If you have been watching the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds or reading up on all our Big Brothers spoilers coming out of the house this week, you might know that Big Brother 15 cast member Aaryn Gries has been planning on seducing fellow HouseGuest Judd Daughtery for a while now. Just a few days ago, Aaryn told Amanda Zuckerman that she wanted to her her hands on Judd Daughtery, forcing us to contemplate a very weird showmance indeed. Now it looks like Aaryn is actually getting her wish.

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Tuesday night, fans of the Big Brother Live Feeds groaned in collective discomfort as they watched Aaryn climb into the Head of Household bed with Judd and proceed to slowly snuggle-creep on him for quite some time. She scooted close to him, rubbed on him through the blankets and kept getting her body parts where they could touch him for what seemed like an endless amount of time — some of this was going down while other people were in the room.


Finally, around 4:25 AM BBT, Aaryn really started moving in on Judd. Aaryn and Judd were talking about whether or not McCrae Olson and his showmance partner Amanda might know what they’ve been scheming about together. Judd tried to close out the conversation by saying he will let Aaryn get off to bed. She, however, wasn’t ready to go. When he rolls over to give her a hug, she kind of trapped him in her arms and laid across him. He briefly tried to roll back over and then gave in and snuggled back toward her again.

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Aaryn told Judd that she wanted to sleep up there in the HoH with him and he said he wanted her to do that too. He told her that if he wins HoH, he wants her to sleep up there with him. Aaryn asked him about Jessie Kowalski, who he has been flirting with on and off for weeks. Judd said that Jessie could sleep up there the first night he is HoH and then she won’t be there anymore because he’ll be nominating her for eviction. They snuggle some more before going to bed.

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Personally, we are in agreement with our friends over at BigBrotherNetwork.com that we think this whole Judd seduction is just a game play move by Aaryn and she’s not really into him like that. Aaryn knows that after she isn’t HoH anymore, she’s going to probably lose quite a few of her newfound “allies” that have been making nice with her this week. She needs someone to protect her and have her back in the game and right now, she really doesn’t have anyone solid.

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If she’s not careful though, Aaryn may be hitching herself to the wrong cart by going after Judd. Right now, Helen Kim, Andy Herren and Amanda are on the warpath with their allies that Judd is shady and cannot be trusted (despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything to deserve their distrust yet). So Judd could quickly find himself facing eviction very soon himself. Is it the showmance kiss of death about to happen again this season? We’ll just have to wait and see…


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