we look forward to going from tears to terror as the frantic HouseGuests scramble to win HoH and keep themselves from become the next eviction target! Join us for our live Big Brother 2013 recap at 9 PM ET and buckle your seat belts for a wild ride ahead!

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The Big Brother 15 cast has been on inside lockdown since 5AM on Wednesday and have been talking about some kind of epic build going on in the backyard. They’ve also been allowed to get some extra sleep the past few days. To us, this pretty much screams that there will be a bigtime Head of Household endurance competition tonight. We’re looking forward to something like last summer’s crazy pirate ship endurance comp — that was way too much fun.

Are you ready to hang out with us to the bitter end this evening as we go from the CBS Big Brother 15 live eviction show to the results of tonight’s totally unpredictable Head of Household endurance competition? The CBS show will end before we find out who wins the HoH. No matter! We’ll keep on recapping right through the end of the HoH comp on the Big Brother Live Feeds to bring you the spoilers on who wins. (Of course, right now would also be a fabulous time to try out the two-day free trial of the Live Feeds yourself and watch the whole competition live as it happens!)

Prepare for a night full of drama, suspense, exhaustion and — very possibly — vomiting and gross goo covering all the HouseGuests. We do so love Big Brother endurance competition nights!

[Our live Big Brother 15 recap starts right now and will continue throughout the Head of Household Competition as it concludes on the Live Feeds. If you don’t want to know who wins the HoH Comp until the next CBS episode, we’ll give you a warning in our recap for when the show ends and the Live Feeds coverage begins.]

Host Julie Chen says Howard has been Amanda’s target for weeks but then America put Amanda up on the block. With Candice thrown into the mix, anything could happen! (And it was a bit of a flip floppy week…) As usual, our show begins tonight with a brief review of the week leading up to the live eviction tonight.

We begin where the previous episode left off at the end of the Veto Ceremony. Spencer says it is awesome for him to be off the block but bad that his closest ally Howard is on the block. Candice says in “true redneck fashion” Aaryn put her on the block. Amanda says you can’t really feel safe on the block but she feels a lot better being up against Howard because everyone knows he is shady. Howard says in a perfect world he and Candice would stay if they can just get enough votes to send Amanda home and change this game.

7-31-2013-09-12-49-AMCandice says Aaryn should have just said “grab your rebel flag, the black people are on the block.” Howard tries to chill her out because she is so negative. She says she is just keeping it real. He says they aren’t going anywhere and she needs to keep positive.

Spencer starts campaigning to get five votes to keep Howard in the house. He talks to GinaMarie about getting out Amanda instead of Howard. GM says Amanda doesn’t have any power over her and implies she might be on board with the plan.

Now Spencer is talking to Howard, Andy and Judd about keeping Howard and Candice. Howard says that would be two allies on their side. Howard says they need to think about the numbers and Andy says it makes total sense.

Spencer tells Candice he has her back and he promises he does. He says she knows who he wants out (flash to Amanda).

Andy spills to Amanda about Howard forming a plan with Judd and Spencer to flip the house to get Amanda out. Amanda starts crying and says she is totally upset and that she trusted Judd. Andy keeps telling her not to freak out.

7-31-2013-08-59-02-AMSpencer and Amanda get into it big time in the back yard. She tells him that she knows what he is trying to do and he is just making himself a bigger target. She says she knows he has a plan to get her out of the house and that he thinks he has the numbers. He totally denies it and says what he wants is for Candice to go home. Amanda says if he goes against her, it will hurt him. She says she is confident that she has the numbers to stay and that if he doesn’t drop a plan, people will target him. He says he doesn’t give a f**k and he knows she is the reason he is up on the block. He calls her a “punk a** b*tch” and tells her to shut up. Mrrrowwww! Catfight!

Helen talks to Candice about the fight between Amanda and Spencer. She tells Candice that she overheard Spencer saying he was targeting Candice, not Howard. Candice says she is going to have a “Keep It Real With Candi” moment and call him out in front of everyone in a house meeting.

7-31-2013-09-04-31-AMThe HouseGuests gather in the back yard and Candice accuses Spencer of plotting to try to get out Candice. She says that Spencer said last night that he wished Amanda would choke on her own spit and die. He tells her to stop lying. Screams it really. Spencer says he is not a liar. Finally, Spencer says that he would like Howard to stay and Candice to go. Candice says that Spencer needs to keep her name out of his mouth. She says Spencer is a liar and a schemer and he is going home next week if she has any choice about it.

Switch over to Aaryn and GinaMarie talking to Jessie. Jessie says she is having a problem with Candice. In the Diary Room she says Candice is getting scary. The three of them trash talk Candice and talk about how much they want her out. They talk about how they could get the votes and Aaryn could be the tie breaker vote. In the Diary Room, Aaryn says she has been coerced to target Howard and she really wants to evict Candice.

Back from a break, Julie congratulates the players for being in the house for 42 days. Julie says in the outside world a lot of babies have been born. Julie says she has a current events quiz about what is going on outside of the house. First up, Julie says former Big Brother player has given birth to a baby girl. She asks if the baby’s name rhymes with funny or silly? The answer is silly. The baby’s name is Tilly. Julie says Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had their baby and asks them what they named the baby: Sunshine, North or Doll. She says the baby’s name is “North West.” Lastly, Julie asks if Prince William and Kate Middleton had a prince or princess. She says the answer is prince, Prince George.

7-31-2013-09-11-20-AMJulie asks Jessie what she misses the most from home. Jessie says she misses her dog terribly. Judd says he is happy to be in the house but he misses his family, friends and his dob but he doesn’t want to leave any time soon! That transitions into a video montage of HouseGuests talking about Judd being shady. Helen says Judd lies all the time. Aaryn says Judd is a brilliant liar.

We flip to a hometown video of Judd’s family and his tiny small town home. There are a lot of people with thick accents dressed in yellow Judd shirts talking about how awesome Judd is. Judd’s dad shows how if Judd gets too uppity, he’ll whack him with his fist. Judd’s mom says he is just waiting for the “right time to strike.” One of his friends shows off her bear shirt like the infamous one Judd wears on the show and trades around to various HouseGuests. The Mayor of town says he’s not worried about Judd, he can take care of himself.

Now it’s time for the live eviction vote!

Amanda gives her eviction speech first. She gives a callout to her family but says she is not ready to go. She says playing with McCrae has been unexpected and wonderful. She thanks GinaMarie for keeping her calm. Amanda says she would like to stick around to have a nice Jewish wedding. Julie is like, what? Amanda says her and McCrae are Big Brother engaged. (And have had the wedding already… but not shown on the CBS show yet.)

Candice shouts out to her friends and family. She gives some love to Howard as well.

Howard says he loves all of his HouseGuests and he hopes that he will continue relationships with them out of the house. He says he hopes everyone will vote with their hearts.

8-1-2013 06-29-54 PMHere are the results:

Andy: Vote to evict Howard
Elissa: Vote to evict Howard
GinaMarie: Vote to evict Howard
Helen: Vote to evict Howard
Jessie: Vote to evict Howard
Judd: Vote to evict Howard
McCrae: Vote to evict Howard
Spencer: Vote to evict “besty boo” Candice

With a vote of seven to one, Howard has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house. Host Julie Chen announces there are no votes against Amanda and she is save. She announces that with a vote of seven to one, Howard has been evicted. Howard gets up to exit and hugs pretty much everyone on the way out the door, even arch enemy Amanda. Amanda starts frantically hugging other people too. Howard hugs Candice last. Helen starts clapping as Howard exits the front door.

Howard takes a seat with Julie for his exit interview while the HouseGuests continue to hug and look sad and somber inside the house. They watch as Howard’s photo on the memory wall turns grey.


Julie says they all look so sad and like they are mourning him even though they voted him out. She asks why he thinks they got rid of him. Howard says Helen, Amanda, McCrae are the power in the house and they pushed him out. He talks about the dismantling of The Moving Company and how that left him as an outsider. Julie says weeks ago that Howard lied to Helen’s face about the alliance even when she knew all the details and wants to know why he did that. In the end, he confessed to lying but he had lost Helen’s trust.

Julie asks him about the racist behavior and commentary in the house. She wants to know how he kept his tongue. Howard says it is terribly hard when he had to be right there with it. He says he didn’t want anyone to see his temper and he says thank God for Candice being there. He says he just had to accept things and pray about it.

In the goodbye messages, Spencer says he hates that Howard is gone. Amanda says getting Howard out is exhausting and that she didn’t like his manipulative game play and he takes things to the personal level. Helen says she is sorry she had a heavy hand in getting him out but he is a good man and hopes they will be friends and any woman would be lucky to marry him some day. Candice is very sad and says she hopes they will be friends outside of the house and go sailing.

8-1-2013 06-47-28 PMHelen says friendship? She thought it was a showmance. He says no, they are just friends but very important and he couldn’t even really campaign against her. Julie asks Howard who he thought was the MVP this week. He guesses it was Elissa. She tells him nope, it was America… and America will be the MVP again this week. (Vote here at

Now it’s time for the much-anticipated Head of Household endurance competition! To avoid spoilers for those who don’t want to know who wins before the next CBS show, please click the link to flip the page for our HoH Comp recap! But before you go, look out for a DOUBLE EVICTION next week!

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