8-8-2013 03-10-49 PMWhat is the absolute worst time to royally piss off a potential ally? Well, that would be right before a Big Brother double eviction! The HouseGuests, however, don’t know two of them will be heading out the door tonight, although a few of them suspect it might be a double eviction episode. Too bad Judd and Jessie didn’t take the possibility a little more seriously, or the former psuedo-showmance couple might not have gone to war this afternoon!

Judd and Jessie have been trying their best to mutually play each other. Jessie, who did seem honestly into Judd, was encouraged to go after him and his vote by Elissa. Aaryn, meanwhile, urged Judd to flirt and get close to Jessie to gain her voting support. The two met in the middle and did some serious making out at one point. However, the whole time, Judd has repeatedly made it clear that he really isn’t into Jessie and, in fact, pretty much “hates” her at this point.

In the past couple of days, the two of them went from locking lips to locking cold stares at each other this morning. That evolved into a full on fight this afternoon, just hours before the Big Brother 15 cast will face a dreaded double eviction. Everything came to a head this afternoon shortly after 1 PM BBT. Here’s how it all went down:

Judd is talking to Amanda and McCrae about how much he can’t stand Jessie and wants her out of here. He says he is tired of having to play nice with her and cuddle up with that b*tch. That’s when Helen comes in and tells Judd that Jessie is crying and he should go talk to her. Jessie is holed up with Candice in the bathroom and upset over Judd’s behavior. She tells Candice that Judd is being nice to every other girl but her.

8-8-2013 03-11-01 PMReluctantly, Judd goes to see what is wrong with Jessie — who doesn’t really get at this point that Judd detests her completely. Jessie says she is upset because Judd told Andy that she moans in her sleep like she is being f**ked. (This happened in the HoH room earlier in the day when Judd was pissed off and he yelled at her to shut the f**k up.) Judd tells Jessie she is being a total drama queen and that she is acting like this for attention and she should have tried out for The Real World.

That’s when all hell breaks loose. Judd tells Jessie he has been faking being nice to her this whole time and he hates her. He says he just can’t take it anymore and it’s always like walking on eggshells around her. Judd calls Jessie the “worst person in the house” and says she makes his life miserable. Helen is very upset at how this has all turned out and tells him this is not what she was expecting him to do and would he please leave.

8-8-2013 03-13-57 PMJudd tries to apologize but Jessie says she doesn’t accept it. Judd says she gets mad at something every day just so she can get attention. Judd says they should just never speak to each other again. Jessie says yeah, so you can hang out with Aaryn! Helen takes Judd out of the room. Judd goes to complain to Amanda and McCrae about Jessie.

A few minutes later, Judd apologizes to Helen and Candice (who witnessed the fight) about his behavior and says he doesn’t want them to think he degrades women. Candice confronts Judd a about making out with Jessie one minute, and then throwing her under the bus the next. She wants to know if he likes Jessie “that way” at all. He says no.

So right now, going into a live eviction, Jessie and Judd pretty much mutually hate each other’s guts. You can bet that if Judd or Jessie ends up on the block for the second eviction tonight and the other person is a voter, they are maybe going to regret that just a little bit…

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