The CBS Big Brother 15 show on Wednesday night is just now catching up to all the action that’s been going on for days on the Big Brother Live Feeds. While prime time viewers just now learned who was voted as the Most Valuable Player this week, who they put up for eviction and which HouseGuest won Power of Veto, we’re already deeply entrenched in Big Brother spoilers about a possible house vote flip going on in advance of tomorrow night’s live eviction.

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Will the HouseGuests campaigning to save Elissa from being evicted this week be successful in their efforts? Or will the twice-voted Most Valuable Player be headed out the door Thursday night? Catch up on the plots and schemes going on behind-the-scenes with our Big Brother Live Feeds evening report!

WARNING: This post contains major Big Brother spoilers about game play, alliances and other information from the Big Brother Live Feeds that have not yet been aired on the CBS prime time show. Please do not keep reading if you do not want to know this information!

Big Brother Live Feeds: Wednesday Morning & Afternoon — July 10, 2013

7-10-2013 07-04-48 PM10:30 AM BBT: Judd and Amanda discuss votes and he thinks they may have Jessie on board with the plan to get out Nick instead of Elissa. Amanda and Judd think Spencer and Howard are acting very suspiciously. If one of them wins Head of Household next, they are thinking these two should go up on the eviction block. Neither of them are aware that Spencer and Howard have a very powerful alliance group behind them with The Moving Company and it would be very hard to vote either of them out.

10:55 AM BBT: Judd says he hopes Howard drops the weights “on your face you motherf**ker.” Amanda pretty much says Aaryn, Jeremy and their butt buddies “are all f**king retarded. Jeremy has made himself too much of a target.”

7-10-2013 07-05-28 PM11:15 AM BBT: Amanda tells Judd to keep Jessie close and he jokes that he should try to start up a fake showmance with Jessie. Helen and Andy come out and join them and McCrae in the backyard to talk game. McCrae, Andy, Judd and Amanda (all in the Alliance of 7) are thinking about moving their votes to evict Nick instead of Elissa as planned. Helen (also in the Alliance of 7) informs them that she is pretty certain at this point that Howard and Spencer are working together. Andy doesn’t think they have either of their votes. Helen says Candice is on board with voting out Nick instead of Elissa. They talk about making a deal with Jessie to give her a week of protection if she votes against Nick. Things are starting to look a bit shaky with the formerly almost guaranteed eviction of Elissa on Thursday night. However, Andy is worried that if they all vote to keep Elissa and she gets evicted, the other side of the house will be coming after them. (That’s going to happen anyway…)

11:45 AM BBT: Helen wants Candice to push Howard about trying to get Nick voted out this week. Naturally, Howard will turn right around and tell his alliance mate Nick all about it, so this is probably going to backfire on Helen. Helen does not (rightfully) trust Howard but Candice really thinks he is on board to vote against Nick. We’re still not sure if the budding showmance (evidenced by the bed snuggling last night) between Candice and Helen is anything more than strategy on his part.

11:55 AM BBT: Helen tries to calm Andy’s fears about being targeted if Elissa gets evicted by telling him Candice is certain Howard will vote against Nick. (Which really does not seem likely to happen at all.) Helen is worried that Amanda is not trustworthy and is trying to undermine them.

7-10-2013 07-06-13 PM12:05 PM BBT: Howard tells Spencer that Amanda is telling the other side of the house that they are going to flip their vote to get out Nick rather than Elissa. Spencer says that Amanda is going to vote against Elissa and is just trying to make them look bad and Elissa will go home this week. Meanwhile, Amanda tells McCrae that Howard told her that he threw the first two Head of Household competitions because he didn’t want to look too strong. McCrae says he knew Howard was “so f**king shady.” Amanda also says she has Candice in her pocket.

12:20 PM BBT: McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Candice all express agreement that they will vote Nick out of the house instead of Elissa. Whether or not they all really mean it is another thing entirely. We think McCrae is lying through his teeth because he’s still planning to vote with The Moving Company alliance to evict Elissa. But is he?

12:55 PM BBT: Amanda talks to McCrae and speculates on whether it might be a smart move to not vote for either Nick or Elissa but vote against Helen instead. She talks about the idea with her her showmance snuggle buddy McCrae to try to randomly get him to vote out Helen as well.

7-10-2013 07-06-50 PM1:00 PM BBT: Amanda is pretty much the only person talking about trying to get votes against Helen. She moves on next to trying to work Andy to vote Helen out. She says having votes against Helen will mean fewer votes for Elissa. It’s a very twisted sort of logic. She also says that if McCrae votes against Elissa, it may hurt his chances of winning Most Valuable Player. Andy does not want to vote against Helen because he thinks people will then guess who he voted against and he doesn’t want his vote known. Amanda is on another planet right now. Andy hints that he thinks Spencer is no longer on their side because he never talks game with him anymore.

1:10 PM BBT: Jeremy asks Amanda about the plan to evict Elissa and she lies and says it is all a go and she is on board. He says he wants to get out Candice next and she bats her eyes and agrees with him, of course. Jeremy says he wants to break up the alliance he thinks is going on with Helen, Elissa, Andy and Candice. Amanda asks if he thinks Howard isn’t with that alliance at this point. He gets all avoido (since he’s allied with Howard) and says he doesn’t think so because of conversations he’s had with him, but he doesn’t know. Then he says that if America doesn’t vote for the best player then the whole MVP thing is just crap. Amanda talks about voting for Helen and Jeremy is not happy about this at all.

1:45 PM BBT: McCrae tells Amanda that she can’t vote against Helen now because Jeremy will know it was her and be angry. She wonders how they can get Jessie on board to vote out Nick. McCrae says Howard pisses him off because “he’s a dick to me.”

2:15 PM BBT: Now it gets even more wacky as Amanda works Howard to vote against Nick. Basically it looks like Amanda just wants to get her hands in everything and make a mess. Howard says he will to shut her up but he’s lying.

7-10-2013 07-19-07 PM2:20 PM BBT: Judd and Amanda talk and he thinks they have enough votes to get Nick out over Elissa now. (They are incorrect at this point.) Meanwhile, Nick, Aaryn and Kaitlin are counting votes in the Head of Household room. They think they have themselves, Jeremy, Spencer, Jessie, Howard, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Andy, McCrae and themselves all voting to evict Elissa, so ten votes total. (They don’t have that many, but they do still have the majority.) Aaryn says she doesn’t trust Andy, Candice, Jessie and maybe Andy. Also, she thinks Jeremy and Howard may be working together. Kaitlin says Amanda needs watching because she is really sketchy. Aaryn says most of the HouseGuest are. Kaitlin assures them that Howard and Spencer are good because Jeremy has said he has them locked down. Aaryn is worried about that and Nick thinks he needs to talk to Jeremy. Kaitlin also says Jeremy has Judd locked in.

2:35 PM BBT: Elissa tells Judd that she had to get up out of the bed last night because her husband would not have liked her to be sleeping in the same bed as another man. Honestly, we wouldn’t like that much either if our spouse was crashed in a random bed with someone else either. Totally understandable.

2:50 PM BBT: Amanda and McCrae are talking and she’s still working to keep Elissa. She thinks if they can just get Jessie locked in they can do it. She thinks they have McCrae, Amanda, Candice, Andy and Judd on board to vote against Nick. Amanda says she took “so much Adderall and I don’t even feel it.” We feel it Amanda, we feel it. McCrae is actually starting to seem truthfully on board with this plan and kind of excited about it.

7-10-2013 07-07-33 PM3:05 PM BBT: Howard tells Candice that Amanda is all over the place and thinking way too much. He says he trusts Spencer more than her. Candice agrees and says Amanda has no heart and is scary. She thinks Amanda has gone into a panic because she has nothing at home to go back to and she thinks Amanda will sell her out in a heartbeat.

3:10 PM BBT: Helen and Elissa work Judd to get him to secure Jessie’s vote against Nick by promising that Elissa won’t use the MVP power against her if she wins again. Which she very likely could if she doesn’t get evicted. Judd goes looking for Jessie and tells her all this.

3:30 PM BBT: Judd goes back and tells Helen and Elissa that they have Jessie’s vote. (Which we don’t trust a bit.) The girls celebrate by hugging and kissing on Judd.

3:45 PM BBT: GinaMarie and Aaryn are bitching about Jessie hogging a bed to herself the whole time she’s been here and that the bed could fit three people easily. Aaryn swears that even though she flirts with guys in the house (particularly Jeremy), she is not going to get involved in a showmance. (We’ll see what happens when Kaitlin gets evicted if Aaryn is still there.) Both of them think Kaitlin is getting too full of herself because of her showmance with Jeremy because she thinks she is the “queen” of the house and he’s the king. Aaryn says she has news for that bitch because “I’m the queen!” Aaryn says she needs to start manipulating guys with her flirting but she’s not going to kiss anyone. GinaMarie agrees she is the same way. (Yeah, we know you’d go for Nick if he was at all interested, GM.)

7-10-2013 07-09-16 PM4:15 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda she is not pleased with how Amanda is acting and she seems fake. Nice Aaryn, way to get her on your side. She says that Nick has been telling people he will put up Howard and Candice if he wins Head of Household but she doesn’t think he would and believes he is working with Howard. Amanda thinks Jeremy and Nick are allies but Aaryn says the two of them never talk. Aaryn says that Jeremy is basically the HoH this week and has been doing all the deals. Amanda questions who Candice is working with and Aaryn says she is with Elissa but might be with Howard too now that they are “sleeping together.” Aaryn tells Amanda that Kaitlin told her Jeremy is in alliance with Howard and Spencer.

4:30 PM BBT: Jessie tells Nick that she has been and still is on board with voting out Elissa. Nick says he will guarantee her safety if he wins Head of Household. Jessie tells him that Elissa said he threw her under the bus for the MVP eviction nomination last week. Nick says there is no way he did that.

4:55 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Nick that the other side of the house is scared of Jeremy and he thinks they might be TOO afraid of him. Aaryn says Jeremy needs to chill out. Aaryn leaves and Amanda comes to talk to Nick. He wants to know who she would put up if she had the choice. She says she would put up Candice and Jessie but the third pick would be hard. She says she thinks Nick will win the next MVP. He wants to know how she feels about Howard and Helen. She says she has no allegiance to either of them. He says he is loyal to Aaryn, GinaMarie, McCrae, her, Jeremy and Kaitlin. Amanda wants to know why he wants to go after Howard and Nick says it is because he’s a floater. Amanda says Jeremy no longer thinks Howard is a threat and Nick says he thinks Howard, Candice and Helen are working together. Nick promises that if he wins MVP, he will tell all his allies. Amanda says she and McCrae will be voting against Elissa.

The Votes: At this point it still looks bad for Elissa going into the eviction tomorrow night. Although it looks like there may be some addition votes against Nick now, close doesn’t count when it comes to eviction time. The anti-Elissa votes are still in the majority unless McCrae does honestly flip, and/or Candice/Howard/Spencer really does vote against Nick.


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