After a rather quiet evening on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds, the HouseGuests were back to game play and smack talk at ramming speed this morning. This Big Brother 15 cast is perhaps the rudest, nastiest, meanest, most offensive group of hamsters we’ve ever seen on the show — and we’ve been watching from the first season, y’all.

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Why do we say this? Well, in the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds this morning, we had tons more smack talk going around, including more racist-tinged comments and some name-calling we really don’t think any of these Big Brother 2013 cast members would like their mothers to hear.

WARNING: The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances and more from the CBS Big Brother Live Feeds. If you do not want to know any of this information, please stop reading now!

8:20 AM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that if Kaitlin takes herself off the block, it will be a huge favor to them. She says if she gets the chance to put up Jeremy, she’s not even going to say anything except telling him to take a seat. Helen heads downstairs and asks Judd if she can wear his infamously cute bear t-shirt for the Power of Veto Ceremony. (He agrees and she clips it in th back to make it fit better.) Helen exits. Judd tells McCrae that Helen asked him to promise not to put Kaitlin on the block for a while if she uses the PoV. Judd says he did promise but doesn’t really want to be tied to that.

7-15-2013 03-21-34 PM9:00 AM BBT: A lot of random talk and some funny but kind of cruel bits about GinaMarie’s obsession with Nick. Judd, McCrae, Amanda and Andy talk about Kaitlin and the Veto. Judd says he is concerned that if Kaitlin wins HoH, she might put him up. Amanda thinks Kaitlin would have bigger fish to fry, like Howard and Spencer. Amanda shares that she called Aaryn a racist to everyone but Aaryn is still sucking up to her. Andy says he doesn’t think anyone in the house is a huge racist, just people say stupid things. They also don’t think Aaryn cares a bit if Jeremy gets evicted. Then Amanda goes and says that she has taken a lot of Puerto Rican showers. McCrae says that’s racist, she says it isn’t. He says that she’s saying bad showers equate to lesser people, so yeah, that’s racist. Judd says he’s going to wash her mouth with soap. Judd goes inside. The rest wonder if Jeremy goes home… will someone else get the “Never Have Not” pass.

9:40 AM BBT: Amanda calls Kaitlin a “f**king c**t rag” for being so skinny. She talks about Howard and Candice snogging but trying to keep it on the down low.

7-15-2013 03-22-59 PM9:45 AM BBT: Helen talks again to Kaitlin about working with her and her allies (Andy, Elissa, Candice, etc.) and taking herself off the block at the Power of Veto Ceremony later in the afternoon. If she takes herself off the block, Helen promises her safety. Helen says she will owe Kaitlin and will have her back if she uses the PoV. She also says that if Jeremy and Kaitlin are meant to be, he will be waiting for her after Big Brother 15 is over. Helen says Kaitlin is the honorary co-HoH this week and the HoH room is hers too. (Severe sucking up going on.)

9:50 AM BBT: Helen talks to Candice about treating Kaitlin like gold for the next week or so if she uses the PoV to take herself down so they can put up Jeremy as the renom. Kaitlin was the last person they wanted to win PoV this week and she did, and if Kaitlin refused to use it, all Helen’s plans would be screwed. Helen degrades into some Jeremy bashing about how he’s a sh*t talker, totally immature and not at all a nice person. Candice tells Helen to be careful with Kaitlin because she and Aaryn are still in a clique together. Helen says Kaitlin told her she was going to be nice to Aaryn right up until Aaryn is evicted but she is aware Aaryn’s days are numbered. Candice then complains about GinaMarie “milking” the Nick eviction for sympathy and how ridiculous it all is. Helen kind of leaks that it was actually Elissa who won MVP, not McCrae like he had been telling people to distract from Elissa. Candice doesn’t seem to care. She talks about how she wants to choke Aaryn every time she sees here over the whole mattress flipping thing.

10:05 AM BBT: Big Brother Live Feeds go to trivia for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

7-15-2013 03-25-03 PM10:55 AM BBT: Live Feeds return and Helen is a happy, happy lady, celebrating in the lounge with Andy, McCrae and Spencer. Kaitlin used the PoV to save herself from the block. Helen then put up Jeremy as the replacement nomination. The intent appears to be to backdoor Jeremy right out of the house at Thursday’s live eviction. Let’s see if that plan sticks. After Helen leaves the room, Andy jokes that she is a “power hungry c**t.” Meanwhile, Jeremy seems calm about everything. He has lipstick on his cheek from Kaitlin kissing him. Kaitlin says it is unfair he is going home but Jeremy says it isn’t.

11:00 AM BBT: Amanda talks to Elissa in the pantry. She’s not happy with Helen promising safety to other HouseGuests and including Elissa in deals and alliances without consulting Elissa first. Elissa says she totally agrees with what Amada is saying. Helen is being a bit heavy-handed and she’s making herself a target as soon as her crew gets out Jeremy and Aaryn, if they manage that over the next two weeks.

11:10 AM BBT: GinaMarie continues her delusion of there being this crazy love connection between her and Nick that no one else saw. She says he cried for her. Candice and GM talk about the whole Moving Company alliance going on behind everyone’s back. Candice says they know now that Nick was a shady f**k.

7-15-2013 03-27-08 PM11:20 AM BBT: Jessie is feeling insecure. She doesn’t like how some of the HouseGuests appear to be sucking up to Jeremy when he’s supposed to be going home this week. Like Andy hugging on Jeremy. Helen says she trust sAndy and she will talk to him. Helen says not to worry about it, he is totally out the door. She also assures Jessie she is in a good place with her, Judd, Andy, Amanda and McCrae, and safe even if Kaitlin should win HoH next week. Helen says if Kaitlin should win HoH, it would be a great chance to get rid of Jessie.

11:40 AM BBT: A whole lot of random talk about nothing very interesting going on in the backyard. With everyone pretty much convinced that Jeremy is going home this week, people are kind of lazy about game stuff. We never think this is a good idea. Up in the HoH room, Helen talks to Candice about her conversation with Jessie and how sensitive Jessie is. Elissa comes in. They are next to the fish tank in the HoH bathroom. Candice remarks how every time she sees the fish, all the black and white ones are all together, not segregated to the top and botton (with the black ones on the bottom) like Aaryn said. She says Aaryn sees what she wants to see.

That’s a wrap for our afternoon report. Stay tuned for more from the Big Brother Live Feeds coming soon!

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