The racist comments said by the Big Brother 15 cast members have tainted the season. Since leaving the Big Brother 15 house, houseguests have been apologizing non-stop. Keeping up with the, ‘we apologize for the dumb things we said’ 2013 tour, GinaMarie Zimmerman took to Youtube a couple days ago to ask for forgiveness for her racially insensitive statements.  As the Big Brother fans seem to forgive and forget quickly, we’re not sure this apology video was necessary. However, GinaMarie gave a nearly tearful apology to the world for her comments.

Big Brother 15-GinaMarie's Apology Video

GinaMarie was one of the biggest racist remarks offenders. She used the N word, made really outrageous racial driven statements and took racial stereotypes for truths. Despite her unforgivable behavior inside the Big Brother 15 house, she managed to gain a lot of fans and supporters towards the end of the show. More people were rooting for her to win than they were for Big Brother 15 winner, Andy Herren.

In GinaMarie’s apology video, she rambles a lot. At times the video is uncomfortable and awkward to watch for her lack of professional speech skills. We question GinaMarie’s sincerity in the video because, like Aaryn Gries, she seems confused by the public outrage.  Though we’re not sure about GinaMarie’s true intentions with the video, we commend her for at least doing something to admit her faults and ask for forgiveness.  These actions are a lot more than many other Big Brother 15 players have done.

Only through GinaMarie’s actions will she prove her growth.  Her Youtube videos, which she announced on the apology video about,  we’ll give fans a  small window into her post-Big Brother 15 life. This could help fans determine if she’s changed, or just gotten better at hiding her bad behavior.

Check out GinaMarie’s apology video below. Then let us know if you believe GinaMarie’s sincerity?

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